Wallpaper Designs Today Are Irresistible

Wallpaper designs today can only be described as exciting, contemporary, cutting edge and stylish.

There is no easier way to inject your own unique style into your home than with the hot new wallpaper designs available today. Leading designers all around the world have lent their talents to creating some of the hottest looks around.

Today’s modern papers are fresh and alive with a range of new designs and styles that certainly weren’t present last time wallpaper was big. The 90’s saw the advent of the feature wall in strong bold colours but in 2013 and beyond it’s all about the glamour, extravagance and style made simple by beautiful wallcoverings. Today’s designs incorporate metallics and beautiful raised textures. For something really special there is even wallpaper that has swarovski crystals as part of the overall design.

The minimalistic looks of the 90’s has also gone to make way for warm inviting spaces that catch the eye and keep you wanting more.

Manufacturers have produced a range of exquisite wallpapers that are easier to put up and also easier to remove if you ever feel like a change of style.

Let’s Talk Wallpaper Designs

Traditional damask wallpaper that looks anything but dated is huge in interior decorating. Damask can include large or small motifs in all sorts of colours. Damask is just the design you need when looking to inject some glamour.

Albany Wallpaper Cassandra

Albany – Albany Designs For Living Collection – Cassandra

Albany Wallpaper Clara

Albany – Albany Venice Collection – Clara

Flock or flocked wallpaper as it is sometimes known as has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the last few years and provides a velvety, textured finished. This type of wallpaper has been around for centuries and as with many things come in and out of fashion but today’s flock papers are stunning and are synonymous with luxury living and elegance.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Twilight Collection Nightfall Pink

Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Nightfall Pink

Metallic wallpaper with lots of silver, black and gold is in. Striped wallcoverings in thick stripes is creating a very modern edgy look and perfect for those who want to keep things slick.

Clarke and Clarke Wallpaper - Couture Collection

Clarke and Clarke – Couture Collection – Bravo

Floral wallpaper is amazing these days with patterns and colours that will liven up any space. Let’s face it there is always a particular space in any home that could do with a splash of floral. The right floral wallpaper design really can do amazing things. Whatever you do, don’t think 70’s floral. Today’s florals are very contemporary and funky.

Arthouse Wallpaper Opera Collection

Arthouse – Portia Collection – Samba


Don’t think just feature walls either. Wallpaper the whole room but choose a patterned design and accent the remaining walls using a colour in the featured wall colour but perhaps in a textured paper.

Alcoves and bulk heads can be highlighted beautifully by wallpaper.

Even small rooms such as bathrooms and toilets are being transformed by amazing  vinyl wallcoverings that are suited to those areas.

Geometric wallpaper is the quickest way to give a chic city like urban feel to your home or apartment. Retro wallpaper is also a great way to jazz up your home and give it a young vibrant look.

While neutral colours have been the in thing for a while it’s black and white that are making a statement right now.

Superfresco Wallpaper Cubix

Superfresco – Cubix


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to wallpaper so the hardest part will be choosing which design you want.

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