Pink Wallpaper – Always Pretty In Pink

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Pink wallpaper can be soft and soothing or vibrant and bright. One thing for sure pink is a colour that will make you smile.

Pink is a colour that invokes a warm romantic feel or a fashionable glamorous vibe. It all depends on the shade of pink and the design.
Pink is very feminine but can also be very bold and daring, so there really is a pretty in pink style that will suit everyone.

For a sophisticated look try a daring fuchsia set against a black background or a luxurious pink damask wallpaper. For a girl’s bedroom a candy pink, deep blush or powder puff pink would all give a girly look. Many boutiques and cosmetic salons use pink pattern wallpaper to create a feminine and inviting atmosphere for their business. Pale pink is soft and subtle for a calming effect in a babies room.

There is such a wide variety of pink wallcoverings for walls, everything from bold designs with strong pinks, glamorous damasks in either traditional or contemporary designs, happy and bright stripes and soft pale pink children’s designs.

We show a variety of different pink papers below to get your creative juices flowing.

All of the below wallpapers are available from WallpaperDirect – Click Here. Just remember to add the pattern names in the WallpaperDirect search bar when you get there.

Hot Pink Wallpaper

Arthouse – Bella Collection – Glitz Pink

A very eye catching blown vinyl with a vertical wavy line stripe effect. This wallpaper features a textured background and silver glitter on a hot pink background.

Arthouse Wallpaper - glitz pink


Black And White Wallpaper Creates A Smart Contemporary Look

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Black and white wallpaper is a good choice for a contemporary look in today’s modern homes.

If there is one colour scheme that never seems to date, it is the union of black and white. Always sleek and sophisticated, it’s a combination you can count on.

This colour scheme always looks fresh and modern but lends itself well to adding a splash of accent colour here and there.  We love this look with an unexpected splash of hot pink, red or turquoise.

These two contrasting colours certainly make a bold statement on their own but if you get tired of it, it’s a simple as adding new accent colours and you have a whole new look.

Today’s modern papers are enjoying a revival like never before and that’s because the choice of colours and range of designs are so numerous that decorating really becomes fun. With wallpaper we are spoilt for choice especially when it comes to black and white.

Black and white wallpaper is available in all designs. We particularly love the black and white damask designs and the very edgy black and white stripes.

We’ve been wallpapering on the Gold Coast and Brisbane for many years now and have noticed how people are using wallcoverings to decorate apartments. Apartment living on the Gold Coast and Brisbane is enjoying a makeover and that’s where wallcoverings comes in. Unlike houses where part of the decorating theme can be integrating the outdoors, apartments have to rely on eye catching inside elements. What better way to make an impact than to use wallpaper.


  Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Couture Stripe

Nothing is more contemporary right now than thick striped wallpaper. This design from Opus Muras is very smart and definitely commands attention. It has 13cm wide stripes alternating from a smooth white stripe to a broad black velvet flock. Absolutely stunning!

Opus Muras Wallpaper Couture


Black Wallpaper – Sophisticated And Chic

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Holden Decor - Links Black wallpaper has become very popular in home decorating. Black walls are very on trend at the moment which is the complete opposite of the recent trend of using all white for walls. When using black as a feature wall it becomes a visual feast for the eyes. It delivers impact and comes across as bold, edgy and dramatic. It also has the ability to look very glamorous and can easily fit into a very luxurious feel when teamed with the right accessories and furnishings.

Although black walls are very popular, the overall effect of all black paint is a little too much. That’s where black wallpaper comes in because even though it is predominantly black there is still some pattern or texture to it to give it an extra dimension. This makes the visual effect interesting while still achieving the darkness that’s required.

Having installed quite a few black papers we are always amazed at how one wall of black can totally change the whole look of a space. We see it as being very elegant and decadent in a lot of ways. The advantage a wallcovering has over paint is the ability to include beautiful details such as velvet flock, texture, glitter and metallics to really ramp up the effect and drama of black.

Not many wallpapers have complete black without at least a little bit of grey, silver, metallic or maybe white. Below we will show some stunning examples of black papers.

If you really want a complete overall black wallpaper with no other colour at all you could always purchase an embossed anaglypta wallpaper with raised texture which comes in white but is paintable. Anaglypta wallcoverings has numerous designs to choose from and they look great painted. They are quite a thick paper which allows the embossed design to really stand out.



Wallpaper Colours To Turn Your Head

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Modern wallpaper colours are vibrant and alive with the stunning array of designs and textures available.

Black wallpaper and black and white wallpaper designs are making a huge statement in interiors at the moment. Responsible for a very classy and elegant feel, they can be teamed up with any colour and create a truly unique atmosphere.

For a bold statement don’t go past the bold and beautiful red wallpaper. Warm and inviting, nothing makes an impact like red.

Wallpaper has literally exploded in terms of colours and design. The new look wallcoverings are stunning and can make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Below we will talk about  colours and how they affect interior decorating.

The great thing about wallpaper is that unlike a painted feature wall you don’t have to have a solid colour. Whatever colour you decide can be softened with the design and other accent colours.

Below we show you some beautiful wallcoverings in all the latest colours.



Neutral Earthy Wallpaper

Kelly Hoppen Wallpaper - Tattoo

 Kelly Hoppen – Tattoo (more…)

Wow Wallpaper Hanging