Tree Wallpaper – Designed By Nature

Nothing gives the feeling of peace and serenity quite like the natural beauty of trees. Tree wallpaper featuring forests, slender tree trunks and flowing leaves are perfect for bringing a sense of nature to your interior.
Nature inspired wallpapers are a clever way to bring a restful ambience to your home. Tree patterns are perfect for those who love the idea of a nature element but might think floral themed wallcoverings are too feminine.
In today’s modern world full of hard shiny surfaces and technology everywhere, it’s a pleasing element to incorporate a touch of nature into our interiors. Not only does it soften the area but tree wallpaper is also very contemporary in it’s styling.

If you prefer photo images of the real thing then you might like a forest mural featuring green trees with sun shining through the canopy.


 Birch Tree Wallpaper

Brewers – Bluff Collection – Woods

A digital print image of birch trees in natural green and beige colouring. Featuring slender trunks with gnarly nodules and green leaves.

Brewers Wallpaper - Bluff Collection - Woods design

Brewers Wallpaper - Bluff Collection - Woods


Albany – Albany Wow 2013 Collection – Nordik Wood

A simple silver birch tree design with narrow tree trunks spaced apart giving a stripe effect. Available in three different colourways.

Albany Wallpaper - Albany Wow Collection - Nordik Wood

Nordik Wood in Silver, Grey and White On Stone

Marimekko – Aarni

A whimsical forest wallpaper featuring knotted red and white trees contrasting beautifully with alternating black trees The red, black and white create a bold statement and striped effect. Also available in shades of soft pale blue.

Marimekko Wallpaper - Aarni

Marimekko Wallpaper - Aarni - pale blue


Tree Wallpaper


Brewers – Fioton 2 Collection – Fioton 2

Brewers wallpaper introduce the Scandinavian company Fiona with their quality designs based on natural elements. Fresh, clean lines and simple designs make this a popular choice for contemporary living.
Fioton 2 is an atmospheric wood design, creating a vertical stripe effect. Available in the metallic silver on a lightly speckled cream background and matt steel grey on an off white background.

Brewers Wallpaper Fioton 2 Collection

Fioton 2 in metallic silver on lightly speckled cream background

Brewers Wallpaper - Fioton

Fioton 2 in matt steel grey on off white background


Brewers Wallpaper – Valilla Collection – Kelohonka

Another beautiful design from the Scandinavian company Fiona. Kelohonka features an atmospheric silhouette of a tree with outspread spidery branches, creating a subtle vertical stripe design. Available in matt black on a deep blue grey and metallic platinum colour on off white.

Brewers Wallpaper - Valilla collection - Kalohonka

Kelohonka design in matt black on deep blue grey background

Brewers Wallpaper - Valilla Collection - Kelohonka design

Kelohonka design in metallic platinum on off white background

Brewers Wallpaper - Kelohonka Grey

Matt black on deep blue grey

Brewers Wallpaper Kelohonka Off White

Metallic platinum on off white


Prestiguous Textiles – Urban Collection- Shadow

This wallpaper creates depth with it’s deeply creased design. It’s a textured Italian vinyl wallcovering with an all over tree branch design, creating a subtle background. Shown below in soft quartz grey but also available in a soft willow green.

Prestigious Textiles - Urban Collection Shadow


 Prestigious Textiles – View Collection – Impressions

A simple yet beautiful tree design in a painted effect. Available in 10 different neutral colourways for today’s contemporary interiors.

Prestigious Textiles - View Collection - Impressions

Impressions design in white and grey on silver foil

Prestigious Textiles - Impressions

Impressions design shown in white on black and the contrasting wall in black on white

Prestigious Textiles - Impressions design

Impressions design in white with silver detail on green background


Arthouse Wallpaper – Rosanna Collection – Bernwood

A delightful retro Art Nouveau inspired design with stylised tree motifs. Available in fashionable colours that will brighten any area. This particular tree wallpaper is different and fresh in design. Available in metallic blue, green and light brown on a deep chocolate brown background, metallic red, black and grey on a cream background and metallic teal and lime green and light brown on a cream background.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Rosanna Collection - Vintage Bernwood Chocolate

Metallic blue, green and light brown on a deep chocolate brown background

Closeup of Bernwood design

Closeup image of Bernwood design

Arthouse Wallpaper - Rosanna Collection - Bernwood Red

Metallic red, black and grey on a cream background

Arthouse Wallpaper - Rosanna Collection - Bernwood Teal

Metallic teal and lime green and light brown on a cream background


We hope you have enjoyed our showcase of nature inspired tree wallpaper designs. It can be difficult navigating around the internet to find a particular style of wallcovering all in the one type of design.

We use our blog to help our clients find beautiful papers in a certain theme or style. Many times our clients know they want to use wallpaper but might not know exactly what kind they want. By showcasing different designs of wallcoverings on our website we are able to help them by categorising into designs such as leopard print designs, retro themed papers , or faux brick designs for example.

We are always adding to our blog because in the world of wallpaper there is always something to show. Fresh new designs are always on the horizon from the many designer companies that bring out new collections all the time.

We are excited to see how people are embracing wallpaper as a new and innovative way to individualise their homes and inject true personality into their interiors.

We professionally hang wallcoverings throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We are happy to give a free quote and can be contacted on  0410 622 541 or emailed via our contact form.

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