Add A Touch Of Glamour To Your Business With Wallpaper

To make your business stand out from the crowd, think wallpaper!

If you conduct a business from a shop front or office you have a great opportunity to create a look that is totally unique to you.

When potential customers enter your place of business you really want to make a great first impression and “wow” them right out of the gate.

Most businesess these days are rather bland and boring when it comes to decorating. It really amazes me how some people have amazing flair when decorating their homes but completely forget about their shops or offices.

However decorating your place of business should be top priority as this is where you earn your living.

An inviting atmosphere will make your customers feel at home and relax.

We recently wallpapered a cosmedic clinic on Hope Island with a damask wallpaper with large scale motif. This particular paper is from Anderson Prints – The Printers Guild Series and is the perfect choice for this business. The nature of the business is aimed at women, making them feel more beautiful and confident. The owner chose a black damask print that gives a feel of elegance and glamour. Teamed with the perfect combination of red and white, this wallpaper hit the mark.

This business now has a very inviting and elegant yet relaxed feel about it that just couldn’t have been achieved with paint. See below.


Damask Wallpaper - Euphoria Cosmedic Clinic Gold Coast

 Printers Guild – Euphoria Cosmedic Clinic, Gold Coast


There are many businesses that could benefit from the use of wallpaper.
Below are a few examples how businesses are using fashionable designer wallcoverings to make an impression.

Opus Muras Wallpaper - Claudine's Cocktail LoungeClaudine’s cocktail bar is located in Belfast and is part of the Old Duke’s hotel. Being a wine and cocktail bar that also has live acoustic music and a DJ, Claudine’s really appeals to women. The owners realised that is had become a great venue for Hen Party’s.
Red created a warm cozy feel that was also very sophisticated. Adding the edgy red Opus Muras wallpaper from the Courtesan Collection was the icing on the cake.
For a business like Claudine’s it was the wallpaper that created the ambiance. The whole decorating scheme just wouldn’t have been the same without it.


Claudines Bar Belfast - Opus Muras Wallpaper

Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Claudine Rich Ebony


Here’s another example of the Beauty House Academy in Brisbane that has used the ever popular Opus Muras wallpaper once again to achieve this irresistible style. For fashion or beauty orientated businesses Opus Muras really has a great range to choose from. This cute design is called Lillie Rich Ebony.
Wallpaper draws the eye and depending on the design can really pack a punch in the design stakes. How easy it is to create atmosphere with today’s stylish papers. Paint just can’t deliver the same results no matter what.

Brisbane Wallpaper - Beauty House AcademyBeauty House Academy, Brisbane – Opus Muras – Courtesan Collection – Lillie Rich Ebony


The beauty of decorating with wallcoverings is that you don’t have to have it on every wall to get the “wow factor”. Just as the example above shows, just one feature wall is enough to make big impact!

Wow Wallpaper Hanging Gold Coast and Brisbane
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Below is a nail salon that recently updated their look by adding a glamorous black damask paper by Arthouse. It features silver glitter detail which really makes the pattern pop. The salon now has an inviting feel to it by adding a touch of luxury. The name of the pattern is Ravelle. The photos show before and after so you really get to see the impact wallpaper makes, a plain paint just wouldn’t give the same impact.

Nail Salon Before

Nail Salon After

Our client Annabel Trends has a giftware and homeware business selling unique and quirky from around the globe. They wanted a look that expressed their fun and vibrant business. They found a bright eye catching parrot wallpaper from Albany that was the perfect fit for them. We installed this paper in their reception area and one of the offices. We absolutely loved it! You can see more on this bold and beautiful parrot paper here.

Annabela Trends

Annabel Trends - Parrots

We have also installed paper to quite a few restaurants. They are the perfect business where wallpaper works beautifully. Choosing the right wallcovering is a restaurant can add instant appeal and being very inviting to customers. So if you want to add atmosphere to your restaurant then consider adding an amazing wallcovering.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Paper Hung In Indian restaurant, Brisbane

These are just a few examples of how different businesses in all different sectors can utilise wallpaper to create a totally unique look to them. We have also wallpapered hotels, shops, doctors surgeries, aged care homes, dentists and hairdressers just to name a few. We hope that we have inspired you to give your business a makeover by using one of the latest wallcoverings on offer.

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