Flamingo Wallpaper – Flamboyant & Eye Catching

Flamingo wallpaper is the perfect choice to create a feeling of tropical happiness. When we think flamingos we think Florida, balmy tropics and magnificent sunsets.

Wallpaper is the one thing that can create a look or invoke an atmosphere into a space like nothing else can. So why settle for a boring plain wallpaper when you can have some fun and make a statement.

Flamingos are starting to pop up everywhere but no better place than your walls.

Below we have a few different flamingo wallpapers but the pink flamingo wallpaper by Albany is definitely our favourite.


Albany – Albany House Vinyls Collection – Flamingos

This pink flamingo wallpaper from Albany is divine. It’s a raised textured vinyl so it’s hard wearing and features extravagant pink flamingos. It’s shown below in shades of pink, peach and black and also comes in a silvery grey/white version.
We recently installed the parrot wallpaper from Albany. It’s in the same collection as the Flamingo design. If you visit our parrot wallpaper page you can see the kind of detail and texture that this vinyl wallpaper has up close. It really is stunning!

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Albany Wallpaper - Pink Flamingos


Flamingos - pink


Flamingos - Silvery White


The 2014 Big brother House – Flamingo Wallpaper

This years Big Brother house on the Gold Coast has a wonderfully decadent theme of a Miami mansion with a splash of Hollywood old style hotel. Complete glamour and very palatial. Of course the whole look wouldn’t be complete without the striking pink flamingo wallpaper.

Big Brother House with Flamingo wallpaper

 Flamingo Wallpaper Big Brother HouseTake A Tour Of The Big Brother House Here


Pink Flamingo Wallpaper Used At The Shuffleboard Venue In Brooklyn

There really is no better wallpaper to use for creating a Florida themed venue. Two entrepreneurs in Brooklyn have opened the Royal Palms, the city’s only bar devoted to the sport of 16th-century English kings, Shuffleboard.
They wanted people to be taken back to a bygone era where life was simple, on vacation, sipping on cocktails and playing Shuffleboard. What better way to recreate that ambience than to use flamingo wallpaper. Instant appeal and instant atmosphere. You can see more of this fascinating venue here. Now a lot of people would think that wallpaper wouldn’t stand up to getting wet in an area such as this but being a vinyl, it’s hard wearing, heavy duty and perfect for heavy traffic areas.

Pink Flamingo Wallpaper At The Shuffleboard Venue

Shuffleboard Venue At Royal Palms Using Flamingo Wallpaper In The Bathrooms


Arthouse  – Lochs & Lagoons Collection – Lagoon

Arthouse wallpaper have designed an elegant wallcovering featuring flamboyant flamingos amongst lagoon reeds. If pink flamingos aren’t your thing then there are 5 other colour options available.

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Arthouse Wallpaper - Lagoon Pink Grey

Arthouse Wallpaper - Lagoon -Pink & Grey


Arthouse Wallpaper - lagoon - Black


Arthouse Wallpaper - Lagoon - Green and Pink


Arthouse Wallpaper - Laggon - Neutral


Arthouse Wallpaper - Lagoon - Soft Blue


Arthouse Wallpaper - Lagoon - Coral


We found even more examples of flamingo paper at a blog that’s all about Hollywood Glamour and Palm Beach chic – The Glam Pad

The title of Florida State Bird might officially belong to the mockingbird, but the flamingo holds that honor in popular opinion. To many, the pink flamingo is to Florida what the pineapple is to Hawaii.
Recently, I blogged about the incredibly talented Maria Barros and her fabulous flamingo wallpaper. Since then, flamingos seem to be popping up everywhere! Last week, Beth at Chinoiserie Chic even declared them the “next big thing,” and I couldn’t agree more!

Flamingo wallpaper Cole & Sons

We hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the beautiful flamingo wallpaper that is available. Sometimes when it comes to wallpaper it’s a good idea to think outside the square to create a space that is unique, eye catching and creative. We think flamingo wallpaper will do just that!


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