Black And White Wallpaper Creates A Smart Contemporary Look

Black and white wallpaper is a good choice for a contemporary look in today’s modern homes.

If there is one colour scheme that never seems to date, it is the union of black and white. Always sleek and sophisticated, it’s a combination you can count on.

This colour scheme always looks fresh and modern but lends itself well to adding a splash of accent colour here and there.  We love this look with an unexpected splash of hot pink, red or turquoise.

These two contrasting colours certainly make a bold statement on their own but if you get tired of it, it’s a simple as adding new accent colours and you have a whole new look.

Today’s modern papers are enjoying a revival like never before and that’s because the choice of colours and range of designs are so numerous that decorating really becomes fun. With wallpaper we are spoilt for choice especially when it comes to black and white.

Black and white wallpaper is available in all designs. We particularly love the black and white damask designs and the very edgy black and white stripes.

We’ve been wallpapering on the Gold Coast and Brisbane for many years now and have noticed how people are using wallcoverings to decorate apartments. Apartment living on the Gold Coast and Brisbane is enjoying a makeover and that’s where wallcoverings comes in. Unlike houses where part of the decorating theme can be integrating the outdoors, apartments have to rely on eye catching inside elements. What better way to make an impact than to use wallpaper.


  Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Couture Stripe

Nothing is more contemporary right now than thick striped wallpaper. This design from Opus Muras is very smart and definitely commands attention. It has 13cm wide stripes alternating from a smooth white stripe to a broad black velvet flock. Absolutely stunning!

Opus Muras Wallpaper Couture


Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Lillie

This stylish litle number is perfect for the fashion or beauty styled business.

This design features an array of richly detailed high heeled black and silver shoes all with a black glittery velvet touch on a powder white background with tiny white dots. This is a luxurious yet fun inspired wallpaper and looks amazing in the simple black and white scheme.

Opus Muras Wallpaper Courtesan



Arthouse – Timeless Collection – Timeless

This quirky design has a definite vintage feel about it and can be described as having an almost masculine shabby chic feel about it.
It could look great in a home office and is perfect as a conversational wall piece.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Opera Timeless



Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Bijoux

For that glamorous vintage look this elegant Arthouse Wallpaper is just what you need. It’s actually black and cream rather than black and white but oh so luxurious. Featuring a stunning floral damask design with a glitter motif on a white background with black and silver detail. This contemporary damask will add just the right amount of opulence to your home.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Vintage Bijoux


 Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Henrietta

This wallpaper is absolutely exquisite! It’s a richly detailed wallpaper featuring beautiful black and silver hats with feathers, ribbons and lace. If you’re after a feminine, sophisticated or glamorous look then you can’t go past this stunning wallpaper that is embellished with a velvet touch black glittery flock on a pale power white and white striped background.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Courtesan Collection - Henrietta


Prestigious Textiles – Neo Collection – Sicily Charcoal

Prestigious Textiles has the most amazing wallpapers! This design features an etching style in single flower blooms set against a mottled paint effect background. It evokes a calm tranquil feel and makes quite a statement in charcoal black on fresh white.

Prestigious Textiles - Neo Collection - Sicily Charcoal


Paper Moon – Vital Collection – Damask Ladies

A fun glamorous shiny-black damask of trendy floral trails featuring fashionable profiles of beautiful ladies on a matt white background. This wallpaper would add pizzazz to any interior.

Paper_Moon_Wallpaper_Vital Collection_Damask_Ladies

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