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Wallpaper by Christian Lacroix - Hotel Bellechasse - ParisHotel design is big business. To have a thriving and successful hotel you want the interiors to be inviting and a place where weary travelers can lay down their bags, gaze around and say, “wow”!

Whether it is chic contemporary style or a more traditional classic style the one thing that can really make a difference is the right wallpaper.

No one does design and fashion like the Europeans. When it comes to hotel design they are ahead of the game. Wallpaper has always been used throughout Europe to create elegant, glamorous  and up to the minute interiors. The Europeans know how effective decorating walls can be and there is no better way to do that than to use the latest designer wallcoverings. Most brands are designed by European designers who are responsible for some of the latest interior styles.

The absolute pinnacle of luxury and style would have to be European hotels. World renowned European designers are called upon to create interiors in high end luxury hotels. Wallpaper plays a big part in hotel design so we’d like to show you some of the amazing European hotels that have used wallpaper to great effect.

Saint Germain – Paris – France

Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix is famous for his amazing haute couture. Each piece he designs is unique and can only be described as a work of art. His talents have extended to interior design where he has decorated three boutique hotels in Paris – Le Bellechasse in Saint-Germain, Hôtel Notre Dame in Saint-Michel, and Hôtel du Petit Moulin in the Marais. He has managed to inject his own personal style into each room with the use of wallpaper, fabrics, mirrors, pillows and rugs.

Le Bellechasse is located in the luxurious and trendy Left Bank neighborhood of Saint-Germain. The hotel offers thirty four enchanting guest rooms, each decorated in a very bohemian and dreamy style. Christian has used bold and dramatic colours and patterns as well as using figures and characters to help create an awe of fantasy.

Wallpaper has been instrumental in implementing Christian’s unique vision. While the overall theme could be described as child like in some ways, it still comes across as being sophisticated and luxurious.

Reception Desk At Hotel La Bellechasse - ParisReception Desk At Hotel Le Bellechasse – Paris
Combining brightly coloured chairs with a yellow roof and dark wallpaper depicting ancient times has created a very uniwue look for the hotel lobby.

Hotel Le Bellechasse Entrance and LobbyEntrance and Lobby – Hotel Le Bellechasse – Paris

Hotel Bellechasse - Paris - Original RoomOriginal Room Suite – Hotel Le Bellechasse – Paris
This bold wallpaper featuring a sun face is made all the more wonderful by continuing it on over the ceiling.

Original Room - Hotel Bellechasse - ParisOriginal Room Suite – Hotel Le Bellechasse – Paris
Butterfly wallpaper on the ceiling – exquisite!


Saint Germain – Paris – France

Hotel Sorbonne is located in Paris Left bank, just minutes from the Saint Germain fashion boutiques, jazz clubs, notre Dame de Paris, the famous Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon.

Being in such a central location meant a total overhaul for the hotel with an amazing renovation using colourful fabrics, beautiful designer wallpapers and brand new bathrooms. The results were amazing and the hotel now has a very welcoming and contemporary feel. The use of these modern and colourful papers has really set this hotel apart from the rest and given it a funky feel but still remaining traditional that would not have been achieved without using wallpaper.

Hotel room in Hotel De La Sorbonne - Saint Germain - ParisThis amazing wallcovering with blue motifs has set the colour scheme for this room. Carrying the wallpaper colours through to the furniture has tied the whole room together and created an eye catching design that really is “wow”.

Wallpaper in rooms at Hotel Sorbonne -ParisAgain we see these colours up close. What a brave decision to combine chocolate brown, turquoise and lime green. While many wouldn’t think to use these colours together they really do “pop”. A cutting edge colour scheme born from the beautiful choc brown and turquoise wallpaper has created a daring and delightful interior. Amazing!

Hotel De La Sorbonne - ParisLime green is used again in this wallpaper but this time in narrow vertical stripes alternating with a wider dark stripe. It’s very effective and carries through to the bed covers giving the whole look unity.

Hotel De La Sorbonne - Paris - Saint GermainLime green and chocolate brown are a winning combination for this hotel! This colour scheme is used again in this wallpaper but the design in vastly different to the others giving it a whole
different vibe.

Hotel design De La SorbonneThis wallpaper comes across as having a red motif but it is actually fuschia pink on gold. Add to that fuschia pink curtains and a simple bed runner using fuschia and plum and you have another warm colour co-ordinated hotel room.

Hotel Sorbonne - Hotel Suite with wallpaperA gorgeous charcoal and grey damask print wallpaper sets the colour scheme for this room once again. Black bed, black wall and grey wall under the chair rail tie the colour scheme together. Let’s not forget the use of lime green in the bed runner to break up the darker tones. Simple but effective!

Wallpaper in rooms at Hotel Sorbonne -ParisStunning chocolate brown and turquoise wallpaper used above the choc brown chair rail. Underneath is a mottled turquoise effect giving the walls a two toned look. What makes the designs so successful here is the fact that they are broken up half way down the wall. It works beautifully by making the wallpaper a feature and not allowing it to become to much by overpowering the room.


Beaubourg – Les Halles – Paris

Hotel Georgette Paris is a three-star boutique hotel in the Beaubourg (3rd arrondissement) district of Paris and just a stone’s throw away from the Georges Pompidou Centre of Modern Art. It’s a unique hotel that reflects the most significant art trends of modern times. Situated in such a lively area filled with cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs and only a short walk to Rue Montorgueil, a pedestrian-only street lined with patisseries, chocolate shops, restaurants, gourmet food stores and cafes. The Beaubourg district is also known for cutting-edge fashion stores that cater to a young, hip crowd.

This hotel offers guests 19 rooms, each completely unique and portraying iconic 20th century art movements. The themes for each room are inspired by art movements such as New Realism to Pop Art, and Land Art to Street Art. With a focus on art, bright pops of colour (greens, pinks, yellow) greet guests throughout the hotel. Spectacular chandeliers and striking art pieces round out the décor.

Guests can enjoy a wide variety of artistic trends while having the luxury of a very contemporary hotel indeed.

Hotel-Georgette wallpapered roomQuirky striped wallpaper made interesting by bending around objects on the wall

Wallpaper in Hotel Georgette Paris

Hotel Georgette - Paris - Using WallpaperBlack and white sci-fi abstract designed wallpaper


Knightsbridge, London

The Beaufort is a small family owned  luxury boutique hotel in a quiet location in famous Knightsbridge, London. It’s a charming hotel featuring 29 rooms with classic interiors made all the more welcoming by the use of wallpaper.

The Beaufort hotel is a hidden gem which  overlooks a leafy square and only moments away from some of the most exclusive shopping in London, including Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Beaufort Hotel room using wallpaperA simple, elegantly designed room using a main wallpaper  as a feature wall behind the bed head with matching curtains. Teamed with a plain grass cloth type paper in the same colour. Classic and welcoming!

Snake skin wallpaper at the Beaufort hotel LondonA beautiful textured snake skin design wallpaper in the stairway of The Beaufort Hotel, London


Paris – France

Hotel Soft welcomes you just a few steps from Gare de l’Est (one of the main train terminals in Paris) between Place de la Republique and the Saint Martin Canal.

The whole hotel is done in soft tones of grey, lilac, plum and pink making it a very welcoming hotel with a homely feel. The design overall is fresh and clean. Each room makes good use of wallpaper as it’s main feature. The colours are then used throughout the room with co-ordinating walls painted a solid colour.

Hotel Soft - ParisA very relaxing room with the use of pink floral wallpaper. Picking up the pink in the wallpaper and using it as a contrast in solid pink on the other wall works beautifully to create warmth and a sense of calm. A plain white wall would not do that. Very nice!

wallpaper in Soft hotel - ParisThis gorgeous black and white floral wallpaper is exactly the same paper as the image above. Even though the design is the same you can see how vastly different they become just by using different colours. This black and white design stands out as a feature and looks great teamed up with white and grey in the furnishings and bed runner.

Soft Hotel room using wallpaper - ParisAnother delightful pink floral wallpaper used as a feature wall behind the bed and teamed with a solid pink wall. A winning combination that invokes a peacefulness that most people want in a hotel room. Lovely!


Niort – Paris – France

Hôtel Particulier La Chamoiserie is a charming hôtel in the heart of Niort’s historical centre. It is also just footsteps away from the Sevres banks, the cultural centre and from the train station.
a calm and well preserved environment.

This ancient residence from the beginning of the century will offers 16 comfortable bedrooms, all decorated in a cosy and elegant – yet simple way, and its lovely shady garden with a wooden terrace where you will enjoy having breakfasts and relaxing yourself. This hotel is has a heartwarming and calm feel to it. The simple striped wallpaper or square block wallpaper in the hotel rooms create a contemporary feel while remaining traditional.

Hotel Particulier la Chamoiserie - striped wallpaperThis striped wallpaper is the star of the room, creating a great backdrop to introduce wonderful latte colours to the room. Coffees, caramels and chocolate colours always look sensational together.

Hotel La Chamoiserie - wallpaper in hotel roomBlack and white striped wallpaper is always a winner. It creates a contemporary look and looks clean and fresh when co-ordinated with black and white accessories, furnishings and linen. Wow!

Wallpaper in Hotel ParticulierAgain keeping it simple with a neutral two toned block design wallpaper. It’s simple yet effective and invokes a peaceful and restful feel about the room.


Rome – Italy

Casa Howard Guest House is a chain of three small boutique hotels, 2 in Roma and 1 in Florence. These guest houses are absolutely exquistite and decorated to superb detail. They really do feel like a home in which you have been invited as a guest which is what the owner wanted. Every room is completely different and offers a totally different feel which makes the Casa Howard that much better. Not every room has wallpaper in it but the few times we spotted it in the corridors or sitting areas we were “wowed”.

Casa Howard Guest House - Italy - wallpaper in corridorSimple striped wallpaper is always a hit. It’s not too busy but has a definite impact. We love these colours!

Casa Howard Guest House - Italy - wallpaper in roomsThe lollypop shades of this striped wallpaper look sensational against the black wood work. And the yellow chairs, genius!

wallpaper in Casa Howard guest house - ItalyPicking out the red from the wallpaper and using it for the floors is a nice touch!


Paris – France

The Hôtel Paradis is ideally located in a typically Parisian street situated half way between the Gare du Nord railway station and the prestigious Opéra Garnier in Paris. The nearby Grands Boulevards are perfect for shopping and evening entertainment with an array of theatres and cinemas.

The Hotel Paradis needed a much welcomed injection of style to raise it up from a two star hotel. It achieved that by using great wallpaper of course, bold wall colours and custom made furniture including vintage and industrial pieces.
The result is so wonderfully ecclectic and modern. Another great revamp using wallpaper and in our opinion could not have been achieved otherwise.

Hotel Paradis - wood panelling wallpaperThe clever use of timber paneling wallpaper here on the walls gives this room warmth and character. It definitely makes this room and looks great with the timber flooring and furniture. A wonderful way for maximum affect without spending big bucks on real timber walls. Magic!

Hotel paradis - storm cloud wallpaperThis storm cloud wallpaper adds an unusual touch to this room. Teamed with greys and sombre blue, it certainly creates a mood. We do love the pressed metal ceilings!

Hotel Paradis - red absract wallpaperWhat a fabulous wallpaper this is. Bold red background with large neutral coloured circular motifs. It’s a shame the couch is hiding most of it!

Hotel Paradis - wallpaperBeautiful restful navy and gold wallpaper featuring birds among the flora.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post about hotel design using various papers. As you can see we are pretty passionate about the topic and enjoy seeking out all the amazing places that wonderful wallpaper has been used to make a design statement. We believe that nothing adds atmosphere or sets a tone for a room like wallpaper does. We also talk about floral wallpaper, black and white striped wallpaper and damask wallpaper, all very similar to the ones used by the above hotels.

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