Cityscape Wallpaper Murals Give Instant City Appeal And Style

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

New York City MuralCityscape wallpaper is a wonderfully creative way to express a modern contemporary theme to your home. Black and white city wallpaper murals add the perfect backdrop to a neutral colour scheme of either black or white. Add an accent colour to the overall theme such as red, yellow, green or blue and the effect is stunning. This look definitely creates a very visual impact and is very chic and edgy.

Coloured city scenes are also very visually impactful and instantly inject a certain city mood that might not otherwise be so easily created.

Cityscape wallpaper murals are perfect for apartment living as most apartments are high enough to have views of the city skyline. A city scene will bring the outside directly inside giving that city vibe a jolt. You might also have an apartment that unfortunately doesn’t have a city skyline view so this is where the right mural will come in.

Below are some examples of different city scenes from all over the world.



Floral Wallpaper Is A Natural Choice

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Floral WallpaperFloral wallpaper has always been popular due to it’s calming feel that is taken directly from nature itself. Nature has a wonderful way of designing everything to perfection right down to the most amazing colours.

Using flowers in the overall design is never boring due to the endless amount of flowers that can be used. There is something for everybody from the more traditional floral designs such as English cottage gardens right through to the more colourful contemporary designs.

Traditionally pastels and soft muted tones were used in most floral wallpaper but today with the use of metallics you will find the more modern designs jumping off the paper in a riot of colour.

The below designs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to floral wallcoverings. Keep in mind that any wallpaper designs that you see below will be available in other colours.



Opus Muras – Bloomsbury Collection

Opus Muras are an English wallcoverings company that excel in luxury papers. Below we show just one of their amazing designs which is a magnificent floral trail design featuring large flower heads in black and gold against a bubblegum pink background. The gold metallics add a wonderful touch and help create an atmosphere of romance and style. Also available in a yellow and black background. This floral wallpaper is striking to say the least.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Bloomsbury Collection - Vanessa

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Bloomsbury Collection - Vanessa


Tree Wallpaper – Designed By Nature

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Nothing gives the feeling of peace and serenity quite like the natural beauty of trees. Tree wallpaper featuring forests, slender tree trunks and flowing leaves are perfect for bringing a sense of nature to your interior.
Nature inspired wallpapers are a clever way to bring a restful ambience to your home. Tree patterns are perfect for those who love the idea of a nature element but might think floral themed wallcoverings are too feminine.
In today’s modern world full of hard shiny surfaces and technology everywhere, it’s a pleasing element to incorporate a touch of nature into our interiors. Not only does it soften the area but tree wallpaper is also very contemporary in it’s styling.

If you prefer photo images of the real thing then you might like a forest mural featuring green trees with sun shining through the canopy.


 Birch Tree Wallpaper

Brewers – Bluff Collection – Woods

A digital print image of birch trees in natural green and beige colouring. Featuring slender trunks with gnarly nodules and green leaves.

Brewers Wallpaper - Bluff Collection - Woods design

Brewers Wallpaper - Bluff Collection - Woods


Andrew Martin Wallpaper – Realistic Images Of Timber, Steel and Other Great Stuff

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Andrew Martin wallpaper - Engineer Collection - Palmer Design - Iron (300 x 400)British designer, Andrew Martin has designed a range of wallpaper that is a breath of fresh air. The Engineer and Navigator Collections, are full of amazing urban, texture and art designs. Andrew Martin combines style and originality to truly create individual designs that are also very trompe l’oeil.

When seeing these designs for the first time it’s hard to tell if the wallpaper isn’t actually the real thing. It’s natural to want to inspect closer and actually touch it to make sure.

Andrew Martin has also designed for the likes of Madonna, The Queen of England, Tony Blair, and the Beckhams, in the 1980s Martin worked on James Bond film sets. His designs are inspirational and lots of fun.

Andrew Martin Wallpaper gives maximum effect without spending big bucks on real timber or steel. If you’re looking for something different, that is unique and will be a talking point then it’s well worth considering these collections.

The entire Andrew Martin wallpaper collection can be found at Wallpaper Direct



Concrete Wallpaper – Create An Instant Urban Industrial Feel

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a converted warehouse?

Warehouse living has become quite a phenomenon not just in Australia but around the world. Disused industrial spaces are looked upon as a way to get a property close to the city centres with lots of internal space. The other big feature is high ceilings that usually have appeal due to exposed beams.

What if you really wanted the industrial look but couldn’t afford the inner city warehouse property?

Well I’m here to tell you that with the use of wallpaper you can create any look. Loft style or warehouse style is so easy to achieve with concrete look wallpaper.

You might even have a business that would benefit from an industrial look inside your shop.

Not only would concrete wallpaper be a lot cheaper than actual concrete but it is also something that you can easily change down the track.

Below are two different concrete looks that come in standard size wallpaper rolls. They’re both available from Vision Wallcoverings  along with a few other designs.

concrete wallpaper

concrete wallpaper

Below is an example of 2 different concrete murals from Mr Perswall Wallpaper and a concrete look paper from Andrew Martin.  Andrew Martin also has other varieties of industrial look wallpaper and trompe l’oeil styles. Click here to see more of Andrew Martin

Mr Perswall – Communications Collection – Concrete Mural

This concrete mural comes in size 405cm wide and 265cm high.  It features a photo image of distress grey concrete with a lined design to give that edgy loft style living feel.

Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Communications Collection

Mr Perswall – Communications Collection – Concrete Mural

An authentic concrete look mural measuring 405cm wide and 265cm high. An industrial image for that edgy loft living style featuring a photo image of distress grey concrete.

Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Communications

 The Mr Perswall Communications Collection can be found at WallpaperDirect (more…)

Leopard Print Wallpaper – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

leopard-skin-wallpaperLeopard print wallpaper is just the thing to express your wild side. An African theme or jungle atmosphere is so easy to create with leopard skin wallpaper as the backdrop.

Imagine the jungle drums beating away in the distance on a hot balmy summer’s night with the gentle swish of palm leaves swaying in the breeze. Cool jungle beverages line the bar top and rattan ceiling fans circulate the fragrant night air. Ahh, yes, who can resist such an atmosphere.

Well you don’t have to travel to the wilds of Africa to experience that, you can create your very own little jungle getaway right in your own home. Leopard wallpaper makes a wonderful display and is perfect for showing off all those collected artifacts. If you don’t have artifacts, it’s always fun to go shopping for unique eclectic pieces to create your amazing safari scene.

Using animal print wallpaper can either create a fun look or a very sophisticated look. The choice is yours!


Kids Wallpaper – Create A Bedroom Wonderland For Your Child

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Trunkety WallpaperKids wallpaper is very popular simply because it is the easiest way to create a bedroom wonderland for your child. These days there are so many wonderful and colourful designs available that the biggest problem will be choosing which one.

Not all kids wallpaper has to be “babyish” which means there are many designs that can last for many years before your child outgrows it. The other great thing is that the designs we show here are affordable and can easily be removed if you’d like a change.

When it comes to decorating kids rooms the aim is to design a space where your child will feel comfortable and relaxed but also be immersed into their own little world of fantasy. Kids surroundings are very important and should invoke a sense of joy and happiness.

Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Not all paper ares bright and colourful, some are subtle and sweet whereas others might portray a favourite cartoon character. You will be amazed at the difference wallpaper will make to your child’s bedroom, nursery or even a special playroom.

When looking for kids wallpaper the sky’s the limit. Below we show just a few designs that are available but there are many more to choose from including all your kids cartoon favourites such as Peppa Pig, Ben 10, Thomas & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, Spongebob Squarepants and many more. Also available is Glee, Spiderman, Cars and Toy Story. Too many to mention but we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect paper to suit your child.


 Albany Wallpaper – Young At Heart Collection

Albany Wallpaper has a fabulous range of wallpapers for kids called the “Young At Heart Collection”.

The below paper features pretty patchwork owls in simple tree shapes making it the perfect nursery paper. Shown here in oranges and greens on off white but it’s also available in pinks and greens on off white.


Albany Wallpaper - Young At Heart - Twit Twoo


Bedroom Wallpaper – May All Your Dreams Come True

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Bedroom wallpaper is very popular for a few reasons. First the bedroom is a private sanctuary where you can experiment with different decorating styles without it impacting on the rest of the house too much. You can easily create a luxurious look with wallpaper or create something fun and flirty. The atmosphere can be seductive with the use of dark flocked wallcoverings or bright and energetic with the use of colour and patterns.

You probably wouldn’t think to use a mural in the bedroom but with what’s available in murals today, it could be jut the thing you’re looking for.

The point is you can have a bit of fun when selecting bedroom wallpaper. We see a lot of people dip their toe into decorating with wallpaper by first doing the bedroom. When they see the amazing results, it gives them the confidence to then do the living areas.

Wallpaper Gold Coast and wallpaper Brisbane professional installion of murals and wallcoverings are done by Wow Wallpaper Hanging. For a quote please ph: 0410 622 541

Graham and Brown – Art Decor Collection – Highbury


Graham and Brown wallpaper - Art Decor Collection - Highbury


The above wallpaper is a bold  geometric trellis design in black on beige and gold glitter detailing. It can’t be described as being to feminine yet it is elegant and has a hint of luxury about it with the incorporation of glitter outlines.
Unfortunately computer images just can’t capture the beautiful detailing of many of these papers. I’m including a closeup photo below to show you the beautiful gold glitter outline that highlights the whole design and can’t be appreciated unless standing in the room.


Graham and Brown Art Decor - Highbury Design closeup



Geometric Wallpaper Adds A Great Touch To A Bachelor Pad

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

We recently completed a wallpaper job for a rental apartment in Surfers Paradise. The wallpaper had to be fairly neutral in colour, nothing too busy and colourful. The wallpaper chosen was by Rasch and is part of their Vanity Fair Collection 2013.

The design is geometric and consists of oversized vertical wavy lines that also produce a diamond shape pattern aswell. It has a stunning effect especially since it incorporates metallics. The combination of black and silver work really well against the white backdrop, the silver being metallic.

This is an excellent bachelor pad wallpaper. It has an interesting eye catching design that is modern, edgy and sophisticated but definitely not too feminine. Sometimes when trying to go for a masculine feel, the walls are left looking a bit boring. Choosing the right design of wallpaper will solve this dilemma.

We think this unusual wallpaper gives a unique feel and works wonderfully with simple black, white and silver furnishings. A touch of red would also look great teamed up with this wallpaper.

Rasch Wallpaper – Vanity Fair Collection

Rasch Wallpaper - Vanity Fair Collection


Catalina Estrada Wallpaper – Exquisite and Whimsical

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

We absolutely love love love this wallpaper from Catalina Estrada. It’s available from Wallpaperdirect and comes under the Paper Moon label.

Catalina is a Columbian illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. Her designs are inspired by flora and fauna and have a whimsical quality about them.
With the use of colour and Latin American folklore illustrations these designs are fresh and modern.

These wallpaper designs will not fail to impress! If it’s a riot of colour that your special interior needs then consider these stunning papers.

Paper Moon – Catalina Estrada Collection – Pio
Have a look at this irresistible bohemian design. So refreshingly different with it’s detailed mosaic red backdrop and pretty blue and green bird motif.


Paper Moon Wallpaper - Catalina Estrada Collection - Pio