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Art Deco Wallpaper – Inspired By 1920’s Glamour And “The Great Gatsby”

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Art Deco wallpaper - The Great GatsbyArt deco wallpaper has become popular of late due to the release of the film “The Great Gatsby”.

Art deco style originated in Paris around 1925 after a successful exhibition called “Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes“. It was post World War 1, a time when people wanted to forget war time austerity and move into a new modern era of prosperity, glamour, fashion and parties.

Art Deco is a unique style that is recognised by it’s geometric designs and metallic colours. Materials such as stainless steel, mirrors, chrome and glass were used to produce a sleek and glamorous industrial style look.

The roaring 20’s was no doubt a time of glamour and excitement. Hollywood was the 1920’s playground of the rich and famous as recreated by Baz Luhrmann’s latest “Great Gatsby” film. The architecture and decor of that time personified opulence. There was no room for clutter or fuss. It was all about streamlined finishes, clean lines, mirrored furniture, crystal lighting and silky fabrics.

Just a few well placed pieces can create this look but it’s the use of art deco wallpaper that will recreate the “art deco” period look the best.

We discovered that the set designer behind the film “The Great Gatsby” has released her own collection of beautiful Art Deco inspired wallpapers.

The talented set designer behind the film is designing Jazz-Age 1920’s inspired fabrics & wallpaper for Mokum called Metropolis.  The line includes Art Deco motifs with metallic inks and foiled wallpapers, graphic velvet fabric and geometric trims.

Catherine Martin Collection For Mokum

Below are some other great art deco wallcoverings to inspire you.

Tapet-Cafe Wallpaper – Deco fan

Deco Fan features a sophisticated geometric fan motif that is pure Art Deco style, designed using geometrical patterns that were typical from the Art Deco movement. The overall fan design is softened by using ink on watercolour paper and using soft grey and white.

This wallcovering is designed by Helene Blanche and is the latest design in The Private Collection from Danish company, Tapet-Cafe.

Deco Fan was chosen by Elle Decoration Norway, Norway’s leading interior design magazine as the best wallpaper design for 2013. A true statement from the Art Deco era.

Tapet Cafe Wallpaper - Deco-Fan

Tapet-Cafe Wallpaper - Deco Fan Design

 Tapet Cafe deco Fan design



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