Wallpaper Brisbane

Wallpaper is definitely “on trend” right now! As wallpaper Brisbane professionals, we have seen a big demand for the use of designer wallpapers to inject the “wow factor” to homes and businesses right across Brisbane.
With expert knowledge and over 30 years experience in the industry, Rupert Scott, owner of Wow Wallpaper Hanging in Brisbane offers a perfect finish every time.

Residential Wallpaper Installation In Brisbane

When it comes to home decorating nothing adds the “wow factor” better than wallpaper.
As wallpaper hangers in Brisbane we get to be part of the process of giving our clients a whole new look for their home with the installation of their perfectly chosen wallpaper. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to see our clients happy with the end result!

Wallpaper is a medium that allows you to get creative! Think feature walls, think highlighting areas, think unusual areas!
Most people today are using wallpaper as a feature wall typically in lounge rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms but we are also seeing our clients get great results by thinking outside the square. Hanging wallpaper in a powder room, toilet, office, games room, man cave or stairs can give big impact results.

Commercial Wallpaper Hanging  In Brisbane

We are seeing a lot of business owners throughout Brisbane from restaurants, offices, hotels, clinics, dentist,s salons and beauty industries all turning to wallpaper as a way to stand out from the crowd.

People are bored with the same old paint finishes and are looking for something different to set their business apart. With any business it’s important to be welcoming to customers and make them feel comfortable when they’re there. A nice clean modern atmosphere will do that every time but the secret is to add a bit of pizzazz! That’s where wallpaper comes in! We have many clients in Brisbane installing wallpaper to great effect and were stunned at the amazing results.


Modern Wallpaper

Wallpaper will add atmosphere like nothing else. The wallpaper patterns are endless these days and are nothing like the papers of yesteryear. They are much easier to remove too if you should ever want a change.

Not only are the patterns so vibrant and eye catching but the actual textures are amazing. Textured wallpaper adds a whole new depth to your walls and draws the eye.

We find that today’s modern wallcoverings are like a work of art depending on what you choose of course. There are papers that incorporate crystal beads in the overall design and shimmering metallics.

There are also themed papers such as trompe l’oeil bookshelf wallpaper that looks like a genuine old fashioned library or wallpaper that looks like wood planks.

Where To Buy Wallpaper

For our Brisbane clients we recommend Wallpaperdirect when buying wallpaper online because they have an awesome range to choose from and offer affordable prices. We say to allow up to 2 weeks for delivery to be on the safe side but most of our clients have received their order in 5 days.
We also have a great list of online Australian suppliers of wallpaper on our Buy Wallpaper Online page.


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