Wow ‘Em With Wallpaper In Your Powder Room

wallpaper in powder roomDid you know that wallpaper in powder rooms looks pretty darn sensational?

Powder rooms and bathrooms might be small areas but they can certainly deliver the “wow factor” when they are decked out in wallpaper.

Wallpapering bathrooms and powder rooms is becoming increasingly popular.Wallpaper can make a big impact in any room and  this is particularly true for the smallest room in  the house. You can afford to take a risk in a powder room, be a bit bold and try something you might not necessarily try in any other room in the house.

It’s also the perfect way to “wow” your guests!

Wallpaper has the advantage of supplying beautiful images, designs and colour which is superior to just painting or adding tiles.Combining the right wallpaper with the right tile will definitely create the “wow factor” in your bathroom.

Powder rooms are generally small which means it won’t take much wallpaper to cover them and create a stunning effect. Powder rooms are the one room where you can use high style for big impact in a small space.

Our clients are always looking for ways to individualise their spaces and create a look that is unique to them. Wallpaper will do just that.

If you’re really wanting a very elegant powder room then wallpaper will deliver. It’s easy to get that “Hollywood Glamour” style by using wallpaper.

Also with powder rooms it’s best to wallpaper every wall unlike other areas where one feature wall would perhaps be enough. Being such a small room, the powder room needs the whole space to be covered.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it would be easy to wallpaper this small room yourself.However wallpapering a tiny room can be a bit complicated. It’s important to take pattern repeat into consideration but also wallpapering tight corners and behind toilets, not as easy as you’d think.

Below we have included a few of our recent powder room wallpaper installations that all look amazing with the addition of wallpaper.


Powder Room Wallpaper Installation At Woolowin – Brisbane

This wallpaper mural is absolutely gorgeous! It’s called “Dark Floral” and is from Ellie Cashman Design.
This beautiful wallpaper looks stunning in any area of the house. It’s particularly striking due to it’s large scale image of flowers against a dark background.  We have also installed this wallpaper in an apartment at Teneriffe.

The clients chose this wallpaper to go into a newly built powder room in the bottom level of their house. The results were striking!

We have included before and after shots to show you exactly how transforming wallpaper can be.

before installing wallpaper in Woolowin powder roomBefore wallpapering in downstairs powder room – Woolowin, Brisbane


powder room wallpaper installation - Woolowin BrisbaneAfter Wallpapering In Downstairs Powder Room – Ellie Cashman Wallpaper


Woolowin wallpaper installation


before wallpapering with Ellie cashman wallpaper - woolowin powder room


Woolowin powder room - ellie cashman wallpaper


wallpaper installation Woolowin, Brisbane


before wallpapering Woolowin powder room


Woolowin Brisbane powder room wallpaper hanging


Wallpaper install Woolowin, Brisbane


You can see the same wallpaper being used in a powder room by Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

When we moved into our place, the one area I really couldn’t wait to re-do was the powder room. It’s a tiny L-shaped space, which had been painted in a two-tone palette, featuring an eclectic sink and a beaded light fixture. I knew I wanted to wallpaper the room and though we considered going with something subtle, I couldn’t be happier with the Ellie Cashman design we ended up using. Her wallpapers look like beautiful oil paintings and the large scale floral pattern worked remarkably well in the small space. It’s quickly turned into one of my favorite rooms in the house.

powder room wallpaper installation using Ellie Cashman wallpaper - Dark Floral (400 x 600)Photo Credit:


Powder Room Wallpaper Installation At Hawthorne – Brisbane

We recently installed this wallpaper in a new powder room that had wallpaper in mind right from the start.

The owners chose an exquisite wallpaper featuring beautiful butterflies in varying sizes and patterns. The butterflies are a very subtle silver metallic and charcoal in colour set against a powder blue background that also has just a hint of metallics to it.

It’s a Carlucci di  Chivaso wallpaper from their Botanica Collection and is called “Papilio”

This wallpaper is available from WallpaperDirect  It can also be purchased in 6 different colours all as equally stunning as the next.

before wallpapering in pwder room at HawthorneBefore wallpapering with Carlucci di Chivassa wallpaper – Hawthorne powder room


installation of wallpaper in powder room - Hawthorne BrisbaneAfter wallpapering using beautiful “Papilio” design from Carlucci di Chivasso


Hawthorne powder room before wallpaperingBefore wallpapering Hawthorne powder room


powder room wallpaper installation Hawwthornee - BrisbaneAfter wallpapering with  Carlucci di Chivasso wallpaper


Powder Room Wallpaper Installations In Hamilton Apartment – Brisbane

We had a client who was renovating her apartment with a stunning outlook over the Brisbane river. She chose to use wallpaper in the main bedroom, ensuite and powder room.

The wallpaper used in the powder room was from GP & J Baker Wallpaper, part of the Larkhill Collection called “Larkhill”

It comes in 5 soft colours, the one our client used was dove grey and white, featuring a delicate embroidery style classic floral trail.

delicate embroidery style classic floral trail GP & J Baker Wallpaper – Larkhill installed in Hamilton powder room

Powder room wallpaper installation - Hamilton BrisbaneHamilton powder room makeover using Larkhill design from GP & J Baker


The wallpaper below was used in the ensuite. It has geometric silver interlocking circles on a very subtle narrow striped cream background. It’s from Graham and Brown wallpaper, called Darcy and is in silver and pearl colour.

installing wallpaper in Hamilton ensuiteinstalling wallpaper in ensuite


Hamilton wallpaper installation in ensuiteinstalling wallpaper up to the wall where the vanity is to go

bathroom wallpapr installation Hamilton, Brisbanethe finished ensuite


Powder Room Wallpaper Installation At Byron Bay

The owners of a newly built home at Byron Bay opted for a lot of wallpaper to be used. The powder rooms were no exception with each powder room having it’s own vinyl wallcovering installed. Vinyl is a great choice for bathrooms and powder rooms because of the steam factor. If you’re installing wallpaper in a bathroom where it is likely to get wet or will come into contact with a lot of steam then it’s probably not a good choice. However in powder rooms where there is no shower or even in a bathroom where it can be installed away from the shower area and in a well ventilated room then it’s acceptable. Having said that it is still best to use a vinyl in that scenario.

Byron Bay Wallpaper Installation in powder Room


Byron Bay powder room wallpaper


Byron Bay powder room wallpaper installation


Using A Small Amount Of Wallpaper For Maximum Impact

As we said earlier, powder rooms are an area where you don’t have to use a lot of wallpaper to make a real statement. Take a look at the photos below that show how a chair rail was installed and wallpaper was only used above it. Admittedly that wallpaper is very soft and neutral but let your imagination run wild for a moment and you can create a very visually interesting powder room.

Many people find the idea of wallpaper in a bathroom inappropriate. I disagree. If you have teenagers who take 45 minute showers every day, it’s admittedly in the “bad idea” category. But we’re not talking about steam rooms here, we’re talking about pretty powder rooms. If you remain concerned about wear and tear on the paper, I’d recommend installing a chair rail so the lower portion of the wall can be repainted whenever it needs freshening up.

Be sure to install the chair rail so it clears the backsplash on your pedestal sink (usually about 42 inches will do it, but be sure to measure the height of the sink before you install the chair rail just to be sure). The good news is that it will likely only take about two rolls of wallpaper to cover the upper portion of your walls in a small powder room, and that means you can definitely splurge on a glamourous paper that might not be within your budget for a larger room.

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wallpaper in a powder room   Photo Credit:


wallpaper used above chair rail in powder roomPhoto Credit:

At Wow Wallpaper Hanging we have years of experience in hanging wallpaper with powder room wallpaper installations being no exception. If you like our work above and would like a quote to hang your wallpaper please phone Rupert on 0410 622 541 of email us via our Contact page

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