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Tile Wallpaper – Just Like The Real Thing

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Wallpaper tiles or tile effect wallpaper is the hot new trend this year. Always consisting of rich bright colours it’s no wonder we love it!

Modern papers these days very much look like the real thing. We have featured other faux wallcoverings such as wood wallpaper, brick wallpaper and the wonderful work of Andrew Martin. This time it’s all about wallpaper that looks like tiles.
Faux tile paper gives the authentic look of ceramic, stone or glass tiles without the expense. You can achieve the luxurious expensive look of tiles but at affordable prices and the best part is the installation. Forget the costly and time consuming job of installing tiles and grouting, save time and money with tiled wallpaper.

There is something to suit all tastes from classic designs, ornate or trendy fun designs. We start off showcasing the beautiful and vibrant papers offered by Paper Moon then look at many other tile wallcovering designs that are available from other companies.

Let’s take a look at what’s available.


The following papers are from Coordonne, the Spanish Wallpaper company and have been bought to the UK under the Paper Moon label. Their Tiles Collection is a stunning collection of tile effect wallcoverings which are digitally printed, they reproduce the effect of real geometric tiles with stunning detail, colour and weathered effects. Inspired by Antoni Gaudi, this collection brings a riot of colour to your walls.

Paper Moon – Tiles Collection Wallpaper Available to Buy Here At WallpaperDirect

Paper Moon – Tiles Collection – Zig Zag

Zig Zag is a vibrant ‘ancient faux tile’ herringbone pattern in a superb purple, turquoise and beige colour palette.
It has been digitally printed to achieve the aesthetic qualities of real tiles from 11th century Andalusia and 19th century Barcelona.
The rich architecture of Antoni Gaudi’s modernist Barcelona and the grand palaces of 11th century Andalusia have provided the inspiration for this stunning new wallpaper collection from Coordonne of Barcelona.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles Collection - Zig Zag
Paper Moon Wallpaper - Tiles - ZigZag