Concrete Wallpaper – Create An Instant Urban Industrial Feel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a converted warehouse?

Warehouse living has become quite a phenomenon not just in Australia but around the world. Disused industrial spaces are looked upon as a way to get a property close to the city centres with lots of internal space. The other big feature is high ceilings that usually have appeal due to exposed beams.

What if you really wanted the industrial look but couldn’t afford the inner city warehouse property?

Well I’m here to tell you that with the use of wallpaper you can create any look. Loft style or warehouse style is so easy to achieve with concrete look wallpaper.

You might even have a business that would benefit from an industrial look inside your shop.

Not only would concrete wallpaper be a lot cheaper than actual concrete but it is also something that you can easily change down the track.

Below are two different concrete looks that come in standard size wallpaper rolls. They’re both available from Vision Wallcoverings  along with a few other designs.

concrete wallpaper

concrete wallpaper

Below is an example of 2 different concrete murals from Mr Perswall Wallpaper and a concrete look paper from Andrew Martin.  Andrew Martin also has other varieties of industrial look wallpaper and trompe l’oeil styles. Click here to see more of Andrew Martin

Mr Perswall – Communications Collection – Concrete Mural

This concrete mural comes in size 405cm wide and 265cm high.  It features a photo image of distress grey concrete with a lined design to give that edgy loft style living feel.

Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Communications Collection

Mr Perswall – Communications Collection – Concrete Mural

An authentic concrete look mural measuring 405cm wide and 265cm high. An industrial image for that edgy loft living style featuring a photo image of distress grey concrete.

Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Communications

 The Mr Perswall Communications Collection can be found at WallpaperDirect

Mr Perswall – Expressions Collection – Dusty Patina

Another realistic wall mural from Mr Perswall, part of the Expressions Collection. It depicts a rough concrete wall effect shown in shades of grey, perfect for that grungy urban look!
Total mural size – 360cm wide x 265cm high.

Mr Perswall - Expressions Collection - Dusty Patina


Andrew Martin – Engineer Collection – Atlantis

This is a wallpaper not a mural and has a cement look block brick like effect. It is perfect for achieving an industrial look or factory style urban background. It comes in a wider than normal wallpaper width of 0.68m and comes in a 10.05m length roll. Shown below in the cement finish. Also available in stone and sand.

Andrew Martin Wallpaper - Engineer collection Atlantis

The Mr Perswall Expressions Collection can be found at WallpaperDirect


Concrete Wallpaper – Instant Industrial Style By Tom Huga

Tom Huga is a Norwegian photographer that uses real life imagery by photographing raw concrete walls, block walls and even graffiti right across Norway. These images are then transformed into unique and realistic vinyl wallpapers.

Sacndinavian design is always modern and cutting edge which is very much reflected in Tom’s original concrete wallpapers.

They are so real that anyone entering a room that has this wallpaper will instantly be fooled. Only upon actually touching it will people realise the deception on the eye.

These papers are not too cheap plus the website deals in euros. That’s why we recommend the above wallpapers by Mr Perswall that can easily be purchased online from Wallpaper Direct in the UK who happily deliver to Australia.

Below are some images from Tom Huga’s website Concrete Wall. We hope these will give you some inspiration.

Concrete wallpaper - Concrete Wall

concrete wallpaper - Tom Huga

ConcreteWall Wallpaper Used In An Office

ConcreteWall Wallpaper Used In Dining

ConcreteWall Wallpaper Used In Retail Shop

We have hung wall murals for clients all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast ranging from faux styles such as the concrete look above right through to customised commercial designs. It’s never been so easy to create atmosphere with the use of wall murals and wallpaper. Please contact us here for a free quote to hang your wall mural.

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