Black Wallpaper – Sophisticated And Chic

Holden Decor - Links Black wallpaper has become very popular in home decorating. Black walls are very on trend at the moment which is the complete opposite of the recent trend of using all white for walls. When using black as a feature wall it becomes a visual feast for the eyes. It delivers impact and comes across as bold, edgy and dramatic. It also has the ability to look very glamorous and can easily fit into a very luxurious feel when teamed with the right accessories and furnishings.

Although black walls are very popular, the overall effect of all black paint is a little too much. That’s where black wallpaper comes in because even though it is predominantly black there is still some pattern or texture to it to give it an extra dimension. This makes the visual effect interesting while still achieving the darkness that’s required.

Having installed quite a few black papers we are always amazed at how one wall of black can totally change the whole look of a space. We see it as being very elegant and decadent in a lot of ways. The advantage a wallcovering has over paint is the ability to include beautiful details such as velvet flock, texture, glitter and metallics to really ramp up the effect and drama of black.

Not many wallpapers have complete black without at least a little bit of grey, silver, metallic or maybe white. Below we will show some stunning examples of black papers.

If you really want a complete overall black wallpaper with no other colour at all you could always purchase an embossed anaglypta wallpaper with raised texture which comes in white but is paintable. Anaglypta wallcoverings has numerous designs to choose from and they look great painted. They are quite a thick paper which allows the embossed design to really stand out.


Arthouse – Zen Collection – Sahara

This wallpaper would be the perfect backdrop for many different looks. It has an energy about it that is created by the two tone swirl design. It also features a fine pearlescent sand textured effect in a black finish. It is a warm and tranquil wallpaper when teamed with the beautiful gold Buddha plaques but could just as easily be exciting and vibrant if teamed with splashes of red or white. It’s also a great backdrop for an African theme or any decorating scheme that has lots of earthy tones and accessories.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Zen Collection - Sahara

Arthouse Wallpaper - Sahara closeup

Arthouse – Applewood Collection – Desire

An elegant quilted, padded effect wallcovering with button detailing in a faux design. It looks so real like a leather head board effect, you’ll want to touch it to make sure.

Arthouse Wallpaper - Applewood Collection - Desire

Arthouse Wallpaper - Desire - Close Up


 Arthouse – Twilight Collection – Orion

The Orion design from Arthouse is a stunning geometric design featuring overlapping circular patterns in black on a mottled black metallic background. It has dramatic impact and is very contemporary in design.

Arthouse Wallpaper - twilight collection - orion

Arthouse Wallpaper - Orion extra close


Clarke and Clarke – Couture Collection – Strike

Strike is a very stylish and glamorous design in a crocodile skin effect. Just stunning in a shimmering black lacquer metallic on a matt black background. Very sophisticated!

Clarke and Clarke Wallpaper - Couture Collection - Strike


Opus Muras – Gentlemans Relish Collection – Cravat

Opus Muras Wallpaper is distinctly unique. Featuring fashion and glamour, their style is a breath of fresh air.
This wonderful paisley design consists of various shades of grey and black flock on a solid black background. A truly gorgeous paper that would look spectacular anywhere but particulary stricking if wanting to create an intimate atmosphere. Sophisticated and rich says it all.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Gentlemans relish Collection - Cravat


Casadeco – Midnight 2 Collection – Midnight 2

Midnight 2 is a stunning wallcovering that combines metallic glitter inks with a velvet feel leaf trail. Sophisticated, dramatic and elegant describe this wallpaper perfectly.

Casadeco Wallpaper - Midnight 2


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – Kinky Vintage

Leading wallpaper manufacturer Graham and Brown enlisted the skills of well known UK interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to come up with some designs that screamed glamour and opulence.
“Kinky Vintage” was the result which is a rich flock damask on a solid background. It would suit those who are wanting a traditional design such as a damask but with a modern feel. This stunning black damask is sophisticated, luxurious and elegant.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Wallpaper Kinky Vintage

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Wallpaper - Kinky Vintage Used In bedroom


Vymura – Panache

Panache is a textured vinyl wallpaper in ebony glitter. This plain textured design features charcoal tonal shades on a subtle textured bark effect pattern, embellished with silver glitter. Suited to any space that requires a sophisticated look.

 Vymura Wallpaper - Panache


Eco – Eco Graphic

This wallpaper has a stunning 3D effect even though it is flat in design. It features a stylish geometric design in a staircase effect. In the image it is hard to see but it has white and bronze lines on a black background.

Eco Wallpaper - Graphic

Eco Wallpaper - Graphic close up


Albany – Albany Designs For Living Collection – Keiko

Keiko is striking vinyl wallcovering designed to catch the eye. It has an amazing full height geometric wave pattern with a hint of silver glitter for added interest.

Albany Wallpaper - Albany Designs Collection - Keiko

Albany Wallpaper - Keiko


Marcel Wanders – Braille Chester Flock

The effect of this wallpaper is simply stunning. The whole design consists of varying sized dots of flock that come together to create an amazing geometric 3D diamond design. It has a dark silver metallic background which shows up the black flock design perfectly.

Marcel Wanders Wallpaper - Braille Chester Black

Marcel Wanders Wallpaper

Marcel Wanders Wallpaper - Braille Chester closeup


Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Lillie

Just gorgeous is the word for this little number. Richly detailed high heeled black and silver shoes with velvet touch black glittery flock on a matt black background with tiny black dots. This is such a stunning wallpaper that gives a feel of glamour and luxury.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Courtesan Collection - Lillie Ebony

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Courtesan Collection - Lillie closeup


Barbara Hulanicki – Skulls

We admit this is not a wallpaper for everyone but it does have a”wow factor” about it and it certainly makes you look twice. It features randomly placed skulls in an overall effect. Far from being tacky it is actually a rich and bold paper with black on black velvet flock. If you want a touch of drama then this is the design for you.

Barbara Hulanicki Wallpaper - Skulls

Barbara Hulanicki Wallpaper - Skulls Black closeup flock on metallic background


Clarke and Clarke – Couture Collection – Lamps

What a glamour statement this stunning wallpaper is! The background is black metallic with a simple overall lamp design that is made beautiful by the delicate glass beading outline. It’s hard to see how simple yet effective this design is so we have included a closeup shot to highlight the glitter detailing. Wouldn’t this particular design be perfect for a lamp shop or a lighting shop? This paper is unique, elegant and sophisticated.

Clarke and Clarke Wallpaper - Couture Collection - Lamps

Clarke and Clarke Wallpaper - Lamps closeup of glitter outline


Clarke and Clarke – Showstopper Collection – Globetrotter

An interesting wallpaper featuring a sketch like hand drawn depiction of famous world land marks. It’s  instantly appealing and a bit of fun. It has a black background and gold outline which really drawers you in.

Clarke and Clarke Wallpaper - Showstoppers collection - globetrotter

Clarke and Clarke Wallpaper - Showstoppers Collection - Globetrotter Jet closeup


Wow Wallpaper Hanging – Professional Wallpaper Installation On The Gold Coast and Brisbane

The scope of what you can do with wallpaper is never ending, we love it! We have installed all types of black wallcoverings to quite a few homes to date. It transforms a room into an exciting space with instant drama and atmosphere. Our clients are always amazed at what a difference it makes. Black wallcoverings are for a very sophisticated look, it’s bold and contemporary.

We recently installed variations of black wallpaper to the newly renovated Cocktails and Dreams nightclub in Surfers Paradise. Businesses are really jumping on board with using wallcoverings as it’s the easiest way to add that special touch to any space.

 Black Damask Wallpaper Installed At Cocktail and Dreams Nightclub - Gold Coast

For all aspects of wallpapering in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please call Rupert on 0410 622 541 or we can be contacted by email via our contact tab at the top of the page.. We also have a wallpaper decorating blog that can help inspire you with ideas. After all once you start papering you won’t want to stop. So if you have some amazing black wallpaper you want installed please contact us.


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