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Bookshelf Wallpaper – Create The Look Of A Home Library

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Bec and George The Block Sky High - Bookcase WallpaperI’ve always dreamt of having my own library at home just like in the movies.

The kind that has a big old fireplace and a big winged back chair with floor to ceiling bookshelves all the way around that must have a slide along floor to ceiling ladder to reach them all.

Of course these days you would have to live in a mansion to accommodate anything like that. Also with the digital world of ipads and kindles, books are slowly being replaced.

The good news is you can recreate the romance and mystery of your very own home library with the use of wallpaper.

Bookshelf wallpaper has become very popular and that’s because everything old becomes new again. People yearn for a time when life was much simpler and technology had not engulfed our lives.

To get that vintage feel of a library I have found a few different bookshelf wallpapers.

However if you’re looking for something a bit brighter and a whole lot of fun then there might just be something for you too.


This first bookshelf design is from Kemra Wallpaper here in Australia. It’s an authentic vintage feel paper that oozes that old world charm.
Their papers are made in a wider width than usual at 61.5cm.

Kemra Wallpaper - Bookshelf

 The below designs can all be purchased from WallpaperDirect.

Andrew Martin – Navigator Collection – Library

This really is the perfect wallpaper if you’re after that old time vintage feel library atmosphere. Nothing says old fashioned home library like old leather bound books.

This particular paper is available in a few different colours and looks so authentic with it’s hand painted effect.

It is richly detailed and quite luxurious reminiscent of old books, postcards, collecting, autographs and stamps. This is just the right wallpaper if you’re after the feel of a gentlemen’s club or old-fashioned smoking room direct from the archives of old Hollywood films.

A stunning Library design in a hand painted effect, showing in a multi colouring – other colours are available. This design will definitely create that private home library feel.

If you loved this Andrew Martin design you might love the rest of his collection.


Andrew Martin Wallpaper Navigator

Andrew Martin - Navigator Closeup


Andrew Martin Wallpaper – Realistic Images Of Timber, Steel and Other Great Stuff

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Andrew Martin wallpaper - Engineer Collection - Palmer Design - Iron (300 x 400)British designer, Andrew Martin has designed a range of wallpaper that is a breath of fresh air. The Engineer and Navigator Collections, are full of amazing urban, texture and art designs. Andrew Martin combines style and originality to truly create individual designs that are also very trompe l’oeil.

When seeing these designs for the first time it’s hard to tell if the wallpaper isn’t actually the real thing. It’s natural to want to inspect closer and actually touch it to make sure.

Andrew Martin has also designed for the likes of Madonna, The Queen of England, Tony Blair, and the Beckhams, in the 1980s Martin worked on James Bond film sets. His designs are inspirational and lots of fun.

Andrew Martin Wallpaper gives maximum effect without spending big bucks on real timber or steel. If you’re looking for something different, that is unique and will be a talking point then it’s well worth considering these collections.

The entire Andrew Martin wallpaper collection can be found at Wallpaper Direct