Wallpaper Colours To Turn Your Head

Modern wallpaper colours are vibrant and alive with the stunning array of designs and textures available.

Black wallpaper and black and white wallpaper designs are making a huge statement in interiors at the moment. Responsible for a very classy and elegant feel, they can be teamed up with any colour and create a truly unique atmosphere.

For a bold statement don’t go past the bold and beautiful red wallpaper. Warm and inviting, nothing makes an impact like red.

Wallpaper has literally exploded in terms of colours and design. The new look wallcoverings are stunning and can make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Below we will talk about  colours and how they affect interior decorating.

The great thing about wallpaper is that unlike a painted feature wall you don’t have to have a solid colour. Whatever colour you decide can be softened with the design and other accent colours.

Below we show you some beautiful wallcoverings in all the latest colours.



Neutral Earthy Wallpaper

Kelly Hoppen Wallpaper - Tattoo

 Kelly Hoppen – Tattoo

This colour scheme is always popular and will stand the test of time. It’s also a colour scheme that can invoke a warm tone or a cool tone.

All colours go well with neutrals especially black and browns if you’re wanting to keep strictly to the earth tones.

Rich timber sets off a neutral colour scheme and can easily be accessorized with beautiful rugs, cushions and artwork. Spaces tend to look bigger with a neutral colour scheme as well.

For those of us who can’t quite take the leap to bolder colours might be best to use a neutral colour scheme.


Red Wallpaper

Arthouse Wallpaper - Portia Collection - Evie

Arthouse – Portia Collection – Evie

Red is a very rich and sophisticated colour. Most people are intimidated by using red but if you dare to try then the impact can be amazing.

Red is definitely a dominant and bold colour, it will not shrink in the background.

Red colour schemes are exciting and vibrant! Many restaurants use the colour red as it stimulates appetite and conversation.

Red wallpaper used as a feature wall creates instant lift to any room.


Blue Wallpaper

Vymura Wallpaper Delicia

 Vymura – Delicia Collection – Delicia

Blue is a calming colour and invokes relaxation and serenity. Blue is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Turquoise blue is a brighter blue and can give a feeling og relaxation if used in areas such as a family room or kitchen.

Pastel blue is very calming but if used in a room that doesn’t have much natural light, it has a tendency to make the room appear chilly.

Overall blue is a colour associated with happiness and comfort.


Yellow Wallpaper

Sophie Conran Wallpaper - reflections Collection - posie

 Sophie Conran – Reflections Collection – Posie

Yellow is a warm vibrant happy colour. It is also an energizing colour and is good to use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Because yellow is a cheery colour it is very welcoming and can make a small space appear bigger.

Too much yellow is overpowering so it’s probably not a good idea to use it as a main colour scheme.

That’s where yellow wallpaper comes in handy as it gives you the choice of using yellow and having it broken up by pattern and accent colours.

For this beautiful Posie design and more lovely florals click here


Green Wallpaper

Little Greene Wallpaper - Fern designLittle Greene Wallpaper - Fern













Little Greene  – Retrospective Papers Collection – Fern

Green is a colour from nature and therefore is refreshing and alive. It’s a combination of blue and yellow and depending on the shade chosen can be cool and relaxing.

Green is a great colour for any area of the house but when used in a family or lounge room it invites togetherness and comfort.


Purple Wallpaper

Graham and Brown Wallpaper - Art Decor Collection

Graham and Brown – Art Decor Collection – Jazz

Purple is associated with luxury and royalty. Purple can be dramatic and rich with dark tones such as eggplant.

Purple is very sophisticated which is portrayed with plum tones.

Lighter tones of purple such as lavender and lilac invoke peace and restfulness.

Lighter shades of purple will give a room an atmosphere of relaxation but rather than appear chilly such as some pale blues it will appear warm.

Pink Wallpaper

Arthouse Wallpaper - glitz pink

Arthouse – Glitz Pink

Pink is associated with feelings of happiness. It is a feminine colour and can often be daring and bright as in hot pink or soft and romantic as in pale pink. It’s the perfect colour for any little girl’s bedroom or a newborn babies room.
The brighter hot pinks are very glamorous and glitzy and are the right choice for a business in the beauty or fashion industry wanting to make an impact.. Today’s gorgeous pink wallpapers have often got glitter or metallic highlights and texture to really make the wallpaper pop.

Black Wallpaper

Holden Decor - Links
Holden Decor – Links

Black is quite popular for it’s ability to inject some mood and sophistication into a room. It’s a heavy dark colour obviously so many people wouldn’t use it if it was an all over paint colour but with wallpaper it’s different. Once you add a nice texture or metallic detail the black is transformed into something really eye catching. It’s bold but also luxurious. Too much black though can make a space feel closed in so perhaps just one or two feature walls is all that’s needed. Please visit our sophisticated black wallpaper page for more designs.


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