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Wood Wallpaper – Sophie and Dale’s Scrapwood Wallpaper From “The Block” 2012

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Wood wallpaper is just the thing  to create an interior that is inviting and rustic.

Decorating with natural materials is on top of everyone’s list especially when it comes to using wood or timber. These days the cost of real timber has escalated but not if you use wallpaper.

You can create any natural timber look you like with wood panel wallpaper at a fraction of the cost but with all the natural ambience.

You might remember the scrapwood wallpaper that Sophie and Dale used from “The Block” 2012. They were decorating an office and wanted a unique look which was easily achieved with rustic looking scrapwood wallpaper. This particular paper had an aged look about it featuring old planks with paint that has begun to rub off revealing timber underneath.

It’s a great wallcovering and is so realistic that most people have to actually touch it to realise that it’s not the real thing. We loved it and went about finding other designs.

Dale and Sophie’s Scrapwood Wallpaper

Sophie and Dale's Scrapwood Wallpaper



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