Damask Wallpaper – Traditional Elegance For Today’s Modern Homes

Damask DesignDamask wallpaper is inspired by traditional design and original damask patterns. Damask fabric was first woven in Spain, Italy, and France. The patterns are taken from original centuries old fabrics then applied to the wallpaper, offering that really traditional, classic, and elegant damask wallpaper.

Damask wallpaper was once only considered for a very formal room, but now it can be used for anything from the most formal dining area to the most casual living area. While traditional damask patterns are still the most popular, modern versions of classic damask designs have sprung into the manufacturing and design of damask papers.

Once considered a luxury as it was a product that consisted of additional materials such as velvet. It was rich and opulent. Today however it has a popularity  among decorators for it’s variety in design and modern feel. Black and white damask wallcoverings are one of the most popular colour combinations available, but beautiful prints in magenta, lavender, pale yellow and even brown are gaining popularity.

Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Nightfall

Nightfall is a stunning soft touch flock damask on a metallic effect background with fine horizontal lines creating a vertical shadow stripe.

Arthouse wallpaper is one of our all time favourites for their contemporary designs and excellent quality. Their Nightfall damask design is stylish and has a modern twist on the traditional damask design creating an overall sophisticated look.

We understand how difficult it is to appreciate how stunning these papers are just by looking at a picture. That’s why we have included a few closeup images to show the flock design and texture that this beautiful damask has.


Arthouse Wallpaper - Twilight Collection - Nightfall Black

Arthouse wallpaper Twilight Collection - Nightfall Black closeup

 Closeup shot showing raised vertical flock


Arthouse Wallpaper - Twilight Collection Nightfall Pink


Arthouse wallpaper Twilight Collection - Nightfall Pink closeup

 Closeup shot showing raised vertical flock


Arthouse Wallpaper - Twilight Collection - Nightfall - Teal


Arthouse Wallpaper Twilight Collection - Nightfall Teal closeup

 Closeup shot showing raised vertical flock


Prestigious Textiles – Maison Collection – Loriana

A beautiful vintage style damask wallpaper. Featuring an all over damask motif in various soft muted colours. Available in Chalk (chalk and beige), Chartreuse (beige, sand and grey), Dove (black, grey, white and taupe), Porcelain (blue, cream, taupe and beige) and Vintage (red, blue, taupe and cream). This “Loriana” design is stunning and is so versatile due to the many colours available.

Prestigious Textiles -Loriana Chalk

Prestigious Textiles - Loriana Dove

Prestigious Textiles - Loriana Chartreuse

Prestigious Textiles - Loriana Porcelain

Prestigious Textiles - Loriana Vintage


Albany – Albany Designs For Living Collection – Cassandra

Albany is Wallpaper Direct’s own brand and is value for money. Featuring the latest designs  for today’s modern interiors, Albany offers quality and affordability so you don’t have to put off decorating a minute longer. At around $28 per roll Cassandra is an elegant damask design that is affordable.

Cassandra is a stunning damask on textured vinyl making it hard wearing and stylish. Each damask is brought to life by featuring gold glitter highlights which is impossible to see on a picture.
The Cassandra design is available in six different colours as shown below.


Albany Wallpaper - Cassandra Design Plum


Albany Wallpaper - Cassandra


 Albany – Naturale Damask

This beautiful Naturale Damask is a touch of elegance with it’s shimmery metallic inks on a distressed waved texture. This wallpaper would be perfect for that traditional feel of luxury. Available in red and gold, cream and gold, black and spice orange and cream and silver.

Albany Wallpaper - Naturale Damask - Red and Gold

Albany Wallpaper - Naturale Damask - Cream and Gold

Albany Wallpaper - Naturale Damask - Black and Spice Orange

Albany Wallpaper - Naturale Damask - Cream and Silver


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – Kinky Vintage

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is an iconic UK TV interior designer who also designs stunning wallpaper for Graham and Brown.

This elegant design is called “Kinky Vintage” and was exclusively designed by Laurence for those who love glamour, tradition, opulence, flamboyance, luxury and elegance. It features a repeating damask pattern in plush flock on a solid background. Although traditional in design it is very modern in feel and delivers a sophisticated look. Kinky Vintage is available in 3 colours, black, burgundy and red.

Below Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen talks about wallpaper today and why it has become so popular.


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Wallpaper Kinky Vintage


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Wallpaper Kinky Vintage Red


Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Wallpaper - Kinky Vintage Used In bedroom

 Above is an example of “Kinky Vintage” being used as a backdrop to this very rich and opulent looking bedroom.


Dulux – Feature Collection –  Antoinette

Antoinette is a modern and lively stylized damask design with metallic highlights and a fine pinstripe textured background. It’s impossible to show in the images but the glimmer of metallic gives it an opulent feel. For interiors that are after something with a bit of pizzazz then Antoinette would be ideal with three vibrant colours available, pink and silver on black, cream and gilver on peacock blue and saffron and silver on dark brown.

Dulux Wallpaper - Antoinette Fuschia

Dulux Wallpaper - Antoinette Design In Fuschia


Dulux Wallpaper - Antoinette Saffron


Dulux Wallpaper - Antoinette Peacock

If you require any information regarding wallcoverings or would like to get a quote for wallpaper installation on the Gold Coast or Brisbane please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact Page or phone us on 0410 622 541.

Below are some photos of damask wallpaper that we have hung on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Damask Gold Coast Nail Salon - Wallpaper Installation

Damask Wallpaper Gold Coast - Cosmetic SalonDamask Wallpaper Hanging Paradise Point Gold Coast

Damask Gold Coast Wallpaper Hanging - Nail & Massage Salon

Damask Wallpaper Gold Coast Walk In Robe

 Damask Wallpaper Capalaba

Damask Wallpaper Brisbane Installation

Damask Wallpaper Installation Gold Coast

Damask Wallpaper Gold Coast

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