Wow ‘Em With Wallpaper In Your Powder Room

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

wallpaper in powder roomDid you know that wallpaper in powder rooms looks pretty darn sensational?

Powder rooms and bathrooms might be small areas but they can certainly deliver the “wow factor” when they are decked out in wallpaper.

Wallpapering bathrooms and powder rooms is becoming increasingly popular.Wallpaper can make a big impact in any room and  this is particularly true for the smallest room in  the house. You can afford to take a risk in a powder room, be a bit bold and try something you might not necessarily try in any other room in the house.

It’s also the perfect way to “wow” your guests!

Wallpaper has the advantage of supplying beautiful images, designs and colour which is superior to just painting or adding tiles.Combining the right wallpaper with the right tile will definitely create the “wow factor” in your bathroom.

Powder rooms are generally small which means it won’t take much wallpaper to cover them and create a stunning effect. Powder rooms are the one room where you can use high style for big impact in a small space.

Our clients are always looking for ways to individualise their spaces and create a look that is unique to them. Wallpaper will do just that.

If you’re really wanting a very elegant powder room then wallpaper will deliver. It’s easy to get that “Hollywood Glamour” style by using wallpaper.

Also with powder rooms it’s best to wallpaper every wall unlike other areas where one feature wall would perhaps be enough. Being such a small room, the powder room needs the whole space to be covered.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it would be easy to wallpaper this small room yourself.However wallpapering a tiny room can be a bit complicated. It’s important to take pattern repeat into consideration but also wallpapering tight corners and behind toilets, not as easy as you’d think.

Below we have included a few of our recent powder room wallpaper installations that all look amazing with the addition of wallpaper.

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Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Natural textured wallpaper is very on trend right now. You would only have to listen to the designers on “The Block” and one of the contestants Dee to know that.
Darren Palmer is a big fan of grasscloth wallpaper, he couldn’t stop himself from touching it saying it’s ‘one of his favourite things in all of existence!’
So what is all the fuss about? Let’s take a look below at the winner of  Week 1 Room Reveals – Darren and Deanne’s bedroom. The wallpaper they used is Schumacher Wallpaper – Haruki Sisal in Silver from Grant Dorman.

Week 1 Room Reveals Using Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat


Grasscloth wallpaper - The Block


Darren and Dee's Bedroom - grasscloth wallpaper


Guest Bedroom Reveals Using Grasscloth Wallpaper

The below wallpaper is the same wallpaper that Darren and Dee used in their previous bedroom above except it is Harucki Indigo/Charcoal in colour.

Darren and Dee guest Bedroom using grassclloth wallpaper


Dee's Guest Bedroom


Dee's grasscloth bedroom


Dee's grasscloth wall with leopard bed


The below guest bedroom was done by Tim and Anastacia who aslo used a grasscloth wallpaper. Their wallpaper is available from Boyd Blue and is called Ethereal Duck Egg Grassweave wallpaper.

Grasscloth wallpaper in tim and anastacia's bedroom


Tim and  Anastacia's Bedroom

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Wallpaper Installers Brisbane – Experts In Commercial & Residential Wallpaper Installation

Friday, January 9th, 2015

As wallpaper installers in Brisbane we have come across all types of wallpaper hanging situations. We specialise in residential wallpaper installation, commercial installations, hotel remodeling, mural installations and everything in between. With over 30 years experience, our team of paperhangers are the best in the business, using the latest tools and techniques to guarantee a perfect finish every time.

Our quality wallpaper installers are experts at enhancing homes and businesses throughout Brisbane, rest assured that we are fully licenced and insured.

We are thrilled to see wallpaper make a big comeback mainly due to the many beautiful wallpaper designs that are available today.

Brisbane home owners and businesses have embraced using wallpaper to set themselves apart from the rest. Wallpaper can create a whole new look or give atmosphere to a space like nothing else can.

Wallpaper Installers Brisbane

Wallpaper Feature Wall In Hotel Foyer

We are now seeing a lot of new homes being built incorporating wallpaper into the overall interior design. When choosing paint colours a lot of people want something a little extra to create the “wow factor” especially when first walking through the front door. Wallpaper can make an immediate first impression in an entry and then explode into the living area to keep the interest going.

Wallpaper Installers Brisbane - Residential Wallpaper

Feature Wall Using Commercial Wallpaper In Entry – Hawthorne House

Home renovations in Brisbane are popular and even apartment renovations. This is where we see our clients use wallpaper to great effect. When renovating we all want to create a look that is eye catching and appealing. We can do that with new kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, flooring, lighting and furniture but where the real “wow effect” comes in is in the colour. While neutral colour palettes are still high on everyone’s list, the bland minimalist stark look is not. That is where just one strategically placed feature wall comes in using wallpaper of course.

Wallpaper Installers Brisbane -Brisbane Teneriffe Wool Store Apartment

Woolstore Apartments Teneriffe

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Wallpaper Installers Gold Coast – Wattle Hotel

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

As wallpaper installers on the Gold Coast we hang a variety of wallpapers many being for commercial businesses.

There is a big difference in commercial wallpapers compared to your average standard wallpaper. Commercial wallpapers have to be heavy duty to stand up to more than usual wear and tear. They are usually vinyl as well which makes them the perfect wallcovering for hotels, office buildings, hospitals and schools.

Installing commercial wallpaper requires an experienced wallpaper installer as the size of the sheets can be up to three times the width of a standard roll. They also in a lot of cases need to be double cut and trimmed and possibly reverse hung.

Just before Christmas we finished a wallpaper installation at the Wattle Hotel on the Gold Coast. They chose specific walls of the gaming room to be covered with a vinyl commercial grade wallpaper that featured a subtle square pattern in a neutral colour.

We have included some before and after photos below.

Wallpaper Hanging Gold Coast Wattle Hotel Before

Before wallpapering in the main entrance foyer

Wallpaper Hanging Gold Coast Wattle Hotel After

After wallpapering in the main entrance foyer

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Tranquil Watercolour Wallpaper Installed In Gold Coast Apartment

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

We are professional wallpaper installers on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We loved installing this beautiful wallpaper from Emily Ziz Style Studio which was the perfect choice to create a relaxing beach side feel to this Gold Coast apartment.

This home already had amazing views of Burleigh beach and a lovely beach side vibe but lacked that something different to set it apart from the rest. That’s where this tranquil watercolour wallpaper that also has a tie dye effect came into play. Reminiscent of the cool ocean waves from the beach below this wallpaper almost looks like waves rolling into shore complete with white foam. Combining dark inky blue with cool aqua and white gives this wallpaper a tranquil yet vibrant feel.

The owners teamed this gorgeous wallpaper called “Blue Invert” with a natural sisal floor covering to create the perfect beach look.

Below are some before and after photos:

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Brisbane Wallpaper Installation – Teneriffe Wool Stores

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

We are wallpaper installers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We recently installed a beautiful wallpaper from Netherlands based designer Ellie Cashman in an apartment in the woolstore precinct at Teneriffe in Brisbane.

Teneriffe Brisbane Wallpaper install

Teneriffe was once an important wool trading suburb with the first wool store built in 1909 and another 12 wool stores added to that from 1915 to the 1950’s. These large buildings were built as a testament to our successful commercial wool industry and were designed at the time by well known architects.

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Shabby Chic Wallpaper – Aged To Perfection

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Shabby chic is popular in interior design due to taking aged furniture, teaming it up with something new and creating a fresh look. Furniture is chosen for it’s aged appearance and signs of distress, often heavily painted over the years showing older layers underneath. Great lengths are taken to create this aged look with new pieces of furniture.

Fabric and patterns play a big part in this style and all combine to create a cottage chic, beach cottage, french country type look. Everything from cushions, linens, lamps, chandeliers, crockery and paintings all go hand in hand in creating a shabby chic look. It’s a fun and satisfying way to recycle old items and bring them to life again. There are no hard and fast rules but the end result should be soft, romantic and fresh.

Wallpaper can be a fantastic backdrop to this beautiful style. White, soft neutrals, sky blue, rose pink and beige are all perfect colours for a shabby chic look.

shabby chic colour palettePhoto Credit

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Flamingo Wallpaper – Flamboyant & Eye Catching

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Flamingo wallpaper is the perfect choice to create a feeling of tropical happiness. When we think flamingos we think Florida, balmy tropics and magnificent sunsets.

Wallpaper is the one thing that can create a look or invoke an atmosphere into a space like nothing else can. So why settle for a boring plain wallpaper when you can have some fun and make a statement.

Flamingos are starting to pop up everywhere but no better place than your walls.

Below we have a few different flamingo wallpapers but the pink flamingo wallpaper by Albany is definitely our favourite.


Albany – Albany House Vinyls Collection – Flamingos

This pink flamingo wallpaper from Albany is divine. It’s a raised textured vinyl so it’s hard wearing and features extravagant pink flamingos. It’s shown below in shades of pink, peach and black and also comes in a silvery grey/white version.
We recently installed the parrot wallpaper from Albany. It’s in the same collection as the Flamingo design. If you visit our parrot wallpaper page you can see the kind of detail and texture that this vinyl wallpaper has up close. It really is stunning!

Click Here To Buy This Gorgeous Flamingo Wallpaper From WallpaperDirect

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Parrot Wallpaper Makes A Real Statement For This Business

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

We love hanging wallpaper for clients who aren’t afraid to try something different.

Our client Annabel Trends is a family company dedicated to supplying giftware that sets trends, with strengths in design, colour, practicality and presentation.

They chose a wonderful wallpaper to reflect the bright and happy vibe of their company. Its an Albany wallpaper called “Parrots” and is available from WallpaperDirect. It was hung in their reception area so it’s the first thing people see. It was also hung in the main office.

This beautiful vinyl wallpaper features multi-coloured Parrot Macaw birds on branches with gold glitter effects on a black background. It really is striking.

Below we show our wallpaper hangers installing this gorgeous wallpaper and the wonderful end result.

We have included some close up shots to help you see the vinyl texture.

To Purchase “Parrots” Wallpaper Visit WallpaperDirect Here

Albany Wallpaper – Albany House Vinyls 9 Collection – Parrots

Gold Coast Wallpaper Annabel Trends


Hanging Parrots Wallpaper Gold Coast

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Pink Wallpaper – Always Pretty In Pink

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Pink wallpaper can be soft and soothing or vibrant and bright. One thing for sure pink is a colour that will make you smile.

Pink is a colour that invokes a warm romantic feel or a fashionable glamorous vibe. It all depends on the shade of pink and the design.
Pink is very feminine but can also be very bold and daring, so there really is a pretty in pink style that will suit everyone.

For a sophisticated look try a daring fuchsia set against a black background or a luxurious pink damask wallpaper. For a girl’s bedroom a candy pink, deep blush or powder puff pink would all give a girly look. Many boutiques and cosmetic salons use pink pattern wallpaper to create a feminine and inviting atmosphere for their business. Pale pink is soft and subtle for a calming effect in a babies room.

There is such a wide variety of pink wallcoverings for walls, everything from bold designs with strong pinks, glamorous damasks in either traditional or contemporary designs, happy and bright stripes and soft pale pink children’s designs.

We show a variety of different pink papers below to get your creative juices flowing.

All of the below wallpapers are available from WallpaperDirect – Click Here. Just remember to add the pattern names in the WallpaperDirect search bar when you get there.

Hot Pink Wallpaper

Arthouse – Bella Collection – Glitz Pink

A very eye catching blown vinyl with a vertical wavy line stripe effect. This wallpaper features a textured background and silver glitter on a hot pink background.

Arthouse Wallpaper - glitz pink

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