Forest Wallpaper Used By Bec and George – The Block Sky High

Forest wallpaper mural used by Bec and GeorgeForest wallpaper was a natural choice by Bec and George to create the “wow factor” they needed to make their room stand out from the rest. Add the amazing floating bed in front of that magnificent forest scene and the effect is outstanding. You almost feel as if you are floating through the cool denseness of the forest.

Having a massive steel beam in their bedroom made way for some innovative thinking. Using the beam to their advantage Bec and George built it into their design by sheeting it into an alcove and highlighting this area with the forest wallpaper mural. The result is stunning!

Using elements of nature in our interiors creates a pleasing aesthetic that is both soothing and calm. There really is nothing better than to see a large wall mural depicting a landscaping scene such as a forest or a beach.

Real life scenes immediately create a sense of joy and happiness as you are reminded of the wonderful images of nature. To bring those images to the indoors is a way of softening an area and making it inviting and warm.

Forest wallpaper instantly welcomes you and draws you in. It’s an irresistable feeling to be transfixed upon the scene and momentarily transported to the very depths of the forest. You can almost smell the pungent earthy decay of leaves, hear the trilling of the forest birds and feel the coolness of the forest shadows wash over you.

That’s the sort of feeling you expect a nature inspired wallpaper to deliver and it does.


Bec and George – The Block Sky High

Forest wallpaper mural - Bec and George The Block Sky High

Forest Wallpaper used by Bec and George The Block

Bec and George The Block Sky High - Forest WallpaperImages:


Below we show a few different wallpaper murals that feature forest scenes. They are all amazing even the mural that is a photo image of a leaf. Any of the below forest papers would look great in a bedroom but equally as great featured in a living area.


Mr Perswall – Photo Art Collection – Your Own Backyard

This is a gorgeous fresh green forest scene that is closet to what Bec and George used on The Block Sky High. It really has a beautiful calm and peaceful vibe about it.
Available in 3 different mural sizes:

  • 450cm wide and 265cm high
  • 360cm wide and 265cm high
  • 270cm wide and 265cm high

Mr Perswall - Photo Art - Your Own BackyardAvailable From WallpaperDirect

Mr Perswall - Your Own Backyard Mural


Mr Perswall – Destination Collection – Rainforest

A stunning colour photo mural looking up through a beautiful green forest with glimpses of light shining through.
Total mural size 360cm wide and 265 cm high

Mr Perswall - Destinations - RainforestAvailable From WallpaperDirect

Mr Perswall - Destinations - Rainforest Mural


Mr Perswall – UrbanNature Collection – Evergreen Highway

This is an absolutely stunning enlarged photo of a single green leaf featuring clear visible details of the leaf veins. Very effective and would deliver dramatic impact.

Available in 2 different mural sizes:

  • 180cm wide and 265cm high
  • 360cm wide and 265cm high

Mr Perswall - Urban nature - Evergreen highway MuralAvailable From WallpaperDirect

Mr Perswall - Urban Nature - Evergreen Highway


As wallpaper installation professionals on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, our priority is always our clients which is why we keep up with the latest trends, techniques and papers available.
Please see other wall mural installations we’ve done to give you some ideas.

We really do love wallcoverings and hope to convey that through writing our articles on installation and designs. We aim to give you ideas and inspiration. We hope you have enjoyed the great examples we have found for forest wallpaper murals. If you love natural designs then you might like our nature inspired tree wallpaper or the fresh and lively floral wallpaper.

We are wallcovering experts throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane so if you have sourced your wallpaper and would like a quote for the installation please don’t hesitate to call us on 0410 622 541 or just send us an email.

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