Red Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation – Hendra, Brisbane

Grasscloth wallpaper is the sophisticated choice for todays modern interiors.

Grascloths, sisals, grassweaves and all natural usually come in natural colours but today manufacturers are producing natural wallcoverings such as grasscloth in beautiful colours of red, blues and greens to name a few. Please see another of our grasscloth wallpaper posts to get even more ideas about this versatile wallcovering.

This week we installed a gorgeous natural grasscloth wallpaper in red. Below is a closeup so you can see how this wallpaper looks closeup.

Of course once hung on a wall and observed from a distance it takes on a whole different look.

This red grasscloth was a great choice for our clients living room. It was used as a backdrop to a wall mounted tv and framed two long white shuttered windows. The results were stunning and the “wow factor” that this room was after.

Below we show the process of installing this red grasscloth with before and after photos.

red grasscloth wallpaper installation - Hendra, BrisbaneRed Grasscloth Wallpaper Installed In Living Room

wall before the wallpaper installationthe wall before having wallpaper installed

the wallpaper installation has begunRupert installing the first drop of red grasscloth wallpaper

closeup look at red grassweave wallpapercloseup look of the wallpaper

tv wires to be wallpapered aroundtv fittings and socket to be wallpapered around

cutting out holes for tv socketscutting holes for the fittings

after wallpapering around tv fittingstv fittings and sockets have now been wallpapered around

tv bracket and fittings replacedall tv brackets and face plates neatly back in place

finished installation of red grasscloth complete with fittings replacedred grasscloth wallpaper completed

Grasscloth wallpaper can fit into any style from traditional to contemporary. With grasscloth being made from natural fibres you will always see the seams. Unlike standard wallpaper natural papers don’t have a pattern that can be matched. You may even see shading or paneling with colour variations between drops or within drops. This adds to the natural look of the paper.

The various colours that grasscloth is now available in allows this wallpaper to appeal to even more applications.

Below we show some of the different coloured grasscloths and how they have been used.

blue grasscloth wallpaper


Grey grasscloth wallpaper in bedroom

yellow grasscloth wallpaper

red grasscloth wallpaper

Installing grasscloth and grassweave wallcoverings is a specialised skill. It is extremely important not to get any moisture or adhesive on the surface of the paper as it will stain and discolour. We advise getting any natural fibre wallpaper professionally installed and will happily give a free quote to install your grasscloth wallpaper.

For a free quote to hang your wallpaper please contact Wow Wallpaper Hanging and talk to Rupert on 0417 709  779

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