Wallpaper Used On The Block 2018 – Tropical & Quirky!

Every year the contestants on The Block use wallpaper to “wow” the judges and this year was no exception. It’s no secret that we love wallpaper for the simple reason it can transform a space like nothing else can.

There are literally thousands of wallpaper designs to choose from with one of the more popular themes at the moment being tropical inspired wallpapers. We’ve been installing everything from palm trees to banana leaves and so much more.

The tropical look can be achieved so easily with wallpaper instantly invoking a fresh cool vibe. Clients want the feeling of being in their very own resort style accommodation where they get a sense of warm balmy nights, cool coastal breezes and the soft sound of palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Bianca & Carla used a fresh palm tree design on a vibrant pink background in their ensuite to achieve a fun relaxed coastal vibe. The whole bathroom was given a completely different look and feel due entirely to the wallpaper.

If you’d like the same result the wallpaper is called “Palm Jungle” from Cole & Son and available from The Wallpaper Trader.


Bianca & Carla’s Ensuite Using Palm Tree Wallpaper


Challenge Apartment The Block 2018 - Bianca & Carla Ensuite - Pink Palm Tree Wallpaper


Bianca & Carla Ensuite - Cole & Son Pink Palm Tree Wallpaper


Cole & Son Palm Jungle Wallpaper - Bianca & Carla Bathroom - The Block 2018


Cole & Son Palm Jungle Wallpaper - Bianca & Carla Ensuite - The Block 2018



Shelly Craft Uses The Same Palm Tree Wallpaper In Her Own Home

Shelly loved the “Palm Jungle” wallpaper used on The Block this year so much that she had us install it for her in her own home. Shelly used the wallpaper in her outside toilet making it a really inviting little space!
We’re seeing a lot more people using wallpaper in their toilets and powder rooms to add that little bit of “wow factor”.

Check out the before and after photos of Shelly’s toilet to get an idea of just how amazing wallpaper is when it comes to transforming spaces.

Shelly's toilet before the wallpaper makeover


Shelly's toilet after installing palm tree wallpaper


Wallpaper is the one thing that you can use to instantly add atmosphere, mood, a theme or a definite look such as luxurious, whimsical or downright quirky!

Hans and Courtney took out the win for their Guest Bedroom by using a really quirky fun wallpaper. The wallpaper is actually a mural comprised of animals doing various quirky things on a black and white striped background. It’s the sort of wallpaper that puts a smile on your face as soon as you see it and boy! does it have impact.
So impressed were the judges by Courtney’s choice of wallpaper and her quirky styling to match that they awarded them the win.

The wallpaper is called “Hackney Empire Stripe” from House Of Hackney and is available from The Wallpaper Trader.


Hans & Courtney’s Guest Bedroom Using Quirky Animal Wallpaper


Hans & Courtney Black and white striped animal wallpaper


Hans & Courtney Guest Bedroom Win - The Block 2018


Hans & Courtney Winning Room - The Block 2018

If you’ve been inspired to use wallpaper whether it be a tropical wallpaper or a quirky animal wallpaper as seen on The Block 2018 then please give us a call for a free installation quote.
We’re always happy to give advice on both purchasing your wallpapers and the installation.
Please call Rupert at Wow Wallpaper Hanging on 0410 622 541.

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