World Map Wallpaper Mural – A Real Talking Point

World map wallpaper is very popular as it can be used in children’s rooms, offices, studies, hallways and even in meals areas. It’s eye catching, a talking point and educational all at the same time.

I’m always drawn to the map of the world whenever I’m in a travel agency. It’s so fascinating that I often think I’d like to have a large scale world map on one of my walls. Viewing a world map is the type of thing that you can get lost in. It gets your imagination working by inspiring worldly travels and far off adventures.

There are many different designs to choose from, everything ranging from the more sophisticated atlas style to designs suited more to children and even antique style globe maps. Hanging a world map mural or wallpaper creates fascination.

World Map Mural

This full world map mural is perfect for any room suiting the budding geographers and travelers alike. Sold in 4 panels. Total mural size 270 x 188cm (8’10” x 6’2″) Available from AllPosters

Murals Murals - World Map



Mr Perswall – Hide and Seek Collection – The Whole Wide World

This is a fun and interactive kids world map mural featuring funky patterns and colours. Kids love the fact that they can attach postcards to the map of places they have visited or postcards they have received. They can also attach clippings of interest to places around the world and places they would like to travel to.
It’s available in two different background colours, white and beige. Total mural size 270 cm wide and 265 cm high. This mural can be purchased from WallpaperDirect

Mr Perswall - Hide and Seek Collection - Whole Wide World

Mr Perswall Nural - Hide and Seek Collection - Whole Wide World Beige

The two murals below from Mr Perswalls destination Collection are available here to buy

Mr Perswall – Destinations Collection – World Map

This world map mural would suit those who want a map with sophistication that is neutral in colour. It comes in a sepia colour and is quite large at 405cm wide and 265cm high.

Mr Perswall - Destinations Colelction - World Map


Mr Perswall – Destinations Collection – World Map Mural

A photo mural of a large scale archive style map of the world with the two hemispheres shown separately surrounded by images of the heavens. Total mural size 315 cm wide and 265cm high.

Mr Perswall - World Map Mural

Mr Perswall Murals - World Map Mural


Walltastic Murals – Map Of The World

A fun, easy to read Map of the World mural. The Walltastic Map of the World Wallpaper Mural comes complete with tags for you to fill in the countries on your journey around the world, you can fill in the flag names too!  Total size – 3.05 metres x 2.44 metres. This fun Walltastic mural is available from WallpaperDirect

Walltastic Murals - Map Of The World


Walltastic Murals - World Map


Examples Of World Map Wallpaper

World Map Mural used in a child's bedroom



World map wallpaper used in kid's bedroom


World Map Wallpaper in living room


World Map Mural in bathroom


World Map Mural in attic room


Wow Wallpaper Hanging – Professional Wallpaper Installers

We specialise in hanging wallpaper in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for private clients, building contractors and interior designers.There is so much choice when it comes to wallpaper which makes decorating today easy. Just choose a theme or particular look whether that be contemporary, vintage, fun, classy, glamorous or sophisticated and you can be sure that there is a wallpaper that will compliment it perfectly.

We love that wallpaper can create a theme quite easily as the above world map wallpaper does. There are also other wallpapers that are just as good at creating themes such as bookshelf wallpaper, brick wallpaper and faux wood wallpaper. For more wallpaper ideas see where we talk about decorating with wallpaper and examples of other wall mural installations we have done.

Below is an example of a world map mural that was recently installed in an office on the Gold Coast.

World Map mural installed on Gold Coast

Here’s one that we installed in a boy’s bedroom. It makes a great background for his bed! Most people would put this sort of mural on a large plain wall with nothing in front of it but using it as a feature behind the bed looks really smart.

wallpaper mural Monterey Keys - Gold Coast

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