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Black and White Striped Wallpaper Used By Bec and George – The Block Sky High

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Black and white striped wallpaper clinched the deal for Bec and George making them this weeks winners of the room reveals.

That’s a bold statement to make but it’s the sophisticated and bold striped wallpaper that gave this winning room the edge. We love the black and white colour scheme with just a hint of red. The room has an uncluttered spacious feel which is due to the clean lines of the vertical wallpaper and simple accessories.

Bec and George’s clever use of vertical stripes  gives the illusion of height but it was their decision to use the wallpaper on the wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom that we think was genius. Most people would opt to use it behind the bed but the paper now becomes the focal point and defines the two areas.

Bec and George also used forest wallpaper in their main bedroom of the ground floor apartment.  Go here more striped wallpaper ideas.

Bec and George – The Block Sky High 2013

black and white stiped wallpaper - The Block Sky High

Bec and George's room, The Block Sky High - black and White Striped Wallpaper

Black and White Striped Wallpaper - Bec and George The Block Sky High


Black And White Striped Wallpaper We Have Installed In Brisbane

Below are two wallpaper installation jobs where we have used black and white striped wallpaper. It gives you an idea of how different the same wallpaper can look in different themes. we think it looks equally at home in both scenarios.

The below wallpaper was installed in a bedroom where the owner had designed the room herself. The room belongs to a young architect student with a passion for interior design. The icing on the cake was the black and white striped wallpaper. The end result was a mixture of classic and modern elements that created a very glamorous feel.

Black and White Wallpaper installation - Brookfield

The following wallpaper was used to give this room a very contemporary feel. Combined with just the right amount of red, the results were fresh and modern.

Wallpaper Brisbane - Black and White Stripes


Below are three different brands that all carry stunning black and white striped wallpaper. The thickness of the stripes can vary from quite narrow to very thick.

Opus Muras – Bloomsbury Collection – Henley Stripe

A stunning and sophisticated wallpaper in a two tone striped design in a bold shimmering black and matt white stripe.
Opus Muras have a reputation for quality papers that are synonymous with luxury, glamour, sophistication, elegance and opulent design.

Click Here To Buy Henley Stripe

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Bloomsbury Collection - Henly Stripe


Black And White Wallpaper Creates A Smart Contemporary Look

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Black and white wallpaper is a good choice for a contemporary look in today’s modern homes.

If there is one colour scheme that never seems to date, it is the union of black and white. Always sleek and sophisticated, it’s a combination you can count on.

This colour scheme always looks fresh and modern but lends itself well to adding a splash of accent colour here and there.  We love this look with an unexpected splash of hot pink, red or turquoise.

These two contrasting colours certainly make a bold statement on their own but if you get tired of it, it’s a simple as adding new accent colours and you have a whole new look.

Today’s modern papers are enjoying a revival like never before and that’s because the choice of colours and range of designs are so numerous that decorating really becomes fun. With wallpaper we are spoilt for choice especially when it comes to black and white.

Black and white wallpaper is available in all designs. We particularly love the black and white damask designs and the very edgy black and white stripes.

We’ve been wallpapering on the Gold Coast and Brisbane for many years now and have noticed how people are using wallcoverings to decorate apartments. Apartment living on the Gold Coast and Brisbane is enjoying a makeover and that’s where wallcoverings comes in. Unlike houses where part of the decorating theme can be integrating the outdoors, apartments have to rely on eye catching inside elements. What better way to make an impact than to use wallpaper.


  Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Couture Stripe

Nothing is more contemporary right now than thick striped wallpaper. This design from Opus Muras is very smart and definitely commands attention. It has 13cm wide stripes alternating from a smooth white stripe to a broad black velvet flock. Absolutely stunning!

Opus Muras Wallpaper Couture


Dave Hughes Bedroom Makeover Using Wallpaper

Monday, March 11th, 2013

This is a great example of how wallpaper can quickly transform a room. Dave Hughes had his bedroom completely wallpapered in black and white wallpaper on all four walls of his bedroom.

This was a massive prank orchestrated by his radio co-host Kate Langbroek to turn his bedroom into a Collingwood Magpies theme complete with black and white walls, bed spread and pillows. It totally caught him off guard!

We wanted to show you this because we actually love the finished black and white walls. The room looks so much better after the transformation and of course with the new black and white theme it would be so easy to add beautiful black or white furniture and maybe a chandelier for a really sophisticated glamorous look. All thanks to wallpaper 😎

Geometric Wallpaper Adds A Great Touch To A Bachelor Pad

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

We recently completed a wallpaper job for a rental apartment in Surfers Paradise. The wallpaper had to be fairly neutral in colour, nothing too busy and colourful. The wallpaper chosen was by Rasch and is part of their Vanity Fair Collection 2013.

The design is geometric and consists of oversized vertical wavy lines that also produce a diamond shape pattern aswell. It has a stunning effect especially since it incorporates metallics. The combination of black and silver work really well against the white backdrop, the silver being metallic.

This is an excellent bachelor pad wallpaper. It has an interesting eye catching design that is modern, edgy and sophisticated but definitely not too feminine. Sometimes when trying to go for a masculine feel, the walls are left looking a bit boring. Choosing the right design of wallpaper will solve this dilemma.

We think this unusual wallpaper gives a unique feel and works wonderfully with simple black, white and silver furnishings. A touch of red would also look great teamed up with this wallpaper.

Rasch Wallpaper – Vanity Fair Collection

Rasch Wallpaper - Vanity Fair Collection