Wood Wallpaper – Sophie and Dale’s Scrapwood Wallpaper From “The Block” 2012

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Wood wallpaper is just the thing  to create an interior that is inviting and rustic.

Decorating with natural materials is on top of everyone’s list especially when it comes to using wood or timber. These days the cost of real timber has escalated but not if you use wallpaper.

You can create any natural timber look you like with wood panel wallpaper at a fraction of the cost but with all the natural ambience.

You might remember the scrapwood wallpaper that Sophie and Dale used from “The Block” 2012. They were decorating an office and wanted a unique look which was easily achieved with rustic looking scrapwood wallpaper. This particular paper had an aged look about it featuring old planks with paint that has begun to rub off revealing timber underneath.

It’s a great wallcovering and is so realistic that most people have to actually touch it to realise that it’s not the real thing. We loved it and went about finding other designs.

Dale and Sophie’s Scrapwood Wallpaper

Sophie and Dale's Scrapwood Wallpaper



World Map Wallpaper Mural – A Real Talking Point

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

World map wallpaper is very popular as it can be used in children’s rooms, offices, studies, hallways and even in meals areas. It’s eye catching, a talking point and educational all at the same time.

I’m always drawn to the map of the world whenever I’m in a travel agency. It’s so fascinating that I often think I’d like to have a large scale world map on one of my walls. Viewing a world map is the type of thing that you can get lost in. It gets your imagination working by inspiring worldly travels and far off adventures.

There are many different designs to choose from, everything ranging from the more sophisticated atlas style to designs suited more to children and even antique style globe maps. Hanging a world map mural or wallpaper creates fascination.

World Map Mural

This full world map mural is perfect for any room suiting the budding geographers and travelers alike. Sold in 4 panels. Total mural size 270 x 188cm (8’10” x 6’2″) Available from AllPosters

Murals Murals - World Map



Art Deco Wallpaper – Inspired By 1920’s Glamour And “The Great Gatsby”

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Art Deco wallpaper - The Great GatsbyArt deco wallpaper has become popular of late due to the release of the film “The Great Gatsby”.

Art deco style originated in Paris around 1925 after a successful exhibition called “Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes“. It was post World War 1, a time when people wanted to forget war time austerity and move into a new modern era of prosperity, glamour, fashion and parties.

Art Deco is a unique style that is recognised by it’s geometric designs and metallic colours. Materials such as stainless steel, mirrors, chrome and glass were used to produce a sleek and glamorous industrial style look.

The roaring 20’s was no doubt a time of glamour and excitement. Hollywood was the 1920’s playground of the rich and famous as recreated by Baz Luhrmann’s latest “Great Gatsby” film. The architecture and decor of that time personified opulence. There was no room for clutter or fuss. It was all about streamlined finishes, clean lines, mirrored furniture, crystal lighting and silky fabrics.

Just a few well placed pieces can create this look but it’s the use of art deco wallpaper that will recreate the “art deco” period look the best.

We discovered that the set designer behind the film “The Great Gatsby” has released her own collection of beautiful Art Deco inspired wallpapers. http://www.stellarinteriordesign.com/art-deco-wallpaper/

The talented set designer behind the film is designing Jazz-Age 1920’s inspired fabrics & wallpaper for Mokum called Metropolis.  The line includes Art Deco motifs with metallic inks and foiled wallpapers, graphic velvet fabric and geometric trims.

Catherine Martin Collection For Mokum

Below are some other great art deco wallcoverings to inspire you.

Tapet-Cafe Wallpaper – Deco fan

Deco Fan features a sophisticated geometric fan motif that is pure Art Deco style, designed using geometrical patterns that were typical from the Art Deco movement. The overall fan design is softened by using ink on watercolour paper and using soft grey and white.

This wallcovering is designed by Helene Blanche and is the latest design in The Private Collection from Danish company, Tapet-Cafe.

Deco Fan was chosen by Elle Decoration Norway, Norway’s leading interior design magazine as the best wallpaper design for 2013. A true statement from the Art Deco era.

Tapet Cafe Wallpaper - Deco-Fan

Tapet-Cafe Wallpaper - Deco Fan Design

 Tapet Cafe deco Fan design



Retro Wallpaper Helps Bring Back The Fabulous 50’s, The Swinging 60’s and The Groovy 70’s, Yeah Baby!

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Little Greene Wallpaper Retro WallpaperRetro wallpaper from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s has a vintage style all of it’s own. The retro theme has become very popular in recent years from fashion, art, video and decor.

Think geometric patterns, oranges and browns and quirky 50’s kitchen designs and you have retro wallpaper.

Groovy was the flavour of the day back then and  if you want to re create that era it couldn’t be easier than with wallpaper.

Retro isn’t for everyone but if you cringe at the minimalist look and are so over the neutral colour palettes with everything beige the quirky groovy retro style might be just what you’re looking for.

In today’s throw away society it might be worth re-evaluating what we already have, recycling and making use of family heirlooms.

Retro is definitely a style that is fun and has character. One persons retro style might differ enormously from someone elses but it’s easy to create with a few key pieces.

Upholstered furniture and modern danish furniture with tall tapered skinny legs is a good start. Lino flooring or as we would call it today vinyl flooring. Add fabrics with patterns based on scientific forms and geometrics. Lights that look a little like flying saucers fit in well. A colourful 60’s poster, a crocheted throw rug, a glass cake stand and a set of flying ducks on the wall all help with the retro theme. An old turntable and tin kitchen canisters are so kitschy but so retro.

Whilst retro is from an era gone by it is also a very individual choice today therefore there is no right or wrong way. The one thing that can really set a backdrop for this theme is retro wallpaper of course. With so many designs and colours to choose from it will be easy to choose the perfect paper for your retro look.



Moroccan Wallpaper – Rich and Exotic

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Moroccan WallpaperMoroccan wallpaper is a great addition for creating an exotic Moroccan look.

Morocco is located in the north of Africa, directly bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara Desert while the Mediterranean Sea separates it with the country of Spain. It is a country steeped in history and has French, Persian and African influences. The famous Moroccan cities of Casablanca and Marrakesh conjure up an image of vibrant market stalls, intricately connected alleyways, exotics food, carpets and rugs, metalwork and pottery. A vibrant colourful place full of hustle bustle and pungent aromas.

Moroccan style is very rich and earthy and can easily be created by incorporating a few key pieces. Elaborate mirrors with intricate designs, hand made pottery and vases, mosaic table tops with extravagant patterns and bright colours, Morrocan lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers and exotically patterned floor rugs. Add touches of gold and timber and the effect is amazing.

Vibrant colours and geometric patterns such as circles, diamonds, triangles and arches are a central part of Morrocan decorating. Tiled walls and courtyards using mosaic tiles in blues and greens are inspired by the cool shades of turquoise and sea blue of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Red and orange are also used inspired by the desert and the amazing African sunsets. Mix and matching these colours with purples and pinks creates the perfect Morrocan interior.

Decorating Moroccan style will give you some great ideas to create a unique Moroccan interior of your own. After looking there you will be able to see how incorporating Moroccan wallpaper in certain areas will compliment the Moroccan theme perfectly.



Forest Wallpaper Used By Bec and George – The Block Sky High

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Forest wallpaper mural used by Bec and GeorgeForest wallpaper was a natural choice by Bec and George to create the “wow factor” they needed to make their room stand out from the rest. Add the amazing floating bed in front of that magnificent forest scene and the effect is outstanding. You almost feel as if you are floating through the cool denseness of the forest.

Having a massive steel beam in their bedroom made way for some innovative thinking. Using the beam to their advantage Bec and George built it into their design by sheeting it into an alcove and highlighting this area with the forest wallpaper mural. The result is stunning!

Using elements of nature in our interiors creates a pleasing aesthetic that is both soothing and calm. There really is nothing better than to see a large wall mural depicting a landscaping scene such as a forest or a beach.

Real life scenes immediately create a sense of joy and happiness as you are reminded of the wonderful images of nature. To bring those images to the indoors is a way of softening an area and making it inviting and warm.

Forest wallpaper instantly welcomes you and draws you in. It’s an irresistable feeling to be transfixed upon the scene and momentarily transported to the very depths of the forest. You can almost smell the pungent earthy decay of leaves, hear the trilling of the forest birds and feel the coolness of the forest shadows wash over you.

That’s the sort of feeling you expect a nature inspired wallpaper to deliver and it does.



Striped Wallpaper – Fits In With Any Style

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Striped wallpaper is a wonderful way to add dimension to a room especially a small room. Stripes usually give an appearance of height when hung vertically and can elongate a room if hung horizontally.

Decorating with stripes can create a classic traditional look or just as easily create a modern contemporary look. It all depends on the width of stripe and how you use them.

Striped wallpaper will look elegant if you choose a tone on tone colour scheme such as cream with white or if you use a matte and glossy version of the same colour. This look is classic and sophisticated especially when the stripes are the same width. You can see an example of this below with the use of wide vertical stripes in cream and white.

Wallpaper Gold Coast - Sanctuary Cove - Sandberg Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper will also effortlessly create a very contemporary look just by using contrasting colours, bright bold colours and in varying widths.


Damask Wallpaper – Traditional Elegance For Today’s Modern Homes

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Damask DesignDamask wallpaper is inspired by traditional design and original damask patterns. Damask fabric was first woven in Spain, Italy, and France. The patterns are taken from original centuries old fabrics then applied to the wallpaper, offering that really traditional, classic, and elegant damask wallpaper.

Damask wallpaper was once only considered for a very formal room, but now it can be used for anything from the most formal dining area to the most casual living area. While traditional damask patterns are still the most popular, modern versions of classic damask designs have sprung into the manufacturing and design of damask papers.

Once considered a luxury as it was a product that consisted of additional materials such as velvet. It was rich and opulent. Today however it has a popularity  among decorators for it’s variety in design and modern feel. Black and white damask wallcoverings are one of the most popular colour combinations available, but beautiful prints in magenta, lavender, pale yellow and even brown are gaining popularity.

Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Nightfall

Nightfall is a stunning soft touch flock damask on a metallic effect background with fine horizontal lines creating a vertical shadow stripe.

Arthouse wallpaper is one of our all time favourites for their contemporary designs and excellent quality. Their Nightfall damask design is stylish and has a modern twist on the traditional damask design creating an overall sophisticated look.

We understand how difficult it is to appreciate how stunning these papers are just by looking at a picture. That’s why we have included a few closeup images to show the flock design and texture that this beautiful damask has.



Anaglypta Wallpaper – Textured Wallpaper With Beautiful Embossed Designs

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Anaglypta wallpaper is an embossed paintable wallpaper that is usually quite thick and heavy. It is printed with raised designs and is usually ornately textured.

Being a heavy paper anaglypta is not a ready to hang wallpaper. It requires a strong adhesive and more drying time than regular wallpaper. It can be used in it’s natural state which is white but the beauty of anaglypta is that you can paint it to look like copper or any faux finish for that matter.

If going for a faux finish it is best to use layers of colour. Start with your background colour and wait until it dries then lightly brush or sponge on the second colour highlighting the raised or embossed design. Metallic paints also look great over anaglypta wallpaper.

Any colour paint can be applied, it’s just a matter of hanging it first then allowing it to dry completely before applying paint.

Anaglypta looks great in heritage houses and can even be used on the ceiling. If your walls are worse for wear then a good solution could be anaglypta wallpaper. Another advantage is an anaglypta wallpaper can also be repainted if you ever decide to change colour schemes.

Below are some fabulous Anaglypta wallpaper designs, some traditional, some very contemporary.

The below wallpaper is from the brand Anaglypta and is available from WallpaperDirect

 Anaglypta – Supaglypta Collection – Howard

Anaglypta Wallpaper - Howard

Anaglypta Wallpaper - Supalypta Collection Howard painted


Anaglypta – Supaglypta Collection – Charles

Anaglypta Wallpaper - Charles


Black and White Striped Wallpaper Used By Bec and George – The Block Sky High

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Black and white striped wallpaper clinched the deal for Bec and George making them this weeks winners of the room reveals.

That’s a bold statement to make but it’s the sophisticated and bold striped wallpaper that gave this winning room the edge. We love the black and white colour scheme with just a hint of red. The room has an uncluttered spacious feel which is due to the clean lines of the vertical wallpaper and simple accessories.

Bec and George’s clever use of vertical stripes  gives the illusion of height but it was their decision to use the wallpaper on the wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom that we think was genius. Most people would opt to use it behind the bed but the paper now becomes the focal point and defines the two areas.

Bec and George also used forest wallpaper in their main bedroom of the ground floor apartment.  Go here more striped wallpaper ideas.

Bec and George – The Block Sky High 2013

black and white stiped wallpaper - The Block Sky High

Bec and George's room, The Block Sky High - black and White Striped Wallpaper

Black and White Striped Wallpaper - Bec and George The Block Sky High


Black And White Striped Wallpaper We Have Installed In Brisbane

Below are two wallpaper installation jobs where we have used black and white striped wallpaper. It gives you an idea of how different the same wallpaper can look in different themes. we think it looks equally at home in both scenarios.

The below wallpaper was installed in a bedroom where the owner had designed the room herself. The room belongs to a young architect student with a passion for interior design. The icing on the cake was the black and white striped wallpaper. The end result was a mixture of classic and modern elements that created a very glamorous feel.

Black and White Wallpaper installation - Brookfield

The following wallpaper was used to give this room a very contemporary feel. Combined with just the right amount of red, the results were fresh and modern.

Wallpaper Brisbane - Black and White Stripes


Below are three different brands that all carry stunning black and white striped wallpaper. The thickness of the stripes can vary from quite narrow to very thick.

Opus Muras – Bloomsbury Collection – Henley Stripe

A stunning and sophisticated wallpaper in a two tone striped design in a bold shimmering black and matt white stripe.
Opus Muras have a reputation for quality papers that are synonymous with luxury, glamour, sophistication, elegance and opulent design.

Click Here To Buy Henley Stripe

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Bloomsbury Collection - Henly Stripe