Tropical Wallpaper – Palm Leaf Wallpaper – Think Jungles & Balmy Nights – Think Fresh & Cool

Tropical palm leaf wallpaper is back! Yes that’s right big bold palm tree and tropical designs are the next big thing. This trend was highlighted at New York fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015. Any design trend that pops up at Fashion week ends up in home decor and interior design.

The tropical theme is a clean fresh look that can easily be achieved by using tropical inspired wallpapers and adding large comfy sofas, maybe some cane and of course lots of lush greenery. Getting that jungle vibe happening all adds to a lush relaxed tropical theme.
You can go over the top with lots of elements or keep it simple by adding natural materials and lots of white.

Whichever way you go the idea is to invoke a relaxed feeling of being at a resort. Warm balmy nights with a gentle coastal breeze and the soft sound of palm trees swaying in rhythm to the elements all allow us to be transported to another world. If you want that sort of atmosphere at your home then wallpaper is the easiest way to get the look. Similar wallpapers inspired by nature that might also be of interest are floral wallpapers. The flower and floral wallpapers have some wonderful and colourful designs that depict nature. and could also look good in a tropical theme.

We have come across some gorgeous tropical inspired wallpapers available from WallpaperDirect. Below we show you some different designs to get your imagination ticking.

House Of Hackney Wallpaper – Palmeral

It’s so easy to bring the outdoors into your home with this fresh foliage print from British design house – House of Hackney. Palmeral is an Art Deco inspired patio print featuring an explosion of palm leaves reminiscent of 1930s Palm Springs.Palmeral is available in 5 different colourways including green on off white as pictured below, green on dark midnight, Azure blue on off white, azure blue on midnight and green on red.

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House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Palmeral


House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Palm leaf design - Palmeral


House Of Hackney Wallpaper – Tarovine

Tarovine is a gorgeous large scale hand painted Monstera Deliciosa leaf design. It is an absolutely eye catching wallpaper that has instant “wow factor”.
It conjures up images of Hollywood’s golden age of decorating and again is available in a range of various colour schemes.
A monochromatic palette of ochre yellows and malachite greens set off by an optic white and signature midnight blue hue makes for a fresh and modern statement bringing the best of old age Californian glamour into your home.

House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Tarovine


House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Tarovine design


Caselio Wallpaper – Jungle

Below is a fresh contemporary tropical wallpaper design from French designers Caselio. Featuring lush jungle leaves and flowers, with a line drawn effect in a soft taupe colour on a bold lime green background. Also available on a teal blue background.

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Caselio Wallpaper - Jungle


Graduate Wallpaper – Tropical Fusion

Graduate Collection wallpaper features this stunning tropical inspired print from designer Laura Allen.This jungle print wallpaper is truly eye catching with it’s bright multi coloured tropical flowers, exotic leaves, parrots, butterflies and cute little lemurs (what we would call possums) nestled in the foliage. This beautiful wallpaper would look great in any situation and is available in 4 different background colours.The image below is the Plum background but also available in backgrounds of teal, turquoise and pink.

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Tropical Fusion by Graduate Wallpaper


Graduate Wallpaper - tropical Fusion


tropical Fusion with turquoise background


If you need your tropical wallpaper installed or any wallpaper at all then please call us on 0410 622 541 for a free quote. Alternatively you can contact us via our email page.
We love the above tropical palm leaf wallpaper but also feature a range of other nature inspired wallpaper throughout our blog.
If the taste of the tropics is not what you are after but still want the natural look of foliage then how about one of the tree designed wallpapers that are available. You can also go for a forest look by installing a large forest mural which looks stunning in any setting.



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