How To Create A Coastal Style Using Wallpaper

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Aussies are renowned for loving the beach and all things that come with living by the coast. Boating, fishing, surfing, relaxing and generally enjoying the great outdoors is what living by the coast is all about.

So it stands to reason that our homes often reflect that laid back coastal vibe. Wallpaper is a fantastic way to express your own unique coastal style.
Every room in the house can benefit from wallpaper to create a really cool coastal vibe. Think living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms.

There’s a wallpaper out there to suit every taste when it comes to creating a relaxed coastal style or a fun and vibrant feel. Below we’ll be exploring different coastal looks and how to incorporate wallpaper to really give your coastal look that “wow factor”


Coastal Look With Texture

Texture and natural elements are key to creating a cool coastal vibe. Think floor rugs, cushions, throws, light shades and of course wallpaper. Lots of natural timber, rattan and cane are all natural elements that can be bought into your space. Add to that a beautiful natural grasscloth wallpaper and you have a timeless space that will never date.


Natural grasscloth wallpaper in living room

Natural Textures & Neutral Colours


Fresh Ocean Blue Grasscloth As A Bed Back Drop

Fresh Ocean Blue Grasscloth As A Bed Back Drop

Aqua Grasscloth Wallpaper Compliments the White In This Coastal Bathroom

Aqua Grasscloth Wallpaper Compliments the White In This Coastal Bathroom

The natural blue grasscloth wallpaper teams so well with the large rope mirror and white cabinetry

The natural blue grasscloth wallpaper teams so well with the large rope mirror and white cabinetry

Coastal Lux Style - Neutral Grasscloth Wallpaper Is The Hero

Coastal Lux Style – Neutral Grasscloth Wallpaper Is The Hero

Vinyl Textured Wallpaper In Neutral Alabaster Colour With Subtle Flecks Of Metallics

Vinyl Textured Wallpaper In Neutral Alabaster Colour With Subtle Flecks Of Metallics

Close Up Of The Above Wallpaper - Sandy Textured Waves Create A Coastal Look

Close Up Of The Above Wallpaper – Sandy Textured Waves Create A Coastal Look


Coastal Look With Tropical Wallpaper Designs

All coastal looks from contemporary and modern to British Colonial will always feature the wonderful tropical look of palms. Today there are so many wallpaper designs featuring lush palms and tropical foliage. Designs ranging from rainforests with animals, palm trees, banana leaves and bright tropical flowers. There is a tropical design to suit all decors.

Coastal look using Martinique tropical leaf wallpaper

Coastal look using Martinique tropical leaf wallpaper


Banana tree wallpaper

Banana tree wallpaper in blue

tropical wallpaper installation Noosa Heads

tropical wallpaper installation Noosa Heads


custom made tropical wallpaper installation Surfers Paradise

custom made tropical wallpaper installation Surfers Paradise


Gold Palm Tree Wallpaper on Black Background

Robin Sprong Wallpaper – Gold On Black


banana leaf wallpaper

Tropical banana leaf wallpaper looks great teamed with green and gold


La Palma Wallpaper

La Palma Wallpaper in neutral tones


Palm print wallpaper gives a young girl's bedroom a lift

Palm print wallpaper gives a young girl’s bedroom a lift


Beach style palm tree mural

Beach style palm tree mural


Cole & Sons - Hollywood Palms

Cole & Sons – Hollywood Palms


large palm tree wallpaper

large palm tree wallpaper


tropical wallpaper in bedroom

tropical wallpaper in bedroom


Marrakech wallpaper from Barnaby Gates

Marrakech wallpaper from Barnaby Gates


tropical wallpaper installation Noosa Heads

tropical wallpaper installation Noosa Heads


tropical mural in kids room

tropical mural in kids room


Using Sea Creature Wallpaper To Create A Cool Coastal Vibe

Nothing conjures up images of the coast than the sea creatures that inhabit those areas. When it comes to wallpaper there are so many designs that incorporate beautiful fish, turtles, lobsters, whales, dolphins and jelly fish to name just a few. You can use these wallpapers to create a quirky feel or a very rich classy feel depending on what you want. One thing is for sure, there is a wallpaper out there for every situation. Below are just a few wallpaper designs featuring the creatures from the deep.

Abnormals Anonymous Lobby Wallpaper

Abnormals Anonymous Lobby Wallpaper Used To great Effect In A Powder Room


Thibaut Wallpaper - Turtle Bay

Thibaut Wallpaper – Turtle Bay


Thibaut Wallpaper - Turtle Bay in Laundry Mud Room

Thibaut Wallpaper – Turtle Bay in Laundry Mud Room


Cole & Son wallpaper - Melville

Cole & Son wallpaper – Melville


Cole & Son Wallpaper - Melville in kids room

Cole & Son Wallpaper – Melville in kids room


Nina Campbell Aquarium Wallpaper

Nina Campbell Aquarium Wallpaper


Nina Campbell Aquarium Wallpaper in pale pink

Nina Campbell Aquarium Wallpaper in pale pink


Hooked On Walls - HiddenTreasures Seahorse Wallpaper

Hooked On Walls – Hidden Treasures Seahorse Wallpaper


Hidden Treasures Seahorse Wallpaper by Hooked On Walls

Hidden Treasures Seahorse Wallpaper by Hooked On Walls


Degournay Wallpaper - Fishes

Degournay Wallpaper – Fishes


Harlequin Kamanu Wallpaper

Harlequin Kamanu Wallpaper


Degournay - Wallpaper - Fishes in powder room

Degournay Wallpaper – Fishes in powder room


Derwent wallpaper by Osborne & Little

Derwent wallpaper by Osborne & Little


Cole & Son Fornasetti Acquario wallpaper

Cole & Son Fornasetti Acquario wallpaper

It has never been easier to create a coastal look in your home by using wallpaper as the perfect backdrop. With so many different and varied designs, colours and themes, the only hard part will be deciding on which wallpaper to choose. Don’t be afraid to have some fun when decorating with wallpaper and think outside the square to create your very own coastal look!

Ellie Cashman Wallpaper – As Seen On The Block – The Secret Is Out!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

We have installed Ellie Cashman wallpaper for quite a few clients throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We absolutely love her wallpapers and are big fans. Not only are her large scale floral papers unique but the quality is amazing! Ellie is an amazing designer from the Netherlands who also produces fabric, cushions and scarves. We were mentioned on her blog here after we had installed her Dark Floral design in an apartment at Teneriffe in Brisbane.

As installers we come across many different wallpapers from all over the world. Ellie’s wallpapers come on a continuous roll where each drop is cut from. When purchasing wallpaper from Ellie Cashman you will get a perfect fit for your wall as each design is custom made to fit your exact wall measurements.

We always say Ellie’s papers are only limited by your imagination as they look good in any area whether that be a living area, bedroom or powder room as you will see in the following images.

Here are a few installations we have done using Ellie Cashman wallpaper of course.

Ellie Cashman Wallpaper Installed By Wow Wallpaper Hanging

Teneriffe wool store installation using Ellie Cashman wallpaper - Dark Floral

Ellie Cashman – Dark Floral Design installed in the Teneriffe Wool Store Apartments


Teneriffe Brisbane Wallpaper installation using Ellie Cashman wallpaper

This Dark Floral design from Ellie Cashman wallpaper is the perfect compliment to this bedroom at the Teneriffe Wool Store Apartments


Dark Floral II Black Saturated design - Ellie Cashman wallpaper

Installing Dark Floral II Black Saturated design in a florist shop – Fortitude Valley Brisbane. The perfect compliment to this business!


Ellie Cashman Wall Mural for a florist shop in Fortitude Valley

The finished mural – Ellie Cashman wallpaper is the icing on the cake for this florist business.


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Brisbane wallpaper installation

Another example of “Dark Floral” giving this bedroom a romantic feel. The whole bedroom is transformed with the simple addition of Ellie’s gorgeous wallpaper. It doesn’t take much to achieve the “wow factor” when using Ellie Cashman wallpaper.


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Brisbane wallpaper hanging

The same bedroom using different furniture placement.


Installing Ellie Cashman Wallpaper

Our expert wallpaper installer – Rupert, doing a wonderful job with Ellie’s paper


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Tallebudgera Valley Gold Coast installation

This gorgeous romantic bedroom was part of a renovation to a Queenslander home in Tallebudgera Valley. A large gyprock wall was built out especially for the addition of this stunning Ellie Cashman wallpaper. Now that’s a bedhead!


Ellie Cashman wallpaper - Ashmore wallpaper installation

Ellie Cashman’s Dark Floral II Dark Saturated mural was the perfect addition to this home office on the Gold Coast. A great incentive to gt some work done!


Ellie Cashman wallpaper installation in powder room Woolowin, Brisbane

Installing Ellie’s mural is a lot more complicated than a normal wallpaper. Being a mural, it’s a continuous design which means there’s no room for error. Unlike normal standard wallpaper where another drop can be easily inserted, with a mural like Ellie’s that’s not the case. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional install Ellie’s wallpapers especially in a complicated area such as this powder room.


Ellie Cashman wallpaper installation New Farm

This time Ellie’s paper is installed in a living area in New Farm, Brisbane. Just as much impact and just as much “wow”


Tropical Wallpaper – Palm Leaf Wallpaper – Think Jungles & Balmy Nights – Think Fresh & Cool

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Tropical palm leaf wallpaper is back! Yes that’s right big bold palm tree and tropical designs are the next big thing. This trend was highlighted at New York fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015. Any design trend that pops up at Fashion week ends up in home decor and interior design.

The tropical theme is a clean fresh look that can easily be achieved by using tropical inspired wallpapers and adding large comfy sofas, maybe some cane and of course lots of lush greenery. Getting that jungle vibe happening all adds to a lush relaxed tropical theme.
You can go over the top with lots of elements or keep it simple by adding natural materials and lots of white.

Whichever way you go the idea is to invoke a relaxed feeling of being at a resort. Warm balmy nights with a gentle coastal breeze and the soft sound of palm trees swaying in rhythm to the elements all allow us to be transported to another world. If you want that sort of atmosphere at your home then wallpaper is the easiest way to get the look. Similar wallpapers inspired by nature that might also be of interest are floral wallpapers. The flower and floral wallpapers have some wonderful and colourful designs that depict nature. and could also look good in a tropical theme.

We have come across some gorgeous tropical inspired wallpapers available from WallpaperDirect. Below we show you some different designs to get your imagination ticking.

House Of Hackney Wallpaper – Palmeral

It’s so easy to bring the outdoors into your home with this fresh foliage print from British design house – House of Hackney. Palmeral is an Art Deco inspired patio print featuring an explosion of palm leaves reminiscent of 1930s Palm Springs.Palmeral is available in 5 different colourways including green on off white as pictured below, green on dark midnight, Azure blue on off white, azure blue on midnight and green on red.

Click Here To Buy Palmeral

House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Palmeral


House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Palm leaf design - Palmeral


Shabby Chic Wallpaper – Aged To Perfection

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Shabby chic is popular in interior design due to taking aged furniture, teaming it up with something new and creating a fresh look. Furniture is chosen for it’s aged appearance and signs of distress, often heavily painted over the years showing older layers underneath. Great lengths are taken to create this aged look with new pieces of furniture.

Fabric and patterns play a big part in this style and all combine to create a cottage chic, beach cottage, french country type look. Everything from cushions, linens, lamps, chandeliers, crockery and paintings all go hand in hand in creating a shabby chic look. It’s a fun and satisfying way to recycle old items and bring them to life again. There are no hard and fast rules but the end result should be soft, romantic and fresh.

Wallpaper can be a fantastic backdrop to this beautiful style. White, soft neutrals, sky blue, rose pink and beige are all perfect colours for a shabby chic look.

shabby chic colour palettePhoto Credit


Flamingo Wallpaper – Flamboyant & Eye Catching

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Flamingo wallpaper is the perfect choice to create a feeling of tropical happiness. When we think flamingos we think Florida, balmy tropics and magnificent sunsets.

Wallpaper is the one thing that can create a look or invoke an atmosphere into a space like nothing else can. So why settle for a boring plain wallpaper when you can have some fun and make a statement.

Flamingos are starting to pop up everywhere but no better place than your walls.

Below we have a few different flamingo wallpapers but the pink flamingo wallpaper by Albany is definitely our favourite.


Albany – Albany House Vinyls Collection – Flamingos

This pink flamingo wallpaper from Albany is divine. It’s a raised textured vinyl so it’s hard wearing and features extravagant pink flamingos. It’s shown below in shades of pink, peach and black and also comes in a silvery grey/white version.
We recently installed the parrot wallpaper from Albany. It’s in the same collection as the Flamingo design. If you visit our parrot wallpaper page you can see the kind of detail and texture that this vinyl wallpaper has up close. It really is stunning!

Click Here To Buy This Gorgeous Flamingo Wallpaper From WallpaperDirect

Albany Wallpaper - Pink Flamingos (more…)

Tile Wallpaper – Just Like The Real Thing

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Wallpaper tiles or tile effect wallpaper is the hot new trend this year. Always consisting of rich bright colours it’s no wonder we love it!

Modern papers these days very much look like the real thing. We have featured other faux wallcoverings such as wood wallpaper, brick wallpaper and the wonderful work of Andrew Martin. This time it’s all about wallpaper that looks like tiles.
Faux tile paper gives the authentic look of ceramic, stone or glass tiles without the expense. You can achieve the luxurious expensive look of tiles but at affordable prices and the best part is the installation. Forget the costly and time consuming job of installing tiles and grouting, save time and money with tiled wallpaper.

There is something to suit all tastes from classic designs, ornate or trendy fun designs. We start off showcasing the beautiful and vibrant papers offered by Paper Moon then look at many other tile wallcovering designs that are available from other companies.

Let’s take a look at what’s available.


The following papers are from Coordonne, the Spanish Wallpaper company and have been bought to the UK under the Paper Moon label. Their Tiles Collection is a stunning collection of tile effect wallcoverings which are digitally printed, they reproduce the effect of real geometric tiles with stunning detail, colour and weathered effects. Inspired by Antoni Gaudi, this collection brings a riot of colour to your walls.

Paper Moon – Tiles Collection Wallpaper Available to Buy Here At WallpaperDirect

Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Zig Zag

Zig Zag is a vibrant ‘ancient faux tile’ herringbone pattern in a superb purple, turquoise and beige colour palette.
It has been digitally printed to achieve the aesthetic qualities of real tiles from 11th century Andalusia and 19th century Barcelona.
The rich architecture of Antoni Gaudi’s modernist Barcelona and the grand palaces of 11th century Andalusia have provided the inspiration for this stunning new wallpaper collection from Coordonne of Barcelona.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles Collection - Zig Zag
Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - ZigZag


Butterfly Wallpaper – Delicate & Pretty

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Butterfly wallpaper adds a touch of romance to any interior. Being pretty, feminine and delicate makes this wallpaper the perfect addition to any home or business that is looking for a soft fresh style. Nature inspired wallpapers are very much in vogue. Fresh floral designs, various tree designs and bird papers all have a whimsical quality about them and cause us to stop and daydream for just a little while. Most people can’t help themselves but to stop and watch a delicate butterfly flutter by, marveling at their fragility and beauty all at the same time. When we come across a vibrantly colourful butterfly, it truly sparks a sense of joy. They also represent transformation and freedom so why wouldn’t we want this happiness to be reflected on our walls? Gone are the days when you would only see butterfly wallpaper in a little girl’s room. Today it can be seen in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and powder rooms. Once you see the following examples of beautiful butterfly papers you will be amazed at how easily you can imagine some of the same in your own home. Also suited to businesses such as beauty salons and boutiques, these wallcoverings will create a sense of calm and delight.

Albany – Festival Collection – Mazarine

This sweet butterfly pattern shows multiple butterflies fluttering around pink flowers on stems. It’s a really happy wallpaper bursting with confetti colours against rich coloured backgrounds. This is a non woven paste the wall product available in 4 different colour variations.

Buy Beautiful Mazarine Here

Albany Wallpaper - Albany Festival Collection - Mazarine

Albany Butterfly Wallpaper (more…)

Interior Wallpaper Trends For 2014

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

This year will see the use of graphic patterns and bold prints. There is also the continued trend of an industrial recycled look using cement, aged timber and raw steel. Dreary neutrals are out and eye catching designs are in. The easiest way to achieve this look is with wallpaper. It will create the “wow factor” like nothing else can. Below we will take a look at some of the amazing papers on offer that can help you create your own personal look. It is also affordable compared to more expensive renovating options, you will definitely get more bang for your buck by using wallpaper.


Flower Power – Florals Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

Who doesn’t like flowers? They feature heavily in nature of course but we also love using them for weddings, interior decorating and in fashion. Floral designs never go out of fashion, they just get reinvented to suit the times. For example they can be small and whimsical, large and bold, pastel or bright, cottage style or contemporary. Right now big bold bright designs are in. Flowers are the perfect choice for a bright and happy atmosphere. They do wonders for cheering us up.

See more happy floral wallpaper designs here

Abigail Ryan – Cosmo Maraschino

Abigail Ryan has some great flower designs that are all contemporary and large. The one below is Cosmo Maraschino featuring wet concrete grey flowers with navy blue outline set against a bold fuschia background. This is a stunning wallpaper that is original and edgy.
The following wallpaper from Abigail Ryan can be purchased from WallpaperDirect. Please Click Here

Abigail Ryan Wallpaper - Cosmo Maraschino

 Abigail Ryan Wallpaper


Brick Wallpaper – Create A Raw And Earthy Atmosphere Easily

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Brick wallpaper can give a look of raw earthiness like nothing else. To have a brick wall built is costly and once installed is hard to change. For interiors that want exposed brick walls there is the perfect answer……….brick wallpaper!
Brick wallpaper can give a space an industrial or warehouse feel. Sometimes you might have the need for a grunge type graffiti look and this is where brick paper comes in. We have seen it used in fashion boutiques and surf shops quite successfully.
You might be surprised to hear how popular brick wallpaper is with Australian homeowners and decorators. Many people love bricks because they give instant atmosphere to games rooms, bars, man caves, restaurants, cafes, wine cellars and even kitchens and bedrooms. Games rooms and bars look amazing with the use of this paper, it really gives that “pub” like feel with ease. Brick wallpaper isn’t the type of paper you would use throughout your whole house but it does look great to highlight a room or as a backdrop to create atmosphere. We have seen it used in bedrooms with great effect as a feature wall behind a bed. Also if you ever get tired of the brick wall look then wallpaper can easily be removed.

Kemra – Boutique Faux Wallpapers

Kemra Wallpapers was founded in 2008 and is one of the design houses operating under Milton & King Pty Ltd.

It’s a family operated Australian company that specialises in creating unique faux textured wallpapers.  There is everything from exposed brick, stacked stone or library look-alike wallpaper just to name a few.

Kemra - Camden bricks

Camden Bricks

Kemra Wallpaper - Whitewash Bricks


The below wallpapers are available from WallpaperDirect

Albany  – Albany Collage 2012 Collection

These brick wallpapers from Albany are photographic images available in 3 various colours. It is the perfect paper for a contemporary look.

Albany Wallpaper- Albany Collage Collection


Bookshelf Wallpaper – Create The Look Of A Home Library

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Bec and George The Block Sky High - Bookcase WallpaperI’ve always dreamt of having my own library at home just like in the movies.

The kind that has a big old fireplace and a big winged back chair with floor to ceiling bookshelves all the way around that must have a slide along floor to ceiling ladder to reach them all.

Of course these days you would have to live in a mansion to accommodate anything like that. Also with the digital world of ipads and kindles, books are slowly being replaced.

The good news is you can recreate the romance and mystery of your very own home library with the use of wallpaper.

Bookshelf wallpaper has become very popular and that’s because everything old becomes new again. People yearn for a time when life was much simpler and technology had not engulfed our lives.

To get that vintage feel of a library I have found a few different bookshelf wallpapers.

However if you’re looking for something a bit brighter and a whole lot of fun then there might just be something for you too.


This first bookshelf design is from Kemra Wallpaper here in Australia. It’s an authentic vintage feel paper that oozes that old world charm.
Their papers are made in a wider width than usual at 61.5cm.

Kemra Wallpaper - Bookshelf

 The below designs can all be purchased from WallpaperDirect.

Andrew Martin – Navigator Collection – Library

This really is the perfect wallpaper if you’re after that old time vintage feel library atmosphere. Nothing says old fashioned home library like old leather bound books.

This particular paper is available in a few different colours and looks so authentic with it’s hand painted effect.

It is richly detailed and quite luxurious reminiscent of old books, postcards, collecting, autographs and stamps. This is just the right wallpaper if you’re after the feel of a gentlemen’s club or old-fashioned smoking room direct from the archives of old Hollywood films.

A stunning Library design in a hand painted effect, showing in a multi colouring – other colours are available. This design will definitely create that private home library feel.

If you loved this Andrew Martin design you might love the rest of his collection.


Andrew Martin Wallpaper Navigator

Andrew Martin - Navigator Closeup