Catalina Estrada Wallpaper – Exquisite and Whimsical

We absolutely love love love this wallpaper from Catalina Estrada. It’s available from Wallpaperdirect and comes under the Paper Moon label.

Catalina is a Columbian illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. Her designs are inspired by flora and fauna and have a whimsical quality about them.
With the use of colour and Latin American folklore illustrations these designs are fresh and modern.

These wallpaper designs will not fail to impress! If it’s a riot of colour that your special interior needs then consider these stunning papers.

Paper Moon – Catalina Estrada Collection – Pio
Have a look at this irresistible bohemian design. So refreshingly different with it’s detailed mosaic red backdrop and pretty blue and green bird motif.


Paper Moon Wallpaper - Catalina Estrada Collection - Pio



Paper Moon – Catalina Estrada Collection – Tiger Mural

This design comes as a mural in 2.7m x 3.255m. It has a mystical Indian quality to it featuring a stunning image of a tiger in the midst of a colourful tropical garden. Exquisite!


Catalina Estrada Tiger Mural




Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Tiger Mural



Paper Moon – Catalina Estrada Collection – Owls Mural

This design comes as a mural in 2.7m x 3.72m. A richly detailed owl design set amongst a magical green woodland scene.


Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Owls Mural

Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Owl Mural



Paper Moon – Catalina Estrada Collection – Life Tree Mural

Another gorgeous mural in 2.7m x 3.255m. This  is such an original cosmic like design on a dazzling blue background featuring stars and motifs. The tree itself is a magnificent symmetrical design, intricately made up of flowers, birds and hearts. Just a really pretty magical design!


Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Life Tree Mural

Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Life Tree



Paper Moon – Catalina Estrada Collection – Garden Princess

Every little girls fantasy! This amazing design captures the imagination and transports you to a fantasy land filled with light, happiness and the magic of nature. We think this is the perfect backdrop for a girl’s room. It’s more sophisticated than most designs but still child like enough with it’s bright colours and happy scene. This design comes in a mural size of 2.7m high x 3.255m wide.


Catalina Estrada - Garden princess

Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Garden Princess



Paper Moon – Catalina Estrada Collection – Cosne

A beautiful design of swans in a psychedelic detailed flower and curls design, in soft sugar sweet colours of pink and lime.

Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Cosne Design

Catalina Estrada Wallpaper - Cosne


There are so many beautiful wallpaper designs all around the world that unfortunately we never get to see here in Australia. Wow Wallpaper Hanging aim to showcase as many of these beautiful wallpapers as we can. Catalina Estrada’s talented designs were showcased at Frankfurt’s Heimtextil international trade fair. Heimtextil is one of the largest trade fairs in Europe displaying home and textile products for retail, interior decoration, design and manufacturing.

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