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Butterfly Wallpaper – Delicate & Pretty

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Butterfly wallpaper adds a touch of romance to any interior. Being pretty, feminine and delicate makes this wallpaper the perfect addition to any home or business that is looking for a soft fresh style. Nature inspired wallpapers are very much in vogue. Fresh floral designs, various tree designs and bird papers all have a whimsical quality about them and cause us to stop and daydream for just a little while. Most people can’t help themselves but to stop and watch a delicate butterfly flutter by, marveling at their fragility and beauty all at the same time. When we come across a vibrantly colourful butterfly, it truly sparks a sense of joy. They also represent transformation and freedom so why wouldn’t we want this happiness to be reflected on our walls? Gone are the days when you would only see butterfly wallpaper in a little girl’s room. Today it can be seen in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and powder rooms. Once you see the following examples of beautiful butterfly papers you will be amazed at how easily you can imagine some of the same in your own home. Also suited to businesses such as beauty salons and boutiques, these wallcoverings will create a sense of calm and delight.

Albany – Festival Collection – Mazarine

This sweet butterfly pattern shows multiple butterflies fluttering around pink flowers on stems. It’s a really happy wallpaper bursting with confetti colours against rich coloured backgrounds. This is a non woven paste the wall product available in 4 different colour variations.

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Albany Wallpaper - Albany Festival Collection - Mazarine

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