Ellie Cashman Wallpaper – As Seen On The Block – The Secret Is Out!

We have installed Ellie Cashman wallpaper for quite a few clients throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We absolutely love her wallpapers and are big fans. Not only are her large scale floral papers unique but the quality is amazing! Ellie is an amazing designer from the Netherlands who also produces fabric, cushions and scarves. We were mentioned on her blog here after we had installed her Dark Floral design in an apartment at Teneriffe in Brisbane.

As installers we come across many different wallpapers from all over the world. Ellie’s wallpapers come on a continuous roll where each drop is cut from. When purchasing wallpaper from Ellie Cashman you will get a perfect fit for your wall as each design is custom made to fit your exact wall measurements.

We always say Ellie’s papers are only limited by your imagination as they look good in any area whether that be a living area, bedroom or powder room as you will see in the following images.

Here are a few installations we have done using Ellie Cashman wallpaper of course.

Ellie Cashman Wallpaper Installed By Wow Wallpaper Hanging

Teneriffe wool store installation using Ellie Cashman wallpaper - Dark Floral

Ellie Cashman – Dark Floral Design installed in the Teneriffe Wool Store Apartments


Teneriffe Brisbane Wallpaper installation using Ellie Cashman wallpaper

This Dark Floral design from Ellie Cashman wallpaper is the perfect compliment to this bedroom at the Teneriffe Wool Store Apartments


Dark Floral II Black Saturated design - Ellie Cashman wallpaper

Installing Dark Floral II Black Saturated design in a florist shop – Fortitude Valley Brisbane. The perfect compliment to this business!


Ellie Cashman Wall Mural for a florist shop in Fortitude Valley

The finished mural – Ellie Cashman wallpaper is the icing on the cake for this florist business.


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Brisbane wallpaper installation

Another example of “Dark Floral” giving this bedroom a romantic feel. The whole bedroom is transformed with the simple addition of Ellie’s gorgeous wallpaper. It doesn’t take much to achieve the “wow factor” when using Ellie Cashman wallpaper.


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Brisbane wallpaper hanging

The same bedroom using different furniture placement.


Installing Ellie Cashman Wallpaper

Our expert wallpaper installer – Rupert, doing a wonderful job with Ellie’s paper


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Tallebudgera Valley Gold Coast installation

This gorgeous romantic bedroom was part of a renovation to a Queenslander home in Tallebudgera Valley. A large gyprock wall was built out especially for the addition of this stunning Ellie Cashman wallpaper. Now that’s a bedhead!


Ellie Cashman wallpaper - Ashmore wallpaper installation

Ellie Cashman’s Dark Floral II Dark Saturated mural was the perfect addition to this home office on the Gold Coast. A great incentive to gt some work done!


Ellie Cashman wallpaper installation in powder room Woolowin, Brisbane

Installing Ellie’s mural is a lot more complicated than a normal wallpaper. Being a mural, it’s a continuous design which means there’s no room for error. Unlike normal standard wallpaper where another drop can be easily inserted, with a mural like Ellie’s that’s not the case. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional install Ellie’s wallpapers especially in a complicated area such as this powder room.


Ellie Cashman wallpaper installation New Farm

This time Ellie’s paper is installed in a living area in New Farm, Brisbane. Just as much impact and just as much “wow”

Other brands may require an overlap when installing whereas Ellie’s paper butts together beautifully leaving no obvious joins or seams.

We are amazed that more people don’t use Ellie’s beautiful papers but now that they have shown up on The Block 2017, the secret is well and truly out.

Her Dark Floral is romantic, feminine and moody.‘Dark Floral’ is the original wallpaper design that launched Ellie’s label in 2013. There are also light versions of this beautiful design.


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper As Seen On The Block 2017 – Ronnie & Georgia’s Room

If you’ve been following The Block this season, you’ll have noticed a big use of wallpaper. Big bold prints and patterns are the trend. Ronnie and Georgia are the couple to watch as they seem to have the winning formula with the judges. They’re veterans when it comes to renovating and styling which certainly shows with the amount of winning rooms they’ve achieved. They tied for the win with Josh and Elyse which we think was all down to the beautiful Ellie Cashman wallpaper they chose.

Ronnie and Georgia's second guest bedroom - The Block 2017

Ronnie and Georgia’s second guest bedroom using Ellie Cashman – Dark Floral – The Block 2017


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - The Block - Ronnie and Georgia

This gorgeous room would not have taken out the win without this romantic floral print from Ellie Cashman design. Ronnie and Georgia’s redo second guest bedroom was a definite winner!


Ronnie and Georgia - The Block - Ellie Cashman Wallpaper

Just one feature wall is all it takes!


Ellie Cashman And Her Wonderful Wallpaper Designs

Ellie creates her large scale floral prints by using a combination of traditional and digital art media.

In Ellie’s own words, “I start by creating a rough pencil sketch on a large piece of paper, or several pieces of paper taped together against a wall. I use this sketch as a means to pin down ‘the big picture’, standing as I draw, blocking out forms and determining the scale and proportion of elements, and how they relate to each other. Stepping back to have a look from a distance, I begin thinking about how a design will repeat, which is an art form in itself.

I then take a photograph of this sketch with my iPhone, import it into Photoshop, scale it up, and start filling in colors and details using custom-made Photoshop brushes that I’ve created to achieve different effects. I do this painting using a Wacom tablet and pen.

Just as one would do with traditional media, I start with large brushes and rough strokes, gradually layering up detail using increasingly smaller and more refined brushes.

Ellie Cashman

Ellie Cashman in front of her “Still Life with Shadows Gray” wallpaper



Ellie Cashman Dark Floral wallpaper on a ceiling

Ellie Cashman Dark Floral wallpaper on a ceiling


Ellie Cashman Floral Wallpaper Dark Floral II Black Saturated XL

Ellie Cashman Floral Wallpaper Dark Floral II Black Saturated XL



Ellie Cashman wallpaper - Dark Floral design in a powder room

Ellie Cashman wallpaper – Dark Floral design in a powder room

We are experts at hanging the beautiful and unique wallpapers from the Ellie Cashman collection. Please don’t chance your installation to just anyone. We are professionals when it comes to all types of wallpaper and wall mural installations. Please contact us at Wow Wallpaper Hanging for all your wallpaper installation needs. Phone Rupert on 0410 622 541.

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