Anaglypta Wallpaper On Ceilings – The Perfect Coverup To Hide Ugly Ceilings

We have used Anaglypta wallpaper or paintable wallpaper to cover an ugly ceiling a few times now. The results are always amazing and completely transform ugly ceilings into a fresh clean looking ceiling. Once Anaglypta is installed it can either be left in it’s natural white colour or painted.

We are amazed that this versatile wallpaper is not more widely used here in Australia. It is a wonderful choice for covering up a multitude of sins without all the hard work. Of course it’s not only for ceilings but also used for walls. For even more embossed or Anaglypta wallpaper designs please visit our Anaglypta – Textured Wallpaper page where we also show how others have used it.

Below we show how we installed Anaglypta wallpaper on a ceiling for a client in Brisbane.

This is in her own words:

Here’s what we were faced with … a fairly extreme example of what Anaglypta is capable of covering!

before installing Anaglypta wallpaper


ceilings before transformation with Anaglypta wallpaper


Here’s the work in progress …

installing anaglypta wallpaper on a ceiling


installing anaglypta wallpaper on a ceiling


And here is the result … new fan, a lampshade and a whole new ceiling!

Anaglypta wallpaper installation Brisbane

finished ceiling in Anaglypta wallpaper

While the pattern is quite detailed when you look closely, once the room is decorated and you have other things to look at at eye level, any pattern on the ceiling becomes much more subtle. It will look even better once we get round to painting it! The above wallpaper is from the Anaglypta brand and is called Cottage Garden. It can be bought online from WallpaperDirect, click here for a direct link to buy at $37 per roll.

Using Anaglypta Wallpaper As An Alternative To Pressed Metal Ceilings

Most of the Anaglypta designs are along the lines of the more traditional look and can give the look of a pressed tin ceiling instantly without the huge cost.

Pressed metal ceilings are still very popular in Australia especially where we still have heritage architecture. There is an Anaglypta wallpaper to suit any interior space.

Paintable wallpaper finished in bronze and gold with a bluegreen patina in powder room ceiling

anaglypta wallpaper on kitchen ceiling

anaglypta in hall ceiling looks like tin


Contemporary Anaglypta Designs For Todays Modern Houses

Not all Anaglypta’s are in traditional or classic designs so if you have a ceiling that is worse for wear and want something a little more modern then Anaglypta can still be used. Some examples of the more modern designs are below. Again they are all available to buy from WallpaperDirect. We provide a link for each one.

Anaglypta Wallpaper - Caiger designAnaglypta Caiger


Anaglypta Wallpaper - Herringbone PaintedAnaglypta Herringbone


Anaglypta Wallpaper - Zircon paintedAnaglypta Zircon

Zircon is a luxury textured blown vinyl wallcovering giving a plaster effect. Deeply embossed random pattern. This wallcovering is white and is designed to be painted a colour of your choice.


Anaglypta - KittiwakeAnaglypta Kittiwake

Kittiwake is a maintenance free wallcovering that offers a harder, more knock and tear resistant surface than other wallcoverings. It is easy to hang as you can paste the wall or the paper. Covers minor cracks and bumps.


Anaglypta - DunlinAnaglypta Dunlin


Anaglypta - Cloister Anaglypta Cloisters


Below is an Anaglypta Wallpaper video showing the different types of Anaglypta wallcoverings and how they can be used. There are some inspiring ideas featured on the video for both contemporary and traditional designs.


How To Paint A Faux Finish On Anaglypta Wallpaper

The beauty of an embossed wallpaper like Anaglypta is that it can either be left as white, have an overall solid colour painted over it or a faux finish applied to resemble tin or any other aged surface.
The most important thing to remember when going to paint this wallpaper is to make sure it’s completely dry first. After installing allow at least 48 hours to ensure the adhesive is dry before commencing any type of painted finish.

Here is an article we found on eHow that gives instructions on “How To Paint Anaglypta Wallpaper“. As you can see it is fairly simple to diy your own embossed wallcoverings.

Below we show you a blog we came across showing how one home owner installed her own Anaglypta wallpaper and painted it to look like a tin ceiling.
The following is an excerpt from her blog My Old Country Home

The first paint in the two-step process is the Valspar Semi-Gloss Finish from Lowes. I had them mix it in the Pewter color (I looked online for color swatches of their metallic finishes but gave up on that search) – you can get a wide variety of metallic finishes, the copper looks cool too – I painted my utility room a light orange, a copper ceiling in there??

This paint kind of freaked me out when I opened it and started stirring and stirring and stirring, it was super thick and sticky (yes I mean sticky) – not at all the consistency of normal wall paint.

Anaglypta wallpaper ceiling before painting

Anaglypta wallpaper ceiling after faux finish paint


For a more detailed look at how to apply faux finishes to embossed or Anaglypta wallpapers please see the video below:


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