House Rules – Wallpaper Helps Deliver The House Rules

House Rules is a reality show where six couples battle it out by renovating each others homes in the hope of becoming mortgage free. The renovations must be completed with the 5 house rules the owners set down.

Each couple come from a different state and have to work hard when renovating the other homes to achieve the most points from the judges, architect Joe Snell and Home Beautiful editor Wendy Moore.

Then the owners themselves get to tour their home and give points to the zone they think was renovated the best without knowing which couple was responsible for which zone.

Carole & Russell’s House

The second week on House Rules Adam and Lisa were given the guest bedroom to do and the house rules were “Vintage Luxe”. They nailed it perfectly and the one thing that sealed the deal with achieving the Vintage Luxe look was the amazing flock wallpaper featuring large black flock flower heads. It gave the room a look of glamour and luxury which was of course what the owners Carole and Russell were after.

Below is the finished guest bedroom using this gorgeous velvety wallpaper in Vintage Luxe style.

House Rules Vintage Luxe Wallpaper


House Rules Vintage Wallpaper


House Rules Guest bedroom - Vintage Wallpaper


House Rules - Wallpaper


Adam & Lisa’s House

One of Adam and Lisa’s house rules was to use wallpaper and mirrors. Whilst we really love wallpaper we think that the end result in the living room/dining room clashed. Two very different wallpapers were used in virtually the same space which was a bit conflicting. 4 out of the 5 couples used wallpaper which we show below. All of the wallpapers are available from Pickawall except the one in the guest bedroom which is available from Masters.

Living Room Wallpaper Living Room Wallpaper


Living Room Wallpaper 2Living Room Wallpaper


Dining Room Wallpaper 2Dining Room


Dining Room WallpaperDining Room


Walk In Robe Wallpaper 2 Walk In Robe


Walk In Robe WallpaperWalk In Robe


Wallpaper in BedroomWallpaper Used In Furniture Inserts


Guest Bedroom WallpaperGuest Bedroom Wallpaper


Maddi & Lloyd’s House

Brooke & Grant chose a thin striped wallpaper in greens and browns for Maddi and Lloyd’s walk in robe. The stripes were of varying widths and looked too busy for this small area. Thin stripes can look great in the right space but used here it just gave the feeling on the robe closing in on you. Maddi and Lloyd chose this area to redo and used a neutral toned natural look wallcovering that was soft and more inviting.

Striped Wallpaper In Maddi & Lloyd's HouseStriped Wallpaper In Walk In Robe Before


Walk In Robe Natural textured WallpaperWalk In Robe After


Candy & Ryan’s Unit Transformation

Each of the teams were given a unit to renovate and had to keep to the owners house rules. Monica stated that she liked insects so Candy and Ryan opted to use a stunning navy blue and gold wallpaper featuring honey bees.
The wallpaper is available from Wall Candy

Honey Bees Navy & Gold Wallpaper - Candy & Ryan;s Unit transformation


Candy & Ryan's Unit Makeover - Honey bees Wallpaper


Bomber & Mel’s Unit Transformation

Bomber and Mel chose to install a racing car mural into Suman and Sila’s little boy’s room. It totally transformed this room and was a big hit. It looks great reflected in the mirrored robe doors.

Bomber & Mel's Unit Makeover - Car Mural in boy's bedroom


Boy's bedroom Car Mural - Bomber & Mel


Carole & Russel’s Unit Transformation

Carole and Russel used a beautiful blue and white wallpaper that was provided by the owners, Jack and Alice. It gave a clean fresh look to the area.

Lounge Room wallpaper - Carole & Russell's unit transformation


Candy and Ryan’s Redo Zone

Candy and Ryan chose to redo their living room and make it a bit more arty and edgy which was the look they were going for. They achieved this by using a grungy concrete look wallpaper and using bright colours to contrast against the grey.
Wallpaper available at Pickawall.

Candy & Ryan's Redo Zone - Grunge Wallpaper


Grunge Look Concrete Wallpaper - Candy & Ryan's Redo Zone


These renovating shows help us arm chair renovators at home get ideas and see how wonderful the transformations can really be.

If there’s one thing we are passionate about it is wallpaper. We are so happy to see the couples using wallpaper to add instant appeal and create the “wow factor” easily. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, nothing changes a space and really gives it that “wow” feeling like wallpaper does. Paint just can’t do it.

There are so many different designs to choose from in wallpaper, everything from vintage chic to modern glam and everything in between. There are textures, velvety flocks, metallics and glitters. Every colour is catered for and they all look amazing in stripes, florals, damasks, faux finishes, motifs and on and on it goes.

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