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Bedroom wallpaper is very popular for a few reasons. First the bedroom is a private sanctuary where you can experiment with different decorating styles without it impacting on the rest of the house too much. You can easily create a luxurious look with wallpaper or create something fun and flirty. The atmosphere can be seductive with the use of dark flocked wallcoverings or bright and energetic with the use of colour and patterns.

You probably wouldn’t think to use a mural in the bedroom but with what’s available in murals today, it could be jut the thing you’re looking for.

The point is you can have a bit of fun when selecting bedroom wallpaper. We see a lot of people dip their toe into decorating with wallpaper by first doing the bedroom. When they see the amazing results, it gives them the confidence to then do the living areas.

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Graham and Brown – Art Decor Collection – Highbury


Graham and Brown wallpaper - Art Decor Collection - Highbury


The above wallpaper is a bold  geometric trellis design in black on beige and gold glitter detailing. It can’t be described as being to feminine yet it is elegant and has a hint of luxury about it with the incorporation of glitter outlines.
Unfortunately computer images just can’t capture the beautiful detailing of many of these papers. I’m including a closeup photo below to show you the beautiful gold glitter outline that highlights the whole design and can’t be appreciated unless standing in the room.


Graham and Brown Art Decor - Highbury Design closeup


City Murals Add An Edgy Style – Perfect For Young Professionals Wanting Something Different


City Streets and Lights Wallpaper


Murals add that real life element to a room. It’s so easy to be transported to a tropical island, a rainforest, into outer space or in this case the middle of a bustling city. It’s fun and vibrant and the best part is there are so many cityscape wallpapers to choose from. There’s a couple of examples below.


Mr Perswall Murals - New York Skyline Mural


Komar Photo Murals _ Metroploitan



 Contemporary Tree Design – Albany Wallpaper – Albany Wow! 2013 Collection – Nordik Wood


Contemporary tree design wallpaper


A simple silver birch tree design with narrow tree trunks giving a stripe effect. This wallpaper has become quite popular and does look nice in a bedroom.
There are many more tree wallpaper designs suitable for bedrooms.

Albany Wallpaper - Nordik Wood Silver Grey and White On Stone


Nordik Wood in Silver, Grey and White On Stone


Albany Wallpaper -Nordik Wood Silver Grey and White On Charcoal Grey


Nordik Wood in Silver, Grey and White On Charcoal


Albany Wallpaper - Nordik Wood Grey Beige On Charcoal


Nordik Wood – Grey and Beige On Charcoal


Nature Murals In The Bedroom


Bamboo Wallpaper


Green is the colour of nature and is very soothing, calm and tranquil. Nothing looks as fresh as green and white. If you’d like to revamp your bedroom theme nothing could be easier than adding a feature wall of bamboo and keeping it simple with all white and the occasional splash of green with accessories. Adding a plant would also suit this theme. Below is another version of bamboo in the bedroom. Visit our forest wallpaper page to see a few more designs.


Bamboo Mural Background


Maybe bamboo isn’t your thing but you like the sound of a nature themed mural. Water also has a calming effect such as the mural below.

 Murals – Komar Vol 14 Collection – Pure

Grey Pebbles In A Stream Mural


Wallpaper Stripes – Arthouse Wallpaper – Rosanna Collection – Carina Stripe

The below wallpaper is a multi width geometric stripe which is perfect for a feature wall. It’s shown in lime green, grey and silver with cream blown vinyl with a loose weave texture.
Striped wallpaper is a great addition to any bedroom. The great thing about stripes is they can be calm and soothing or bright and busy, depending on the look you’re going for.


Albany Wallpaper - Nordik Wood Grey Beige On Charcoal


Arthouse Wallpaper - Rosanna Collection - Carina Stripes


Damask Wallpaper In Bedrooms

Damask wallpaper is always classy and sophisticated which makes is the perfect addition to any bedroom. Flocked damask wallpaper will give a rich feel to your bedroom as seen below.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Wallpaper – Kinky Vintage

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Wallpaper Kinky Vintage

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