Brick Wallpaper – Create A Raw And Earthy Atmosphere Easily

Brick wallpaper can give a look of raw earthiness like nothing else. To have a brick wall built is costly and once installed is hard to change. For interiors that want exposed brick walls there is the perfect answer……….brick wallpaper!
Brick wallpaper can give a space an industrial or warehouse feel. Sometimes you might have the need for a grunge type graffiti look and this is where brick paper comes in. We have seen it used in fashion boutiques and surf shops quite successfully.
You might be surprised to hear how popular brick wallpaper is with Australian homeowners and decorators. Many people love bricks because they give instant atmosphere to games rooms, bars, man caves, restaurants, cafes, wine cellars and even kitchens and bedrooms. Games rooms and bars look amazing with the use of this paper, it really gives that “pub” like feel with ease. Brick wallpaper isn’t the type of paper you would use throughout your whole house but it does look great to highlight a room or as a backdrop to create atmosphere. We have seen it used in bedrooms with great effect as a feature wall behind a bed. Also if you ever get tired of the brick wall look then wallpaper can easily be removed.

Kemra – Boutique Faux Wallpapers

Kemra Wallpapers was founded in 2008 and is one of the design houses operating under Milton & King Pty Ltd.

It’s a family operated Australian company that specialises in creating unique faux textured wallpapers.  There is everything from exposed brick, stacked stone or library look-alike wallpaper just to name a few.

Kemra - Camden bricks

Camden Bricks

Kemra Wallpaper - Whitewash Bricks


The below wallpapers are available from WallpaperDirect

Albany  – Albany Collage 2012 Collection

These brick wallpapers from Albany are photographic images available in 3 various colours. It is the perfect paper for a contemporary look.

Albany Wallpaper- Albany Collage Collection


Albany Wallpaper - Albany Collage 2012 - white


Albany Wallpaper - Albany Collage 2012 - Red brick


Brewers – Bluff Collection – Brick

These brick wallpapers from Brewers are photographic images of bricks.

Brewers Wallpaper - Bluff Collection - Brick


Brewers Wallpaper - Bluff Collection - Brick white


 Albany – New To Albany Collection – Brooklyn Brick

An all over wallpaper design featuring a red brick. This pattern matches perfectly to pattern number 235005 (shown below this wallpaper) – Brooklyn Bridge.

Albany Wallpaper - Brooklyn Brick


Albany – New To Albany Collection – Brooklyn Bridge

An all over wallpaper featuring a collage of famous images from the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, on a red brick background. Matches perfectly to the above wallpaper (Brooklyn Bricks)

Albany Wallpaper - Brooklyn Bridge


Arthouse – VIP Eclectic Collection – White Brick

This wallpaper is very realistic in stunning white brick with definition. The distressed white brick gives the feel of an urban loft style apartment. This is simple yet sophisticated, perfect for those that want that expensive ‘loft’ look without breaking the bank. Perfect for the home or office environment

Arthouse Wallpaper - White Brick


Brick Wallpaper We Recently Installed

It’s no secret that we love wallpaper! We find it’s the easiest way to transform a space and with the hundreds of designs on offer today there really is something for everyone. We are always amazed at the creative ways our clients use wallpaper.

Our clients live in a high set house and decided to utilize the space underneath the house to create more living areas. The problem was a huge rock that was too difficult to move so they decided to build around it and make a feature of it.

They installed stairs around the rock and then had us install some very authentic brick wallpaper (Albany – Collage Collection) to add to the overall look. Brick wallpaper comes in handy for all sorts of situations!

Wallpaper Brisbane Mt Gravatt - Albany Wallpaper - Collage Collection

Wallpaper Brisbane - Albany Brick Wallpaper

Wallpaper Brisbane - Albany Brick Wallpaper - Collage Collection

Brisbane Wallpaper job - Albany Wallpaper - Collage Collection


 Another Brick Wallpaper Installed By Wow Wallpaper Hanging

For a contrast to the brick wallpaper we installed above, we show here a white brick. Our clients used it to make their kitchen breakfast bar and dining room wall stand out. Below are some before and after photos of the install.
The paper used was by Milton & King – Kemra Soft White Bricks.

White Brick Wallpaper before

White Brick Wallpaper after

White Brick Wallpaper before on breakfast bar

White Brick Wallpaper after on breakfast bar

White Brick Wallpaper wall before

White Brick Wallpaper wall after


White Brick Wallpaper - Before & After

This is another white brick wallpaper installation that was done in Brisbane. The wallpaper used was a House Of York wallpaper with a textured feel to it.

white brick wallpaper installation Brisbane - before

white brick wallpaper installation Brisbane after


Below Are Great Examples Of Using Brick Wallpaper

Dark Brick Wallpaper


Brick Wallpaper


Red Brick Wallpaper


Brick Wallpaper In Warehouse


Brick Wallpaper


Brick Wallpaper In Loungeroom


Brick Wallpaper 8


Brick Wall With Brick Wallpaper


Multicoloured Brick Wallpaper


Brick Wallpaper 11


Rustic Brick Wallpaper


White Brick Wallpaper In Kitchen


White Brick Wallpaper On Kitchen Walls


White Bricks In Kitchen


Rustic Brick Kitchen Wallpaper


White Bricks Wallpaper


white brick wallpaper in lounge


white brick bedroom wallpaper


Brick Bedroom Wallpaper


Brown Brick Bedroom Wallpaper



Brick Wallpaper Bedroom Behind Bed

 We are installers of wallpaper for the Gold Coast and Brisbane who love the whole idea of wallpaper. We are amazed at how popular wallpaper is becoming here in Australia and love how it can easily transform any area in the home into something completely different in no time.  Our aim here, through our blog is to show people how beautiful wallpaper is and show many different wallpaper designs and ways to use it. If you live in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas and require wallpaper installation, please contact us or call us on 0410 622 541.




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