Textured Wallpaper – Add A Whole New Dimension To Your Room

Textured wallpaper is a wallcovering that is either embossed, raised or has a rough texture to it. The designs available in textured wallpaper are endless with everything from raised patterns to incorporating swarovski crystals.

Anaglypta wallpaper is heavily textured and designed to be painted. It’s great to use on ceilings for example where you want to achieve a pressed metal look.

Some textured wallcoverings can look like an optical illusion whereas others just have a lovely feel to them but help create visual interest. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of depth to your walls instead of the same plain colour throughout.

There are so many types of textured wallpapers, some made of bamboo, grass weave, raised textures with metallic highlights, some are made to look like stone or bricks.

An advantage of using a wallcovering that has a nice texture to it is that it will cover up any slight imperfections in your walls.

Another huge decorating trend at the moment is the use of “faux texture” wallpaper. These papers are amazing and look just like the real thing. They produce everything from old factory brick walls and whitewash bricks to old rustic wood paneling and weathered boards. New technology in printing has allowed companies to print photorealistic images onto paper which has opened up endless possibilities when it comes to decorating our homes. Now like never before we are able to quickly create a warehouse industrial look or a rustic vintage look. The two below brick designs are from Kemra Wallpaper, an Australian design company.

Kemra Wallpaper - Whitewash Bricks

Camden Bricks

Superfresco Easy has a great collection called Shape and Form. These papers have amazing texture that give a 3D effect.  Below are some examples from Superfresco Easy, Graham and Brown and Albany (WallpaperDirect’s own brand). Take a look!

Superfresco Easy – Shape and Form Collection – Mensa

Mensa is a simple graphic layout brought to life by two contrasting texture depths creating a spherical effect reminiscent of retro rounded TV screens.

Superfresco Easy Wallpaper - Shape and Form Collection - Mensa

Superfresco Easy Wallpaper Mensa designSuperfresco Easy Wallpaper - Closeup of mensa Design

 Superfresco Easy Wallpaper - Mensa


Superfresco – Shape and Form Collection – Checker

 Checker is a wonderful wallpaper featuring a multi layered texture design that forms shadows that create a stunning geometric 3D effect. It combines a mix of  contrasting textures and surfaces that are inspired by today’s modern architecture.


Superfresco Easy Wallpaper - Shape and Form Collection - Checker

Superfresco Easy Wallpaper - Shape and Form Collection - Closeup Checker

Superfresco Easy Wallpaper - Shape and Form Collection - Checker Design Black


Albany – Albany Florence Collection – Lucia Texture

This heavy duty Italian vinyl with a rope texture is available in a natural colour palette, making it a perfect for today’s home accessories and interior finishes.

Whilst quite plain in colour palette it certainly isn’t for visual effect. Being a heavy duty vinyl makes it a great wallpaper to use in any area of the house. It’s available in gold, cream and neutral.


Albany Wallpaper - Albany Florence Collection - Lucia Texture


Albany Wallpaper - Albany Florence Collection - Lucia Gold

Graham and Brown – Art Decor Collection – Trapeze

Trapeze is an eye catching design by Graham and Brown. It’s from the Art Decor Collection so naturally incorporates geometric shapes widely expressed through the 1920’s structure of Art Decor design. This wallpaper is absolutely stunning with the use of raised textured outlines and metallic gold highlights that create a shimmering glitter effect. We love the plum but it’s also available in black, cream and white.


Graham and Brown Wallpaper - Art decor Collection Trapeze Plum


Graham and Brown Wallpaper - Art Decor Collection - Trapeze


Graham and Brown - Art Decor Collection - Trapeze


There are hundreds of wonderful designs full of great textures and 3D looking effects. They really add a whole new dimension to your walls. If you like any of the above papers then simply take the brand and pattern name and search for an online store that supplies wallpaper. We provide supplier links where possible.

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