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Pink Wallpaper – Always Pretty In Pink

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Pink wallpaper can be soft and soothing or vibrant and bright. One thing for sure pink is a colour that will make you smile.

Pink is a colour that invokes a warm romantic feel or a fashionable glamorous vibe. It all depends on the shade of pink and the design.
Pink is very feminine but can also be very bold and daring, so there really is a pretty in pink style that will suit everyone.

For a sophisticated look try a daring fuchsia set against a black background or a luxurious pink damask wallpaper. For a girl’s bedroom a candy pink, deep blush or powder puff pink would all give a girly look. Many boutiques and cosmetic salons use pink pattern wallpaper to create a feminine and inviting atmosphere for their business. Pale pink is soft and subtle for a calming effect in a babies room.

There is such a wide variety of pink wallcoverings for walls, everything from bold designs with strong pinks, glamorous damasks in either traditional or contemporary designs, happy and bright stripes and soft pale pink children’s designs.

We show a variety of different pink papers below to get your creative juices flowing.

All of the below wallpapers are available from WallpaperDirect – Click Here. Just remember to add the pattern names in the WallpaperDirect search bar when you get there.

Hot Pink Wallpaper

Arthouse – Bella Collection – Glitz Pink

A very eye catching blown vinyl with a vertical wavy line stripe effect. This wallpaper features a textured background and silver glitter on a hot pink background.

Arthouse Wallpaper - glitz pink


Wow Wallpaper Hanging