Floral Wallpaper Is A Natural Choice

Floral WallpaperFloral wallpaper has always been popular due to it’s calming feel that is taken directly from nature itself. Nature has a wonderful way of designing everything to perfection right down to the most amazing colours.

Using flowers in the overall design is never boring due to the endless amount of flowers that can be used. There is something for everybody from the more traditional floral designs such as English cottage gardens right through to the more colourful contemporary designs.

Traditionally pastels and soft muted tones were used in most floral wallpaper but today with the use of metallics you will find the more modern designs jumping off the paper in a riot of colour.

The below designs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to floral wallcoverings. Keep in mind that any wallpaper designs that you see below will be available in other colours.



Opus Muras – Bloomsbury Collection

Opus Muras are an English wallcoverings company that excel in luxury papers. Below we show just one of their amazing designs which is a magnificent floral trail design featuring large flower heads in black and gold against a bubblegum pink background. The gold metallics add a wonderful touch and help create an atmosphere of romance and style. Also available in a yellow and black background. This floral wallpaper is striking to say the least.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Bloomsbury Collection - Vanessa

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Bloomsbury Collection - Vanessa


Sophie Conran – Posie

Sophie Conran is a talented UK designer who has a flair for pretty design. Her floral inspired designs are exquisite. This design is called “Posie” and has a retro 1940’s feel about it featuring a floral trail with multicoloured flowers. The wallpaper below is shown in pink with sprays of lilac and peach against a strong yellow background. This is a sweet delicate design that feminine and romantic. Also available in backgrounds of blue, cream, pale green and soft purple.

Sophie Conran Wallpaper - reflections Collection - posie


Sophie Conran – Postcards

Another pretty design from Sophie Conran! Again this wallpaper has a 1940’s retro feel to it featuring postcards, text and floral detail giving it a vintage scrapbook feel. This lovely vintage feel paper is available in four different colours including backgrounds of blue (below), beige, neutral and grey/lilac.

Sophie Conran Wallpaper - reflections Collection - postcards

Sophie Conran Wallpaper - postcards closeup


Albany  – Venice Collection – Rosetta

This elegant wallcovering from Albany Wallpaper is rich and opulent in design. It features a rich flock rose design in a solid deep red with gold print detail. This is set against a soft linen cream background. Also available in a rich grape colour, black and a dark cream on beige background.

Holden Decor Wallpaper  - Alanis

Holden Decor - Flock


Shand Kydd – Knightsbridge Collection – Ballad Bouquet

This wallpaper is a delightful shabby chic design featuring a misty floral bouquet set against a pretty aqua jade blue woven effect background. It is perfect for creating that old world charm or vintage look. Add a few antique pieces and you have the classic shabby chic or country charm look. It also comes in a wider width of 0.61cm.

Shand Kydd Wallpaper - Ballad Bouquet


By Lindholm – Inspired Collection

A large flower head design featuring a pretty peony flower trail design. Available in a range of vibrant and bright colours, guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest area.

By Lindholm Wallpaper - Inspired

Lindholm Wallpaper - Inspired Collection

By Lindholm Wallpaper - Inspired Blue


Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Dazzle

A refreshing trailing daisy design with glitter silver petals and brown stems against a pale lime background. This is a contemporary floral wallpaper that is suited to all areas of the home. Making it a versatiledesign is the fact that it is available in 5 modern colours. Below is the lime green colour but this contemporary design is also available in cream, black, blue and plum.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Dazzle

 Arthouse Wallpaper - Twilight Collection - Dazzle


Albany – Botanica Collection – Margarita

Margarita is a vibrant and bold wallpaper design featuring large trailing flowers in various bright colours. Shown below on a emerald green background but also available on a white or charcoal background. It’s a very uplifting design and is sure to create an atmosphere of joy.

Albany Wallpaper - Botanica Collection - Margarita

Margarita - White

Margarita - Charcoal


Albany – Albany Wow 2013 Collection – Primavera

Primavera is an Sanderson design exclusive to WallpaperDirect. It is based on an original 1926 document. Primavera places rhododendron leaves amongst stylised fruit and flower motifs against a rich gold lustre background in the distinctive Art Deco style

Albany Wallpaper - Albany Wow 2013 Collection - Primavera


Albany – English Classics 2013

This is a classic English design consisting of a tiny scale pink rose trail on a cool light background. Other colours are available in this pretty and delicate floral pattern.

Albany Wallpaper - English Classics


Albany –  Albany Wow 2013 Collection – Paradise

What an eye catching and vibrant wallpaper! A truly colourful and beautiful illustration of birds of paradise nestling amidst the branches of a tropical forest. Shown here in hot pastel colouring on midnight black but also available in backgrounds of blue, cream and red. It’s the stunning use of colour throughout this design that gives it a magical vibe.

Albany Wallpaper - albany Wow Collection - Paradise


Albany – Albany Collage 2013

A beautiful floral trail with exotic birds shown in multi-coloured blue, pink, purple and lime green on a off white textured background. Also available in blue.

Albany Wallpaper - Albany Collage


Vymura – Masquerade Collection – Filigree

This stunning design from Vymura definitely makes a statement without being too feminine. In fact it has a hint of gothic about it.
It’s a luxury textured wallpaper that features a beautiful large scale flower design inlaid with silver glitter and irridescent detail. The black, grey and silver make a stunning display but it’s the addition of glitter, gloss and suede that injects the glamour and style to this amazing wallcovering.

We have included a closeup shot to show the glitter effects although it still doesn’t do this gorgeous wallpaper justice. Vymura are one of our favourite papers as the price is so affordable with an amazing range available. Vymura is definitely not limited to floral designs only although they do have an amazing range of contemporary florals.

Vymura Wallpaper - Masquerade Collection - Filigree

Vymura Wallpaper Filigree closeup


As we said above, the various floral patterns we have shown are just a very small amount of the many many designs that are available. The colour choices are also very varied in each design. We try to show our clients what’s available om the market and how it can be used to great effect. Wallpaper is our business so we have a passion for it. We see it first hand being used in homes right across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We see how it has taken off as a very effective way to inject personal style and atmosphere into any room.

We love to blog about the many different designs from the traditional to the contemporary and how they are being used. If you like these beautiful flower inspired designs then you probably like nature inspired themes. Please also see our exquisite butterfly wallpaper page and our earthy nature inspired tree wallpaper page for more inspiring ideas from nature.

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