Pink Wallpaper – Always Pretty In Pink

Pink wallpaper can be soft and soothing or vibrant and bright. One thing for sure pink is a colour that will make you smile.

Pink is a colour that invokes a warm romantic feel or a fashionable glamorous vibe. It all depends on the shade of pink and the design.
Pink is very feminine but can also be very bold and daring, so there really is a pretty in pink style that will suit everyone.

For a sophisticated look try a daring fuchsia set against a black background or a luxurious pink damask wallpaper. For a girl’s bedroom a candy pink, deep blush or powder puff pink would all give a girly look. Many boutiques and cosmetic salons use pink pattern wallpaper to create a feminine and inviting atmosphere for their business. Pale pink is soft and subtle for a calming effect in a babies room.

There is such a wide variety of pink wallcoverings for walls, everything from bold designs with strong pinks, glamorous damasks in either traditional or contemporary designs, happy and bright stripes and soft pale pink children’s designs.

We show a variety of different pink papers below to get your creative juices flowing.

All of the below wallpapers are available from WallpaperDirect – Click Here. Just remember to add the pattern names in the WallpaperDirect search bar when you get there.

Hot Pink Wallpaper

Arthouse – Bella Collection – Glitz Pink

A very eye catching blown vinyl with a vertical wavy line stripe effect. This wallpaper features a textured background and silver glitter on a hot pink background.

Arthouse Wallpaper - glitz pink


Vymura – Masquerade Collection – Chandelier

Hot Pink wallpaper that is everything glitz and glamour. Exquisite black chandeliers feature on this wonderful pink paper, dripping with silver glitter jewels. This is a breathtaking design that is pure luxury on a soft feel textured background.

Vymura Chandelier Wallpaper


Vymura Chandelier Pink Black and Silver


Pink Damask Wallpaper

Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Nightfall

An elegant soft touch flock damask wallpaper on a metallic effect background with fine horizontal lines creating a vertical shadow stripe.
Nightfall is a luxurious pink damask that exudes style and is a modern twist on the traditional damask design. The overall effect is a sophisticated look.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Twilight Collection - Nightfall - Pink


Arthouse Wallpaper -  Nightfall - Pink


Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Ravelle

Ravelle is a traditionally inspired damask design that has been given a bold contemporary feel by using a diamond trellis style damask in silver glitter against a bright pink matt background. Glamorous and opulent, it will be a talking point. For a stunning first impression you can’t go past Ravelle in pink.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Ravelle Pink


Arthouse Wallpaper - Twilight Collection - Ravelle Pink


Dulux – Feature Collection – Antoinette

Antoinette is a contemporary pink damask design with metallic highlights and a fine pinstripe textured background.
A glimmer of metallic gives it an opulent feel which unfortunately the images don’t show.
If you’re after an eye catching wallcovering with a dash of pizazz then this pink damask wallpaper is it.

Dulux Wallpaper - Antoinette Fuschia


Dulux Wallpaper - Antoinette Design In Fuschia


Pink Striped Wallpaper

Prestigious Textiles – Jet Set Collection – Stripes

This is a great pink wallpaper for girls featuring an eye-catching thick version of a barcode stripe. The vibrant lolly pop colours blend together beautifully to create an exciting and eye catching pink stripe.

Prestigious Textiles - Jet Set Collection - Stripes


Albany – Performance Collection – Stripe Pink

A very subtle and pretty wide pink stripe. Simple, soft and calming describes this matt pale pink and metallic opal white striped paper. Don’t forget that striped wallpaper adds height to a room when hung vertically and adds length when hung horizontally.

Albany Wallpaper - Performance Collection - Stripe Pink


Pink Pattern Wallpaper

Galerie – Incognito

Incognito is a large scale grey ornate trailing design that is lightly textured.  Set against a subtle damask design on a gorgeous fuchsia pink background. It is a stunning pink pattern wallcovering that oozes glamour and luxury.

Galerie Wallpaper - Incognito


Sophie Conran – Reflections Collection – Balustrade

This wonderful design is quite striking in an intricate symmetrical trellis pattern in plum against a deep pink background.
The actual plum balustrade pattern has a pearlescent sand effect texture.

Sophie Conran Wallpaper - Balustrade Claret


Sophie Conran Wallpaper - Balustrade


Sophie Conran Wallpaper - Closeup detail Balustrade


Pink Floral Wallpaper

Shand Kydd – Knightbridge Collection – Ashton Peony Companion

For those who love a pink floral paper without it being too overwhelming then this is the one for you.
A pretty floral wallpaper with a trail of pink flowers set against a metallic gold foil background.

Shand Kydd Ashton Peony Companion


Opus Muras – Bloomsbury Collection – Vanessa

Vanessa is a contemporary pink floral paper featuring large flower heads in black and gold against a bubblegum pink background. The gold metallics add a delicious touch and help create a feeling of luxury and style.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Bloomsbury Collection - Vanessa Pink


Pink And Black Wallpaper

Arthouse – VIP Collection – Stilleto

The perfect statement pink and black wallpaper featuring fashionable high heel designs. This paper would suit a teenage girls room or a boutique. You can never have too many shoes. It looks absolutely stunning with black background and fuchsia pink heels with silver metallic highlights. Black wallpaper is sophisticated and makes for some stunning designs.

Arthouse Wallpaper - VIP Collection - Stiletto


Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Nicole

This is a uniquely different European designer wallcovering munufactured to the highest EU standards.
It truly is a stunning but naughty wallcovering using black in the background to showcase these ultra sexy hot pink corsets, handcuffs and whips.
For those who are after a softer pink and white colour scheme then it’s also available in a soft pearlescent oyster shell background (see below)
The design is printed on a soft and very tactile paste the wall paper using high quality inks, luxuriant flocks, fabulous glitters and lustrous micas.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Courtesan Collection - Nicole


Pink And White Wallpaper

Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Nicole

This is a soft pearlescent oyster shell background of the same design as shown above.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Courtesan Collection - Nicole Pink & Oyster


Clarke and Clarke – Floribunda Collection – Yolande

Yolande is a large scale delicate lace effect pink damask wallpaper. It features a cream lacey damask design against a delicious magenta background.
This stunning pink and white paper is surface printed which means the paper retains a more hand finished quality feel.
Each of the damask lines are printed in a Gold metallic effect which adds yet more value to the paper.
This stunning design is luxurious and contemporary yet is a quality timeless design.

Clarke and Clarke wallpaper - Yolande


Prestigious Textiles – Jet Set Collection – Panarama

Panarama is a fun kids wallcovering designed with a bright colour pallette and fun patterns using drawings of various places and objects. It’s a great pink and white wallpaper for a girl’s room with the drawings in fuchsia pink on a white background.

Prestigious-Prestigious textiles- Jet Set Collection - Panarama


Pink Roses Wallpaper

Arthouse – Opera Collection – Rosa

Rosa is a contemporary design done in a pixelated bold oversized rose that is repeated resulting in a geometric effect.
Taking a traditional rose design and giving it a contemporary twist has made this trendy rose very up to the minute. Using luscious pink on black gives this wallpaper a shot of pizzazz. Fresh and alive best describes this hot pink roses design.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Rosa - pink and Black

Arthouse Wallpaper - Rosa


Crown – Tea Rose

This wallpaper features a tea rose motif and has an old fashioned feel about it. Delicate and pretty, it would be perfect for a vintage shabby chic look.

Crown Wallpaper - Tea Rose


Clarke and Clarke – Floribunda Collection – Papillon

A unique and dramatic large scale rose pink flower and butterfly design, with hand sketched effect botanical details and bold colourings. A very eye catching pink roses wallpaper design!

Clarke & Clarke Wallpaper - Floribunda collection -Papillon


Baby Pink Wallpaper

Paper Moon – Room Seven Collection – Check Pink

A simple pretty pink check design in baby pink and white. This baby pink design is soft and inviting and would be perfect for a baby room.
Visit our kids wallpaper for other great designs to use in babies rooms.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Pink checks


Galerie – Simply Stripes

An all over striped vinyl baby pink wallpaper design with medium width stripes.
The baby pink and white colouring is perfect for a baby girl’s room.

Galerie Wallpaper - Simply Stripes


Paper Moon – Room Seven Collection – Dots Negative

A fun design featuring giant polka dots in white on a soft pink background.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Room Seven Collection - Dots Pink Negative


Paper Moon – Room Seven Collection – Dots Positive

A fun design featuring giant polka dots in soft pink on a white background.

Paper Moon Wallpaper - Room Seven Collection - Dots Pink Positive


Pink Wallpaper For Girls

Coloroll – Coloroll For Kids Collection – Bonjour Paris

This is such a girly wallpaper, suited to the sophisticated little miss. It is truly a sweet and pretty paper featuring small designs of the Eiffel tower, poodles and handbags.

Coloroll Wallpaper - Coloroll Kids Collection - Bonjour Paris


Albany – Young At Heart Collection- Happy Hearts

A pretty and fun pink heart and flower design. A pink wallpaper that is sure to make you smile with it’s feeling of happiness.

Albany Wallpaper - Young At Heart Collection - Happy Hearts


Galerie – Just For Kids Collection – Ballerina

A sweet pink wallpaper for girls featuring little ballerina characters with hearts, ballet shoes and flowers.

Galerie Wallpaper - Just For Kids Collection - Ballerina


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