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Geometric Wallpaper Adds A Great Touch To A Bachelor Pad

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

We recently completed a wallpaper job for a rental apartment in Surfers Paradise. The wallpaper had to be fairly neutral in colour, nothing too busy and colourful. The wallpaper chosen was by Rasch and is part of their Vanity Fair Collection 2013.

The design is geometric and consists of oversized vertical wavy lines that also produce a diamond shape pattern aswell. It has a stunning effect especially since it incorporates metallics. The combination of black and silver work really well against the white backdrop, the silver being metallic.

This is an excellent bachelor pad wallpaper. It has an interesting eye catching design that is modern, edgy and sophisticated but definitely not too feminine. Sometimes when trying to go for a masculine feel, the walls are left looking a bit boring. Choosing the right design of wallpaper will solve this dilemma.

We think this unusual wallpaper gives a unique feel and works wonderfully with simple black, white and silver furnishings. A touch of red would also look great teamed up with this wallpaper.

Rasch Wallpaper – Vanity Fair Collection

Rasch Wallpaper - Vanity Fair Collection


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