Parrot Wallpaper Makes A Real Statement For This Business

We love hanging wallpaper for clients who aren’t afraid to try something different.

Our client Annabel Trends is a family company dedicated to supplying giftware that sets trends, with strengths in design, colour, practicality and presentation.

They chose a wonderful wallpaper to reflect the bright and happy vibe of their company. Its an Albany wallpaper called “Parrots” and is available from WallpaperDirect. It was hung in their reception area so it’s the first thing people see. It was also hung in the main office.

This beautiful vinyl wallpaper features multi-coloured Parrot Macaw birds on branches with gold glitter effects on a black background. It really is striking.

Below we show our wallpaper hangers installing this gorgeous wallpaper and the wonderful end result.

We have included some close up shots to help you see the vinyl texture.

To Purchase “Parrots” Wallpaper Visit WallpaperDirect Here

Albany Wallpaper – Albany House Vinyls 9 Collection – Parrots

Gold Coast Wallpaper Annabel Trends


Hanging Parrots Wallpaper Gold Coast


Parrot Wallpaper Hung At Annabel Trends


Gold Coast Wallpaper Job


Parrot Wallpaper - Gold Coast


Parrot Wallpaper Gold Coast


Parrot Wallpaper CloseupHere you can see the texture on the vinyl and the subtle glitter highlights.


Closeup of parrot wallpaper

 If you loved this wallpaper then you will probably drool over the very glam flamingo wallpaper from the same collection.


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