Tile Wallpaper – Just Like The Real Thing

Wallpaper tiles or tile effect wallpaper is the hot new trend this year. Always consisting of rich bright colours it’s no wonder we love it!

Modern papers these days very much look like the real thing. We have featured other faux wallcoverings such as wood wallpaper, brick wallpaper and the wonderful work of Andrew Martin. This time it’s all about wallpaper that looks like tiles.
Faux tile paper gives the authentic look of ceramic, stone or glass tiles without the expense. You can achieve the luxurious expensive look of tiles but at affordable prices and the best part is the installation. Forget the costly and time consuming job of installing tiles and grouting, save time and money with tiled wallpaper.

There is something to suit all tastes from classic designs, ornate or trendy fun designs. We start off showcasing the beautiful and vibrant papers offered by Paper Moon then look at many other tile wallcovering designs that are available from other companies.

Let’s take a look at what’s available.


The following papers are from Coordonne, the Spanish Wallpaper company and have been bought to the UK under the Paper Moon label. Their Tiles Collection is a stunning collection of tile effect wallcoverings which are digitally printed, they reproduce the effect of real geometric tiles with stunning detail, colour and weathered effects. Inspired by Antoni Gaudi, this collection brings a riot of colour to your walls.

Paper Moon – Tiles Collection Wallpaper Available to Buy Here At WallpaperDirect

Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Zig Zag

Zig Zag is a vibrant ‘ancient faux tile’ herringbone pattern in a superb purple, turquoise and beige colour palette.
It has been digitally printed to achieve the aesthetic qualities of real tiles from 11th century Andalusia and 19th century Barcelona.
The rich architecture of Antoni Gaudi’s modernist Barcelona and the grand palaces of 11th century Andalusia have provided the inspiration for this stunning new wallpaper collection from Coordonne of Barcelona.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles Collection - Zig Zag
Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - ZigZag


Paper Moon  – Tile Collection – Feria

Feria is an attractive ‘ancient faux tile’ trellis design in a tasteful yellow, brown, turquoise and green colour combination.
This tile wallpaper design features various sized squares to create a tile effect when hung.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Feria

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - Feria


Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Alandalus

Alandalus is an impressive ‘ancient faux tile’ design which takes its name from the Moorish historical region of Al Andalus and is a vivid and intricate lattice-work design featuring stars. Shown here in various shades of blue, burnt orange and brown.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - Alandalus

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - Alandalus


Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Scales

Scales is a fresh white design based on the cycloid scales of a fish. The clever shading built into the design gives a real feeling of raised tiles.

Paper Moon Wallpaper Tiles Collection - Scales


Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Clover

Clover is a simple design featuring a raised clover flower on square stone and grey tiles. Looking very much like an aged weathered tiled wall.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Clover

Clover closeup


Paper Moon – Tiles Collecti0n – Mandala

Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe, which is captured in this ‘ancient faux tile’ wallpaper design in a soft yellow, terracotta and grey colour combination. This wonderful design is eyecatching with it’s detailed geometric pattern and fine detailing.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - Mandela

Paper Moon Wallpaper Mandala


Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Damascus

This authentic looking and very stylish paper has been inspired by the city of Damascus, one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. It is a symmetrical geometric tile in pastel shades of blue, grey and off white. It will definitely add atmosphere and mood to any interior.

Paper Moon Wallpaper Damascus

Paper Moon Wallpaper Damascus


Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Solaris Chess

Solaris is an amazing wallpaper featuring a distressed mosaic tile in shades of metallic black, grey, stone and brown. It really has the “wow factor” for it’s authentic and very real looking aged effect.

This particular design is also available in turquoise, mauve and white as shown below.

Solaris Chess Design

Paper Moon Wallpaper Solera Chess Design


Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Marble Chess

A classic design featuring a stylized marble effect chess board design. Shown here in metallic black and white.

Paper Moon Wallpaper Marble Chess


Paper Moon – Tiles Colection – Essaouira

Get the essence of Morocca with this striking and bold geometric design. this deep red and white ‘ancient faux tile’ design is named after the fishing port of Essaouira in Morocco.
You can see more wallcoverings with a Moroccan style here.

Esta Home Wallpaper - Ginger Collection - Azelulos Tile

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - Essaouira




Esta – Ginger Collection – Azulejo Tile

A photomural wallcovering with images of original Portugese Azulejo blue tiles. Supplied on a roll one tile wide, so that you can cut and put them together to make your very own individual tile effect. Roll is 8.37m in length and 0.46m wide.

Buy These Beautiful Esta Tiled Wallpapers From WallpaperDirect

Esta Home Wallpaper - Ginger Collection - Azelulos Tile


Esta – Ginger Collection – Deft Blue Tiles

A photomural wallcovering with images of original blue delft tiles. Supplied on a roll 3 tiles wide, so that you can cut and put them together to make your very own individual tile effect. Roll is 8.37m in length and 0.46m wide.

Esta Home Wallpaper - Ginger Collection - Delft Blue Tiles Mural





Tapet-Cafe – Harlequin Raw Gold

This wallpaper creates a modern and dramatic twist on  traditional tile effect wallcoverings. This strong geometric design has a delightful weathered effect. Available in metallic gold and black, ink blue and metallic silver, metallic silver and mint and taupe with metallic stone.

Tapet Cafe Wallpaper - harlequin Raw Gold


Tapet Cafe Wallpaper - Harlequi Blue


Tapet-Cafe Wallpaper - Harlequin Mint


Tapet-Cafe Wallpaper - Harlequin Stone


Below We See How Striking Mosaic Tiles Look

Below is an example how one home owner chose to wallpaper the blank wall at the end of a u-shaped kitchen. It’s clear that the paper makes a huge difference in creating visual impact in this small kitchen rather than a boxed in feeling.

Wow Wallpaper Hanging are available for all professional wallpapering on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We recommend professional wallpaper installation when it comes to high end designer wallcoverings.
We are happy to give a free quote for hanging by emailing us your details here or ringing us on 0410 622 541.
Wallpaper tiles look especially nice in kitchen areas but we can think of many other areas where they would look equally at home. We hope we have given you some great ideas using the above tile wallcoverings.


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